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  • Gene Worm's Avatar
    30th March 2020, 18:30
    It's a box that doesn't seem to attack and only has 10 HP, but if it isn't defeated in thirty seconds, it instantly kills every opponent. Seems like...
    18 downloads | 162 view(s)
  • Gene Worm's Avatar
    30th March 2020, 18:26
    Very old joke boss character. Essentially, it's a tower of ascii stickmen that attacks by throwing parts of itself at the opponent while letting out...
    14 downloads | 126 view(s)
  • Gene Worm's Avatar
    30th March 2020, 18:19
    A satellite-themed character similar in nature to ADS or MCS, but instead of a sphere or a square, this one is a triangle. ...
    18 downloads | 136 view(s)
  • Gene Worm's Avatar
    30th March 2020, 18:10
    A joke bonus game that features an abundance of old Orochi edits that fly across the stage and need to be taken out in the style of a side-scrolling...
    7 downloads | 117 view(s)
  • Gene Worm's Avatar
    23rd March 2020, 22:52
    Gene Worm uploaded file Uekichan in Null edits
    Another weird find that instantly counters its opponents' attacks with instant death. For archival purposes.
    8 downloads | 142 view(s)
  • Gene Worm's Avatar
    23rd March 2020, 22:42
    WinMugen only. Also known as "Rare Akuma-EX", this is an edit that makes him even cheaper. Ordinarily it behaves more-or-less the same as the...
    34 downloads | 238 view(s)
  • Gene Worm's Avatar
    23rd March 2020, 22:33
    It's a floating box that spams smiling mochi cakes at the opponent. That's about it.
    9 downloads | 114 view(s)
  • Gene Worm's Avatar
    23rd March 2020, 22:19
    Very resilient, though unfortunately unfinished mecha character. Can't be hit at all by normal means.
    14 downloads | 142 view(s)
  • Gene Worm's Avatar
    23rd March 2020, 22:15
    Strange character based on Abyss Form 1
    22 downloads | 157 view(s)
  • Gene Worm's Avatar
    23rd March 2020, 22:09
    An HD Touhou edit based off of Team Fortress 2's Merasmus boss. Apparently this this was released as an unfinished character so there may be some...
    30 downloads | 179 view(s)
  • Gene Worm's Avatar
    23rd March 2020, 21:55
    Gene Worm uploaded file Sei_Hu in Null edits
    Apparently an experimental character that requires the opponent to match certain unspecified conditions in order to defeat it. It appears as a bunch...
    15 downloads | 144 view(s)
  • Gene Worm's Avatar
    23rd March 2020, 21:22
    General edit that behaves more differently on higher palettes.
    12 downloads | 88 view(s)
  • Gene Worm's Avatar
    23rd March 2020, 21:12
    Cheap stickman character that seemingly attempts to mimic Barbatos Goetia's fighting style. It also displays how much damage it takes and display the...
    10 downloads | 89 view(s)
  • Gene Worm's Avatar
    23rd March 2020, 21:06
    Very cheap Gonzales edit. Apparently from the same editor that made Generanai and Cariser Knuckle.
    16 downloads | 109 view(s)
  • Gene Worm's Avatar
    23rd March 2020, 20:56
    The Wicked Avatar from Yu-Gi-Oh. This is a very cheap character that can't be killed through normal means.
    16 downloads | 201 view(s)
  • Gene Worm's Avatar
    23rd March 2020, 20:03
    Gene Worm uploaded file Chikako in Super Mario
    An enemy of Super Mario Land. They float in the air stationary, but will damage the enemy if approached. They can't be hit by normal characters....
    8 downloads | 136 view(s)
  • Gene Worm's Avatar
    23rd March 2020, 19:58
    Gene Worm uploaded file Dark-Train in Metal Slug
    Cheap character based off of the train from Metal Slug. It can fly and fire purple laser beams.
    27 downloads | 130 view(s)
  • Gene Worm's Avatar
    23rd March 2020, 19:52
    Gene Worm uploaded file Kamilunker in Null edits
    This little Spelunker is a lot stronger than it looks. Uber-cheap character, meant for WinMugen but still technically works on later versions.
    8 downloads | 65 view(s)
  • Gene Worm's Avatar
    23rd March 2020, 19:44
    Another kaomoji type character.
    7 downloads | 75 view(s)
  • Gene Worm's Avatar
    23rd March 2020, 19:40
    Gene Worm uploaded file Mamiel in Null edits
    A headless Mami floats in midair while instantly killing the opponent. Very weird character.
    15 downloads | 123 view(s)
  • Gene Worm's Avatar
    14th March 2020, 22:11
    Gene Worm commented on file Pobjeda in Fighter's History
    fuzzynuts Honestly, I think that would make for a pretty interesting character.
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  • Gene Worm's Avatar
    14th March 2020, 21:16
    Boss character from Final Fantasy Legend II. For the less cheap version, use: F.D.S_A-E.def
    15 downloads | 211 view(s)
  • Gene Worm's Avatar
    14th March 2020, 20:59
    A strange old edit of Karnov that I found. He has life regen, attacks seem to do more damage, and he teleport spams (especially on higher palettes).
    11 downloads | 175 view(s)
  • Gene Worm's Avatar
    14th March 2020, 20:43
    Gene Worm commented on file Ultimate Holy Girl in Null edits
    Moved to null edits because I agree, that does seem more appropriate. I tested it in WinMugen and 1.0 and the round ends after this character beats...
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  • Gene Worm's Avatar
    13th March 2020, 19:21
    Gene Worm uploaded file Green Devil in Super Mario
    This is the original "Green Devil" (not to be confused with the one from Mega Man) that inspired the remake "1-up" be Matsuda. This character is a...
    14 downloads | 246 view(s)
  • Gene Worm's Avatar
    13th March 2020, 03:21
    Here's a few: Keep in mind, it's not everything. But it should give you a nice start. I recommend looking for different YouTube and NicoVideo...
    3 replies | 81 view(s)
  • Gene Worm's Avatar
    12th March 2020, 20:18
    Very cheap edit of Angelia Avallone.
    44 downloads | 445 view(s)
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    i used to be a major hl nerd

