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About The Raven Effect
Wwe,fighting games,and rping
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Paintown,mugen 1.0
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Element Delirus, Rozwel, Joutenchi and those cool private edits no one can have


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Tomonari Kusami WIP 12th March 2017 05:09
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15th June 2015

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Jonah : Its a mugen version of me its nothing special just a color edit of Rock Howard feel free to do whatever the hell you please if you like it thats fine if you hate it thats fine too hell put in a bashing video if you like 16th November 2015 202
Seven Orochi : A typical orochi edit with aura and different moves also goes by the name of Seven of Crime Orochi 13th February 2016 103
Uzachi/Uzamizuchi : This is a weird Edit I'm just going to let you see for yourself I can't describe how weird it is 13th February 2016 69
The Flasher : The Flasher is a character from a weird full game called Hellment 2 he's a guy who hits you with his erm shlong and his kick is a foot coming out of his pelvis its not good more like collection purposes since he's glitchy and is a spriteswap of damned by ... 11th March 2016 66
Brilliant : An Iori/Element edit with God-style aura. Has edited moves and a strong AI. Good for a Boss char. hope you enjoy this Brilliant character 18th May 2016 124
Element-rn : A edit of another Iori that controls ice and flames he pretty cool and hes a challenge so have fun with this trench coated badass 21st May 2016 78
Vegzess : This edit of k9999 is cool because power wise hes like a Element k9999 hes pretty decent and great for your grey/white haired element benders collection 21st May 2016 177
Dark- Ai : have you ever wanted a iori that has 250 damage and alot more health and regeneration has a black pallet he is for you i guess for collections only 26th May 2016 88
Dark Rain : A rock howard edit who's silent but he is still a very decent character ENJOY 26th May 2016 126
Yasanagi LV3 : The love child of Iori and Kyo has entered the Mugen tournament to whip some butt and prove why hes the best, ok in seriousness this character is fun and you should have him kick the 20 other kyo's and Iori's on your rosters ass 29th May 2016 165
The Z : This Edit is a edit of God Orochi but hes pretty unique as he transforms from Nanaya into Orochi and has some sound clips of him so if you like orochi and Nanaya hes your edit 1st June 2016 65
AR026-P_KoFE : This is a edit of kula that i found and well she is only for collection purposes as because shes pretty bad and her projectile spammy ai doesnt and lackluster supers dont help her case :facepalm2: i share this so all can cringe at this for years to come 3rd June 2016 152
Akimoto : what happens when Igniz gets possessed by a dead guy that can makes blades appear out of no where the badass Akimoto ...tbh the concept of the character is cool but hes decent at best but dont worry he can fulfill your urge to cut a bitch his story as ... 3rd June 2016 112
Wind Element : This is a edit of Alsiel who is a edit of mizuchi/orochi now dont be fooled by the name he doesnt control wind but he is taller than orochi and normal people oh and green now as a edit of Alsiel you can already guess that you are not gonna beat him with a ... 3rd June 2016 63
W-Gear : This is a edit of K' That has control of Whitish grey fire/enrgy hes cool and he has a pretty mean fire punch in his arsenal 6th June 2016 81
Iori-X 175% : A badass Iori that has mature and vice as strikers and cool supers this character is based of of Kof 97 i believe and he has his original moves as well so enjoy 6th June 2016 90
Dr. Husser : A very weird character that seems to be a combo of chris' legs and others i dont knows he has felicia as a striker and is only for collections only 6th June 2016 83
End Of Air Ver 2 : its a red god orochi with the usual fancy fx enough said 6th June 2016 46
Shingo DNA : A early Beta from 2002 this edit is a badass shingo that can morph into kyo,k9999,terry and has a sword. This character is very unfinished with missing sprites and such but its cool to me and maybe to you 6th June 2016 84
Original Zero Prominence : This edit adds a burning sensation to original zeroes moves and new supers ,In other words we are screwed cause now the OG Z ( that nickname might catch on someday) can now burn us with his new flaming abilitys and fiery new supers. hey also comes with B ... 8th June 2016 68
Kyaga : Kyaga is female edit of Krizalids first form she has purple flames and awesome original moves so try her out 8th June 2016 163
Element Boss G : I found this on youtube Its Literally Just Opirus Element Key Lime colored hair :facepalm2: so if you want to add Element G to your clique of different colored hair for Opirus hes yours.....and maybe someday we will have all the colors of the rainbow just ... 8th June 2016 212
Felden : From the creator of Apollo and a Krizalid i bring you this guy a Man with the powers of fire and floating hes rare i think and by from what i researched was intended to be a cheap character able to beat Rare Akuma .... im not sure if hes cheap but beware ... 9th June 2016 153
Ruicernigs : Its Igniz with Rugals head on it he has only a few sprites edited like this and he has a FX aura and Rugals voice so have fun 10th June 2016 69
Holden-GM : This edit of Gustab gives him levitation an Aura FX and OHKO supers his and is a boss not to be trifled with have fun...oh and Shin chan apparrently follows him as seen in his intro 10th June 2016 106
Yagami KOFM : another Gem i found on youtube essentially the Kusanagi of Iori and he has slighty modified moveset with a claw slash super like flameless Iori all and all hes awesome try him out 11th June 2016 119
Fergus is God : I dont know but i think this Microsoft paint monstrosity i created not only because i was bored but because i wanted to test the stage creator.. as we speak i am crying in a corner because i created a curse that i must spread to millions....jk i was bored ... 12th June 2016 15
Ultimate Element : This edit of Element uses iori's and Element Delirus( Zelgadis) sprites it has its own moves and is very powerful ai wise its a element to assume that it will leave you rekt 14th June 2016 87
Fenix Orochi : The pheonix has risen from the ashes the destroy all in its path with his wings of justices.....a Orochi edit with badass wings and its a orochi edit so the game play is self explanatory 15th June 2016 72
Azazel : A cheap edit of Goodman with fx and pillars and all that good cheap suff sadely hes ai only 15th June 2016 137
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