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    If there are 2 PM's that I sent today that are the same, delete one of them.
    That seems nice, but i'm not gonna worry about the story just yet. I made a 4 stage demo of the game and i might upload it here. Also, the "evil corporation and clones" part sounds kind of like something i've been considering.
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    I have a story for Dynamic Edge. Keke's girlfriend Crescent has been kidnapped (Keke gets kidnapped if you're playing as Crescent) by a evil corporation that wants to use her powers to make evil clones of various fighters to rule the world. So she sets off on a quest to defeat the evil corporation & get her girl back.

    Let me know if it sounds great.
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    You're a winner to me. So here's a gift: https://mugenarchive.com/forums/down...permario193281
  5. Alright, i saw most of those.
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    I found a treasure trove of Delphox pics. They should be safe to view : https://ifunny.co/tags/delphox
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    I typed in Mountain Dew in the search, & look what it gave me: https://mugenarchive.com/forums/down...ntality-sookie
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    It's Ingrid, but with Guilty Gear stuff: https://mugenarchive.com/forums/down...35297-ingrid-j
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    I sometimes misread MUGEN as MEGUMIN.
  10. alright then.
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    I had internet problems again, but it got fixed. I'll catch up on some stuff. By the way, I missed you too.
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    Did you miss me?
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December 4
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Art, Arcade Emulation, Pokemon, Game Development
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1.1 is the one i use most.
Favorite MUGEN characters:
Isabeau, Rikard, C. Evil Ryu, Silvy, Jimmy Lewis, Keith Wayne, Senna Kyoudou, Khriz, Flamme, K-Core, Shimo
Favorite MUGEN stages:
most of the stages EXShadow made
Computer Configuration
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Lenovo IdeaPad S145, Pentium Gold processor, 117 GB hard drive, 64-bit
Operating System:
Windows 10
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My MUGEN Website: https://kris-kagura.webs.com/

(Eventual) WIPS:
Dynamic Edge (OpenBOR) - 4/8 stages completed; 7/10 characters completed


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File Date Downloads
Athena (Divinewolf) Palletes : For Divinewolf's Athena. https://mugenarchive.com/forums/downloads.php?do=file&id=98576-divine-athena-hero-divinewolf Custom, Isabeau, Ken, Delphox (Normal), Delphox (Shiny) 2nd January 2020 13
MF2 - Super Gario Sprites : Has both the normal colors and the "censored" colors. Merge this with my previous upload. 23rd June 2019 10
Den Okami (edit) : Another further edit from my "Hi I'm Karin" days. I nerfed the stats as well as replacing the original portrait with something (slightly) better traced from Ryu. The move using the "C" button is now preformed with a 2-quarter circle motion as well. 22nd May 2019 96
He Lucathicc : Well, Here's my first upload. I "made" this character sometime in october last year as "Hi I'm Karin", and I guess this is some sort of update. - Broken stats replaced with the original Lucario-M file - Sad Claps code added - Includes both the horrib ... 8th October 2018 11
"Improved" He Lucathicc : Well, Here's my first upload. I "made" this character sometime in January as "Hi I'm Karin", and I guess this is some sort of update. - Broken stats replaced with the original Lucario-M file - Sad Claps code added - Includes both the horrible BLEGH n ... 8th October 2018 31
Mighty Fighter 2 (Android, v 0.8.8) : Here's an android game that you're either familiar with or don't know about at all. Anyways, It's an android fighting game with pretty weird handdrawn-ish characters, a few of which are knockoffs of pop culture icons and fighting game characters. http ... 22nd October 2018 33