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    ayy opposing force
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    You've been banned from uploading due to multiple violations of the upload rules. In particular shocking images that you did not censor and excessive upload of unplayable content (garbage content that can not be considered playable content).

    Please read the upload rules here

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    Oh no what Happen?
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    I suspect the reason lies in your recent uploads as they've all been purged from the site. We have very strict regulations & rules for 18+ files so you do need to keep that in mind, and censor your thumbnails if necessary. https://mugenarchive.com/forums/announcement.php?a=1

    You do show a sincere interest for preserving content here, and not to mention this is your first offense, so I have good faith and hoping that this ban isn't permanent.
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    Unfortunately I don't. At least not anymore. I downloaded lots of MUGEN stuff way back in the day and I would have a collection of whatever I could get my hands on (whether it be on eSnips or the like) spanning nearly a decade. I most likely had him, but multiple HDD crashes occurred along the way. Now the collection spans way less shorter.
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    Yeah, I won't mind.
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    I might as well just send the entire pack I got them in to you since my interest in this site is decreasing more and more as time goes on: https://mega.nz/#!A44BxZSQ!TvLgEESKz...NX64o6bvgG2Ulg

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Bedrock : It's a big rock that will lift any opponent that goes near it, and then smash them into itself. It is defeatable, but only by characters that can resist its attack. It will also absorb most helper projectiles. 4th February 2020 37
KaMadoka : It's Madoka riding a cylindrical oven of sorts that attacks by spewing flames at the opponent which does lots of damage. Makes for a good cheap boss character. 4th February 2020 13
Magic-Pot : Comes from Final Fantasy. Gets stronger on higher palettes. 4th February 2020 25
Syubababald : Cheap Oswald edit that gets stronger in his higher palettes. Also has an attack where he summons two clones that slide around the screen while slicing with their cards. 4th February 2020 23
PUOK : A strange old character I came across. It's a big face that has super armor and a lot of health. That's about all there is to it. 27th February 2020 14
GENJINSHIN : This is Genjinshin, not to be confused with the similarly named "Genjinsin" from the same author (or with the Touhou edit that shares the same name). This one is an older version that is way cheaper, having a greater immunity as well as having more powerf ... 27th February 2020 11
Pacman : 27th November 2018 128
Zuni : Alternatively named "Zuni Fetish", which refers to the word as in a worshiped object, not the dirty kind of fetish (I checked the character's sprites and nothing's unsafe). Anyways, it's supposed to be based off of the Zuni tribe that was mainly in New Me ... 27th November 2018 24
Jessica Smoke (normal) : I looked through the sprites and tested the character, and it appears that this is the first safe version of this character (I at least didn't see anything wrong with it). Not sure where this is from, but as the name probably suggests, she uses smoke-base ... 27th November 2018 122
Another Suave Dude : Not tested, but this isn't an Eraser spriteswap like the other one. I think it uses Kung Fu Man as a base and uses some of Segalow's sounds. 8th May 2019 78
Sino_BETA_100504 : Comes from the game "Windy x Windam". 27th February 2020 27
The Holy Nightor : A very old Nightmare Broly edit. Didn't see this on here. 27th February 2020 114
orz-E : Cheap edit of Clone Zero. For your collection. 27th February 2020 51
Mahatayo : Some Orochi edit I found randomly and thought I might as well share. Has an interesting 11p. Not to be confused with "Mahatayo Orochi", which is made by STG and is already on here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2gZsBG3b0r0 2nd January 2020 51
S-Silver : A old edit of Silver/Silber, and a bit hard to find at that. It has a cheap 12p, and also a couple of bugs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OM8_KuVmkik 2nd January 2020 80
Sinitai : A very old character that's noted for having been hard to find. It's a troll character in the same light as "First Laboratory" and "You Are An Idiot" that just loops a short fullscreen animation while music plays in the background. It's one of those thing ... 27th February 2020 17
Changeling : This is the latest version of Changeling (aka Morph). You can read more about the character here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kevin_Sydney 17th April 2019 121
