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    Yep. I'm the best Donald out there. The other ones are just trying to copy my style.
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    Watch out. @Spongebob is here.
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Member's Files

File Date Downloads
Dark Donassya : A mix between Dark Donald and Angry German Kid/Keyboard Crasher. 7th March 2019 102
Tofu Donald EX : NOTE: I changed the bit resolution for some audios so I could upload it here A insane Donald edit Also, unlike all other TofuDonalds, this one isn't a dumb edit 29th September 2018 48
Funny Hamburglar : A pretty sloppy character that has few sprites and no functional attacks. 8th May 2019 65
nald : A very odd edit of Donald. 25th July 2018 251
Kirby SDX : Very good character IMO. 25th July 2018 941
Dark Donald type-lol : A extremely cheap Donald edit which OHKOs the opponent at the start of the round. For collection purposes only. 25th July 2018 182
Combat Echizen SFW : Echizen edited to remove 18+ super. Back when i made this I did not have Fighter Factory so there's still the sprites and sounds. 25th July 2018 57
Kirby : Rare Kirby version. Lacks any specials or supers. 26th July 2018 532
Allen o' Neil (Wrath) : Overpowered boss character. Only takes 1 damage per hit. Summons tanks, soldiers and trucks. Allen Jr appears to assist him. 27th July 2018 401
Rare Akuma Palette 01 : I made a palette for Rare Akuma. It took me like 10-15 minutes. Skin Color = Can't explain Skull Color = Blue-Purple-Purplish Pink Electrocuted Color = Cyan-Red (Skeleton) 27th July 2018 15
DoMusuka : Basically a soundswap of Donald with some stuff in the folder. 28th July 2018 68
Destroy the Guy (Fixed) : My first character. 3rd August 2018 33
Joke Man : Forgot to change the author name. 4th August 2018 17
Joke Man V2 : New stuff. 4th August 2018 26
dsrugal : Top-tier supernull. 5th August 2018 408
guanyin : The original Guanyin, she is surprisingly cheaper than many of her variants. Mid-tier supernull. 7th August 2018 122
ƒ : A character I made in some hours 9th August 2018 28
Ed : 10th August 2018 533
Edd : 10th August 2018 430
Eddy : 10th August 2018 469
DONA : 11th August 2018 68
guanyin10X : 12th August 2018 66
Donald DX : 20th August 2018 106
I_wanna_be_the_PocketCamera : 21st August 2018 63
Kung Fu Man Type-X : Something I made when I was bored. 21st August 2018 56
Dirty KF Man : Different version. 23rd August 2018 80
The End : My attempt at a cheapie 2nd September 2018 86
Ara? : Comes with music. 11th October 2018 34
Dark Donald 3rd : This character was kinda hard to find, took me some hours. EDIT: Searching for this character was a big waste of time, He's literally the same as Dark_Donald_2nd only with a different name, in his DEF file you can clearly see "name = "Dark_Donald_2nd" . 2nd September 2018 82
Summoner Donald WIP : Just a quick update fixing the previous bug and changing some things. kater15 Merge please: https://mugenarchive.com/forums/downloads.php?do=file&id=95601-summoner-donald-wip-furfang40x 15th September 2018 19
cafe au lait Len 1.2 : EDIT: Found out this has been uploaded before kater15 please merge: https://mugenarchive.com/forums/downloads.php?do=file&id=62582-cafe-au-lait-len-waguna-kakeypurai 2nd September 2018 23
Good luck! : 2nd September 2018 287
Mizuchi : Didn't see this uploaded here yet. 4th September 2018 168
NEET_Intent : Another dumb edit 6th September 2018 62
Colonel Sanders NEO : Really simple edit, gives him a new hitspark, a new intro and 3 changed palettes. 6th September 2018 128
Insane Donald : I was bored so I decided to make this abomination Changes: Hanva-ga-da- is usable at full health Dio Brando sounds for hanva-ga-da- Combat Echizen replacing Donald Girl Some changed palettes Changed sprites for Birdie, Grimance and Hamburglar When ... 8th September 2018 46
Insane Donald ver.3 : Because I wanted to Some of the changes: Effect for donacide cutter Hitspark for hanva-ga-da- Some new intros New palettes Assist has a win pose now And a lot more 8th September 2018 36
Paysage de Fantasy : I think Mike made this stage but I'm not sure 23rd September 2018 8
Medieval Donald update : 23rd September 2018 88
Insane Donald ver5 : I can't stop updating this character 9th September 2018 94
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