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    Can you move threads? The option doesn't appears to me
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    I understand you, I know what it feels like. You sometimes remind me how I was when I was young ... f♥♥♥ I'm getting old, I'm getting sentimental.A song for you (i love this movie e his filosophy)
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    I'm glad to know that you're better now. If I could find whoever installs the viruses in fake software updates, I would gladly to eviscerate them with my bare hands.
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    Absolutely agree! Excuse me if I change the subject, but Enzo told me that you were absent from the site for an accident, I hope nothing serious, I was offline two days because of a trojan hidden in a fake update of some drivers. Sometimes the misfortune seems to have some precise moments in which to strike.
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    Speaking of Killer Instinct "you break an open door" (sorry,italian slang), at the time of SNES I bought the game for the CD of the soundtrack that was attached! Trailblazer forever! And many more!
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    I-No for me is the most interesting character of the entire saga of Guilty Gear, and my favorite along with May, regarding the female characters of the game. Capcom as soundtracks for me is better than SNK (taking into account all the games made by the two companies), but I agree, SNK knows music and knows how to make good music.
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    If I have to be honest, I like the soundtracks of all the street fighter episodes (for example the music of Nash in SF Zero 3 I like a lot), also that of SF III that has a style very different from the previous ones. I believe that Street Fighter has the soundtrack that I prefer along with some songs from the Fatal Fury series and some ost of Darkstalkers, at least for my taste. I forgot, special mention for Guilty Gear, great music! But the game has never convinced me fully, Capcom and SNK for me remain the best.
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    Also I love madly the soundtrack of that game! Especially the ost of Ken, Guile, Ryu and Blanka.
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    I believe you! But I'm afraid I can not help you, I have the same problem with this
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    Thanks ^^
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    How could i link some weird pic?
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    It's 100% safe.
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    Jeff looks like a somebody killed by the joker
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i like playing video games and Metal. you can call me The Stage Guy because it's all i'll upload.
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Any edited Mortal Kombat,Street Fighter and Orochi (KOF) stage.especially edited Mortal Kombat
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Member's Files

File Date Downloads
Goro's Lair VI : Goro's Lair VI by mk for 1.0, not animated 15th June 2017 26
Courtyard V HD : Courtyard V by mk for 1.0 15th June 2017 35
Courtyard VI HD : Courtyard VI by mk for 1.0 15th June 2017 25
Dark Gathering : Dark Gathering by O Ilusionista hi-res stage 15th June 2017 15
Dark Prison : Dark Prison by mk for 1.0 15th June 2017 38
Dead Lair : Dead Lair by mk for 1.0 15th June 2017 19
Dead Pool HD : Dead Pool by Parse for 1.0 15th June 2017 54
Dead Pool II HD : Dead Pool II by mk 15th June 2017 35
Dead Pool III HD : Dead Pool III by mk for 1.0 15th June 2017 101
Dead Pool V HD : Dead Pool V by mk for 1.0 15th June 2017 49
Dead Pool VI HD : Dead Pool VI by mk for 1.0 15th June 2017 15
Deserts : Deserts by MK 15th June 2017 15
Dragon Gate : Dragon Gate by O Ilusionista Hi-res, animated. this is the normal version, the one we have here is for 1.1 and has zoom 15th June 2017 30
Elder Gods : Elder Gods by mk for 1.0 15th June 2017 18
Entrance Room : Entrance Room by mk for 1.0 15th June 2017 36
Fire Room : Fire Room by mk for 1.0 15th June 2017 22
Fire Well HD : Fire Well by mk for 1.0 15th June 2017 31
Glass Desert : Glass Desert by mk for 1.0 15th June 2017 29
Orochi Goenitz Stage HR : Goenitz Stage by 22B hi-res, animated 15th June 2017 91
Samurai Shodown VI - China 1.1 : Samurai Shodown VI - China by new_rayderss edited by xWagnerPlaguesx Hi-res, animated Added zoom 1st October 2017 23
The Great Wall : The Great Wall by way low-res, animated 8th August 2017 22
Ice Queen's Forest Entrance 1.1 : From "League of Light". Hidden Object Games. Also comes with the normal version without zoom, which works on 1.0 20th April 2018 20
The Dark Omen : The Dark Omen by Gmasta. for WinMugen HI RES or higher. Animated and super jump compatible 30th July 2015 62
The Fire Pit : The Fire Pit by Kazmer13. low res with super jump 31st July 2015 48
Stone Dragon's Breath : Stone Dragon's Breath by Gmasta. HI-Res with Super Jump 31st July 2015 37
The Chains of Power : One of the best stages ever. The Chains of Power by Matter.the stage contains all the boss in the KOF series plus some mains characters. it's a hi-res stage 31st July 2015 263
The Pit Portal : The Pit Portal by T.F. Low-res, animated. has to be one of my favorite stages ever. The Pit and The Portal combined, how can you not like it? 1st August 2015 68
Fall of Orochi : Fall of Orochi stage by kjha435y-darkkille. No super jump supported 1st August 2015 102
Satan's Portal : Satan's Portal by Gmasta. Hi-res stage with Super jump 2nd August 2015 55
Eclipse Cannon : Eclipse Cannon by Teros. Low-res with super jump 3rd August 2015 58
The Abyss of Hell : (Fight 4) The Abyss Of Hell by ATHEIS. low res stage, pretty good for a boss fight. 4th August 2015 82
Sea of Divinity : Sea of Divinity by beterhans. Hi-res stage for mugen 1.0 5th August 2015 95
Inferno Portal : Inferno Portal by SUB-ZERO & Sumac. Low-res stage,animated, no super jump 7th August 2015 71
Sky Temple : Sky Temple Stage (raining) 8th August 2015 154
Sub-Zero's Pit : Sub-Zero's Pit. Hi-res stage for Mugen 1.0 only 9th August 2015 112
Blaz Axelay : Blaz Axelay by Ryon. Hi-res stage The stage is animated. the big lava monster does move. 9th August 2015 64
Cobalt Mines : Low-res Animated No super jump 11th August 2015 46
Sacred Force Stage : Sacred Force stage by ARLONG. Animated,no super jump. It's the official ending on KOF 97 16th August 2015 106
Wasteland 3 : Wasteland 3 by Ruslan_xDD Beautifully animated stage 17th August 2015 45
Kingdom Valley : Kingdom Valley by Darkness/Noob-Emperor Animated Low-res Minimal Super Jump 18th August 2015 91
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