Adolf Hitler (Wolfenstein) : Based off of the Hitler boss from Wolfenstein. It's sadly not very high quality as there are a lot of transparency issues with the sprites. Better as a novelty character. 8th May 2019 89
GA : An old floating satellite character, similar to that of ADS. It appears as a group of lights that fires upon the enemy with projectiles. Makes for a unique boss. 27th February 2020 42
Parasite 0.99b : This is a very early 2009 beta version of Buyog's Parasite. I've had it on my roster for a very long time, but never really thought much of it. As expected from a beta, this version's a little buggy, so while being a nice novelty piece/collector's cha ... 7th May 2019 157
LOL WUT : It's that old meme that came from "The Biting Pear of Salamanca" image. The character is an edit of KFM with sounds taken from The_None's Rare Akuma soundpack. It tends to bug out in certain ways while fighting, such as clipping through the floor or getti ... 21st July 2018 74
Kutal : A KFM spriteswap. It's supposed to be a character from "Shinzo". 22nd July 2018 25
NFB ONF : It's the logo for the National Film Board of Canada.... Don't ask why, because I don't know either. 24th July 2018 20
Unititled : Another one of arcadboy's wacky, old creations. Its alternate names are "ABC", "shwa", and "WTF is this". I think the last of the three suits it better, but I chose "Untitled" since that's the display name. As for the character itself, it's mostly one ima ... 24th July 2018 18
Wariosound : Alternate names are "Razor", and "What on earth is that?". Another one of Arcadboy's old creations. It doesn't attack, it just plays an annoying sound whenever an attack key is pressed. I guess its "attack" is to annoy the enemy as much as possible? No ... 24th July 2018 16
Unknown Creator : Unknown Creator's persona character, I guess. It's a spriteswap of another character called "Henry Mini", which also happens to be a spriteswap of KFM.... 25th July 2018 50
Unknown Creator 2nd Form : Another persona character of Unknown Creator. It's a spriteswap of Apocalypse, and also includes a mash-up of stolen sprites from other chars. 25th July 2018 148
Tezzler : A pretty much broken character from Arcadboy, one of his more recent ones at that.... It's some sort of bird-like creature, but none of its attacks seem to work properly and it frequently freezes in mid-air. 25th July 2018 15
RoboStar : An ancient Bob spriteswap, and that's about all there is to say about it. 25th July 2018 30
Blue Monster Worm : It's just a palette-swap of Shar-Makai, but with some random meme sounds added in. 25th July 2018 99
funkeecephalopod : Punching bag thing of what I'm assuming is a comment somebody made somewhere. I honestly have no idea.... Note: The original icon was humongous, so I scaled it down a bit. 25th July 2018 19
Klasky Csupo Robot : It's yet another character from that crazy ad, but this time from the lovely Unknown Creator.... 27th July 2018 42
Cheap Chacker : It's cheap and it's whatever on Earth a "chacker" is.... It instantly takes out its opponents and I believe it has an obscene amount of HP as a cherry on top. 27th July 2018 23
Hara Yukata : Alternative names are "Down!!", and the file name "dstickman". I don't know anything about its origin, and couldn't find any info on it, but here's an old video Arcadboy has on it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YwcQJed2bHQ 7th August 2018 24
Menos Grande (joke edit) : This is an old joke edit of the Menos Grande by KoN FreAk's(LMsanchez) from Bleach. The editor's name isn't assigned to it, which is why I'm leaving the author as just the original creators for the time being. It has new sounds, mostly from old YouTube me ... 7th August 2018 63
SuperBlah : A dumb edit of Superman by Arcadboy. Not much else to say here. 7th August 2018 52
The King of all Chain Chomps : Finally managed to recover this from an old pack I found. It's an edit of N64Mario's Chomper, with increased stats and it's re-scaled so high that it actually exceeds the height limit on most stages. It can be pretty cheap at times, but its massive size m ... 7th August 2018 77
Giygas Billy : SEIZURE WARNING : EXTREME FLICKERING Not sure what this has to do with Giygas, other than the presence of a few sprites of him, but here it is. It can be pretty cheap at times, having a pretty high HP stat with some crazy hitboxes on top of it. Going b ... 8th August 2018 26
Heavy Lobster : This is indeed idiot's version of Heavy Lobster. Like most of their chars, it has some pretty random sounds and it's a fairly broken character, which is probably to be expected. 8th August 2018 80
Mallow Odie : As you'd probably guess, it's a spriteswap of Mallow. Warning: Contains an 18+ sprite. 8th August 2018 80
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