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Age Of Darkness 1.1 : Age Of Darkness by EXShadow with zoom. *Hi-res *Animated *Zoom *Bgm 1st February 2017 20
Feilong KOFA : Another great char from KOFA. Character design: Fei Long was designed as a pastiche of a real-life martial artist and Hong Kong movie star Bruce Lee. The English localization of the original arcade game pays tribute to Bruce Lee by having Fei Long sta ... 22nd August 2016 105
Fio KOFA : To fill the kofa list ^^ 22nd August 2016 174
Firebrand KOFA : Char Info: Firebrand is a type of gargoyle known as a Red Arremers. He will stand up to any threat posed to his home, the Demon Village, without any fear. Firebrand is considered to be an elite warrior among the Red Arremers, gaining him hero status amon ... 22nd August 2016 135
Flamme KOFA : KOFA character. 22nd August 2016 107
Foxy KOFA : Char Info: Foxy is a character in The King of Fighters series. She first appears as one of Kula's alternative strikers in The King of Fighters 2000. She becomes playable in The King of Fighters 2001 as a member of the NESTS team. She ties her hair with t ... 22nd August 2016 125
Fliz KOFA : KOFA character. 22nd August 2016 90
Fuuma KOFA : Char Info: Fuuma Kotaro, often referred to by his surname, is a character from the World Heroes series. He is Hanzo Hattori's rival. His IQ is said to be "higher than a monkey's". He is based on the historical moniker of the same name, which was given t ... 22nd August 2016 79
Franco Bash KOFA : Char Info: Franco is a former super heavy kickboxing champion who was undefeated during his fighting career. He presumably retired to raise a family and became an airplane mechanic at South Town Airport to continue supporting them. In order to motivate t ... 22nd August 2016 128
Fenrir KOFA : Character Info: Fenrir was a member of one of the most powerful and rich families in Asgard. One day, when he and his family went hunting, they were attacked by a bear. Helped by wolves and abandoned by humans, he started to live with wolves adopting the ... 22nd August 2016 103
Brian JMAX KOFA : Character from the kofa wayback machine. 22nd August 2016 125
Masago KOFA : KOFA character. 22nd August 2016 87
Lyserg KOFA : KOFA character. 22nd August 2016 144
Eve KOFA : KOFA beauty. 22nd August 2016 209
Aika KOFA : KOFA character from duracelleur wayback machine. 23rd August 2016 117
Borz KOFA : KOFA character. 23rd August 2016 40
Freya KOFA : Nice char from KOFA wayback machine. 23rd August 2016 119
Juuza KOFA : KOFA character. 24th August 2016 44
Kall Su KOFA : Appearance: Kall-Su is a man of average height, with shaggy blonde hair, dark furry eyebrows, black eyes and a rough look. He tends to wear a long white cloak, with specially designed armaments on it, which covers his entire body. He also wears a tight- ... 24th August 2016 41
Daphne KOFA : KOFA character. 24th August 2016 232
Evil Kula KOFA : KOFA character. 24th August 2016 72
Bob Wilson KOFA : Char Info: Bob Wilson is portrayed as a one-dimensional and happy-go-lucky fighter. He is a very cheerful person and is usally seen smiling, giving a thumbs up gesture after winning a match. Even when fighting, Bob shows a tremendous amount of spirit. Du ... 24th August 2016 164
Billy Lee KOFA : Char Info: Billy is the younger brother of Jimmy who accompanied him on many adventures in the city. However, both brothers soon grew tired of the physical abuse and moved to Sunshine City with their uncle. There, both brothers were introduced to Master ... 24th August 2016 73
Grox KOFA : KOFA character. 24th August 2016 45
Heiz KOFA : KOFA character. 24th August 2016 133
Kain KOFA : Story: Kain is the brother of Marie Heinlein, Geese Howard's late wife and Rock Howard's mother. Unlike his sister, he faced a childhood of poverty whilst in the slums. Grant, known then as Abel Cameron, watched over him as his fatherly figure. Nineteen ... 24th August 2016 110
Forte KOFA : KOFA character. 24th August 2016 67
Geo Kensou KOFA : KOFA character. 24th August 2016 67
Freeman KOFA : Story: Freeman is a British serial killer who kills for his pleasure. Nothing is known about his past. He travels to Second Southtown when he learns of the King of Fighters: Maximum Mayhem tournament, hoping to kill strong opponents. One of his victims w ... 24th August 2016 103
Constans KOFA : The KOFA lady in black xD I love it. 24th August 2016 177
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