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Jubilee (AI patched) : AI by Mammalman 18th March 2019 363
Phoenix (added new AI) : AI coded by me 18th March 2019 728
Chidejika : Special moves - D, DF, F + A or B - D, DB, B + A or B - D, DB, B + C - F, D, + A or B Super move -D, DF, F + A+B 10th January 2019 34
Itchy : From the cartoon "All Dogs Go To Heaven" Practically an original character based on a scene that Itchy expands like a balloon for eating strange doughnuts (from readme) Voices are also changed into completely different one which is meaninglessly loud an ... 10th January 2019 69
Ego.AKYS : From an indie fighting game "the INM of Fighters" released by Studio S He is unplayable character for being made excessively overpowered Changing color set will allow him to get more advantages 10th January 2019 72
Teipa : From NES game "Cocoron" released in Japan in 1991 10th January 2019 43
Brainiac : He is the private edit character by me. The sprite swap of Ironman_Z by 1% He is the non-mvc styled charcter that only uses 3 kick buttons + 1 stick Brainiac's sprites made by Ledernieraztlan and his voice clip from DC universe online added. Mode cha ... 24th February 2019 806
NeoGeegus+AI : AI by omake =====<Movelist>===== U - up x - weak punch a - weak kick D - down y - medium punch b - medium kick F - forward z - recovery c - Blowback attack B - back s - start =====<NORMAL>= ... 1st March 2019 331
Astonishing Cyclops (AI patched) : AI by Holn To make him playable, open cmd file in "cyclopsAI" folder with some text application and search "AI setting" Then rewrite the code "value = 3" to "value = 0" in the state section on the top. 13th March 2019 438
Ghost Rider + AI : AI by Holn To make him playable, open cmd file in "ghostriderAI" folder and search "value = 3" Then change the number to 0. 8th March 2019 1,399
Atrocitus Edited : Edit of https://mugenarchive.com/forums/downloads.php?do=file&id=32483-atrocitus-acey-blagoy Version - Mugen 1.0 -graphics are partly refined. some sprites are taken from Ahmed El Muhammedy's one -added new voices -added one new special move -tweak ... 19th March 2019 598
Black Flash : Edited char of the Flash by sic-1 Can't be used in Winmugen. Changes : -added new voices -Character graphics are partly refined. Some sprites are taken from Mon-El's works. -added new colors -added one new intro -added one new win pose -adde ... 29th March 2019 626
Huntress Edited : Changes : - added two special moves - added one Super move - removed one Super and one special move - added recovery roll - refined some sprites - added new AI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=72WGaRUBUaw&feature=youtu.be 24th March 2019 549
Wu Ao Shi Edited : - added some sprites and AI from base character, Blaque - added new voices (Now she speaks English) To select AI level, please open the file named "Blaque_ai" with some text application. Then find the line "var(59) = 5" in top section in the file and ... 24th March 2019 205
Absolute Cloud (DC Earth) : Edit of "Absolute Cloud - Evening" by Xzest. Added new sprites and animations 24th March 2019 174
Sword Art Online (Extended) : Edit of the stage "Sword Art Online" by DISSIDIA. Extended its whole bound and placed background animations in appropriate space 24th March 2019 329
Apocalypse Stage Edited : Edit of the stage "Apocalypse...NOW! (MSH)" by Kung Fu Man. Changed the background, added a new animation 24th March 2019 139
Brainiac's Starship (Extended) : Edited stage "Brainiac's Starship" by Lord Magus. Extended its whole bound and changed the background 25th March 2019 235
Red Lanterns Stage 1 : Edited stage of "DIabolo me in blood" by Mr Matter Added some new animations Sprites of Red Lanterns are from Amon-Ra's work 25th March 2019 129
Red Lanterns Stage 2 : Edited stage of "Death Valley" by EXShadow Added some new animations Sprites of Red Lanterns are from Amon-Ra's work 25th March 2019 164
dreamss (extended) : Edited stage of "dreamss" by Hermit Extended its whole bound 25th March 2019 133
Guardian Place Night (extended) : Edited stage of "Guardian Place Night" by Hermit Extended the upper bound 25th March 2019 121
KOF99 Sewer (extended) : Edited stage of "Sewer" from KOF99' by CIRIO Extended its vertical bound and added some new sprites 25th March 2019 144
MIKU MANSION (extended) : Edited Stage of "MIKU MANSION" by DISSIDIA Extended its whole bound Sorry for the absence of Miku 25th March 2019 88
Travelers (extended) : Edited stage of "Travelers" by Hermit Extended its upper bound 25th March 2019 84
Dazzlar Stage : Edited stage of "ON STAGE" by EXShadow Extended its upper bound, Removed some animations and added new sprites 25th March 2019 174
M.O.D.O.K AI patched : AI by KASAI 24th January 2020 109
Mist (1st) : There's already an updated version here : https://mugenarchive.com/forums/downloads.php?do=file&id=82171-2nd-mist-blue-eyes For your collection purpose. 21st January 2020 46
Sentry : Based on a version nicely edited by Orochi Shin. I've felt something deficient on it still, so I added a little elements give him more impact in the fight. Changes : - add more heavy, powerful sound effects and shaking to some moves - add little del ... 7th March 2020 203
Joker (newly edited, AI patched) : Edit of the Joker originally created by Larramones, Jeff and Magus. Changes : - lowered attack power - he attacks more speedily than before - programmed a new AI that is more competitive than before - made a new normal throw - add damage damper ... 7th March 2020 399
Shore of Pleasure : Edit of the stage "MERMAIDS VALLEY" created by gatorison. Expanded entire bound, added an new object and animations. 4th April 2020 56
Spiders at Rest : Background sprites by Ace Million (from the stage "Villains in Vegas" he created) Character base sprites by : Gwen - Hendry Roesly Spidergirl - TheFuTuR3 Silk - JEDdragon part of the code referred from Exshadow's work 4th April 2020 47
Divergent City : 2nd April 2020 114
sundown613 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RlaFLqMxA1o&t=2s 2nd April 2020 42
Stopped Time : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rAYLTKjIRH4 2nd April 2020 110
Spacewalk : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ImeCnTZrPtk&t=35s 2nd April 2020 51
Daily Planet : - Support superjump - Got rid of scene transition that causes frame rate issue - Sunlights appears less than before not to obstruct the screen during the fight 4th April 2020 106
Hulk : Did small edits Changes : - doesn't repeat Hyper moves by interruptions of armor state. No longer he wastes unnecessary power. - gained damage of Hyper moves - add hyper portrait - add Lv.3 Hyper covers full screen (just a complex of exist resour ... 6th April 2020 220
Midnight-Blue : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bdoPySONXcc&list=WL&index=179&t=39s 15th April 2020 50