Krion Conquest (NES) Players : Three playable characters from The Krion Conquest/Magical Doropie, a Mega Man clone on the NES. The game itself plays exactly like you think it would, except it's more linear (there's no boss select), has pretty well-animated cutscenes in the Japanese ver ... 27th October 2018 19
Glaceon .SFF Fix : This should fix the pallete glitches it had before. It also gives it a more standard VS portrait. ignore the .sff filename 20th January 2020 20
Trio the Punch - Kamakura (SC88) : LUCKY! CHA CHA CHA! https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=9YrtGIkdGCc 1st November 2018 20
MF2 Terius (Terry) Sprites : Yeah, I ripped a bunch of sprites from that Mighty Fighter game. He's probably a loose trace of Terry Bogard from one of the Neo Geo Pocket games, but I dunno. 6th November 2018 20
Infinite Rufio/Mario Bros (Android) : https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/4eda8a0cbfc24a9f802e0922d3d83f011cfcffbfa3e8c891f7c88f0114517c32/detection "Infinite Mario Bros" is one of Notch Persson's first games he's developed, prior to Minecraft's explosion of popularity. It gets the "infinite ... 2nd December 2018 73
MF2 Super Gario Sprites : Since someone decided to rip Heihachi and what I'd assume to be the generic Karate Champ guy from MF2, I decided to rip the knockoff Mario. Gario honestly looks more like either a tamer Waluigi or Luigi with his Wrecking Crew pallette. 3rd December 2018 17
Aqua - Barbie Girl (Midi) : Good for a stylistic-suck stage or torturing yourself Includes the original midi and an MP3 I converted from the preview video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fD6fWc0e_Ik 5th December 2018 124
DosBox Android (MUGEN preinstalled) : Why does this have so many downloads despite being such a crappy way to experience Mugen (especially since DOS Mugen downloads are non-existent)? Arguably the only thing making this worse is how Paintown and Exagear are completely dependent on what device ... 7th December 2018 1,779
MF2 Bunny G/Toki sprites : I found some sort of older Mighty Fighter APK that has early versions of the playable characters. What's notable is that the animation in it is a bit sloppier, the knockoff characters have their pallets match who they're supposed to be, and Malang and Bun ... 11th December 2018 16
Sisihan Fighter (APK) : I think I found a lost piece of media without realizing it until a few seconds ago. https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/3edaf758e71d7950a21df4155ca642015557a9bb84487979ac3ffbdbbd88bb3c/detection https://youtu.be/izZZXDvYsB0 11th December 2018 37
HNK Stage - Jump Ultimate Stars : Omae wa mou shindeiru. (the downloadable is in a better quality, sorry if i [email protected] you.) Also, I like pixel art and sprites- https://youtu.be/mp-0IICJDB0 18th December 2018 78
Athena NGPC Spritesheets : My favorite female KOF character, with the outfits she wears in every Neo Geo Pocket game. The zip file includes these sprite sheets: KOF R-1 (Greyscale and a Colorized edit) KOF R-2 SNK vs. Capcom: Match of the Millennium Gals Fighters 25th December 2018 27
Control Crisis (OST, AST and 8-Bit) : Iori possibly at his edgiest, and Leona having a PTSD fit. Includes the original arcade version, the CD quality arrangement, and the Neo Geo Pocket's 8-bit version. https://youtu.be/JJsSZlJmslk https://youtu.be/Y28WHso7EmU 5th January 2019 97
I Am... All of Me : Where's that DAMN fourth Chaos Emerald? Edit: since BrawlBrstms shut down i've replaced the preview video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_kTBbTSjZpI 12th January 2019 163
Theme of Blood (Jotei Senki) : NOW THAT'S WHAT I CALL music EDGY https://youtu.be/ZO_SdnIA_D8 20th January 2019 8
Area Unknown (Training Stage) : Probably my lightest download ever. Based on some photo i took, thinking it'd look good in a Mighty Fighter 2 mod. BGM: X - Tunnel Scene (MIDI) 12th December 2019 14
Rera SSVS Sprites : Edgy Nakoruru, my favorite type of Nakoruru. It's also sprites ripped from the Samurai Shodown game SNK disowned due to too much ketchup. 28th January 2019 42
Yodel Tabehoudai (Euro Mix) : I WANT A WHUMMO https://youtu.be/ccE4JcHicEU 3rd February 2019 11
NiGHTS and Reala (JoD versions) : Includes both the regular and "Theme of a Tragedic Revenge" tracks. Reala fits my aesthetic of edgy-as-phuck rival perfectly. https://youtu.be/a0W3bHCswy4 https://youtu.be/dW-AKypshIY 10th February 2019 34
Arpa's KFM Edit : A minor-looking edit of Kung Fu Man that adds a voicepack acted by Arpa/Chainsawdentist himself and a Zetsumei Ougi. Rare-ish character I downloaded from another forum that had a list of KFM edits. 16th February 2019 61
Goddess Athena (NGBC) : Athena's appearance in her original arcade game (that has a complete butchery on the NES). SNK can confuse many people if they don't differentiate between their Athena and Hanzo characters, which is were surnames come to play. 17th February 2019 78
Left Hand of God ~ Shadow : Beautiful. Almost as beautiful as Sagat's theme from the first Street Fighter (also awkwardly named Fighting Street). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6adxuUWK7gE 18th February 2019 6
Guilty Gear: The Crusades : A decent OpenBOR game that's based on Guilty Gear. The graphics are a bit on the mediocre side, since the GG characters are missing frames of animation, the enemies are "familiar", and the game has the default physics, but if you can get past these aspect ... 25th February 2019 64
Rocket Viper 1 : Rare OpenBOR game that's the prequel to Rocket Viper 2 (a must play if you have the program). I found this on a website that archives Symbian OS games as well as Android, Java, and iOS games. The game might need to be fixed as the game has issues in later ... 25th February 2019 35
Global Chaos (Amiga Mix) : In case you want a weird techno song that oozes 90's, here you go. It's also the intro theme to Top Banana, a game for the Commodore Amiga infamous for it's trippy graphics. https://youtu.be/xPWgn7P8TzQ 26th February 2019 16
I.R.P. Intelligent Rackety Practice : THIS GAME IS LOUD, BE SURE TO LOWER YOUR VOLUME WHILE PLAYING So, this is... something? Just play this for yourself, i cannot explain this in the slightest. https://youtu.be/SjsQwWNBmRg https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/20f828d1b52a62a19380c2490b5796 ... 27th February 2019 7
Aesthetic NYC : A vaugely vaporwave-themed version of the classic stage from Street Fighter III. The glitter on the stage is animated with a velocity state. Original Stage: New York Subway Station by Neogouki BGM: Jazzy NYC 99 Sunset Remix ... 7th December 2019 69
Kyo_wing (nerfed) : I edited this Kyo slightly just to make him balanced in some dumb "full-game" atrocity i compiled together. I nerfed his stats and removed the brutal AI. I'm not wanting credit for this, by the way. 25th May 2019 72
Chosoju Mecha MG - Marionation Gear : A remixed track from Smash Bros that's from an obscure game nobody cares about. Still a good music track, though. https://youtu.be/85o94ormyXA 28th May 2019 21
Keith Wayne (nerfed) : Edited for the same reason as Kyo_wing. If only i knew what makes him do the "Stress" explosion every time his super meter is full. 31st May 2019 112
SVC Chaos - Ken Sprites : I finally found sprites of Ken in his base form from SVC Chaos. These are in numerous folders for organization: 01- Basic movements and attacks 02- Battle intro, taunt, winpose and dizzy animation 03- Input moves 04- Special moves 05- Super moves 06 ... 30th June 2019 58
Keith Wayne (nerf, updated) : I decided to update this: https://mugenarchive.com/forums/downloads.php?do=file&id=113664-keith-wayne-nerfed-mouser I got a bit of help from a lurker named Scissorwolf who said i had to remove state 810 in statedef -3. now you won't have to deal with ... 20th July 2019 136
Crash Fighter 2 - "Select.mid" : I have no idea where this midi originated outside of CF2, but if you want a stanky midi for your player select you've come to the right download. Contains both the original midi and an MP3 version done with the GZDoom default soundfont. https://youtu.be/Q ... 13th August 2019 15
CVS2 True Love Makin (Midi) : More proof everything sounds both worse and better in MIDI form. https://youtu.be/qUS-Ero1ops 7th January 2020 20
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