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  1. Sorry for lack of posts. My PC is fucked.
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    congratulations for your new mod status.
  3. Huge thanks to Dizzy for giving me the Mod promotion. Not gonna squander it!
  4. i'm back,ninjas. pc is fixed, back uploading stuff.
  5. pc is busted so i can't upload stuff. laaame.
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    I started expanding my stages, getting new stuff, and you put up alot of good stuff. I love the realism
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  7. so good to be back
  8. just broke 1k subs on Youtube. Yaay.
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    Infelizmente ainda t
  10. Geese Howard announced for KOF XIV.
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    Glad it helped ^_^
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    We don't have enough stages around here, so it's nice to see more stages being added. Please keep them coming.
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February 14, 1994 (23)
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i like playing video games and Metal. you can call me The Stage Guy because it's all i'll upload.
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Favorite MUGEN characters:
Akuma, Kyo Kusanagi, Kusanagi
Favorite MUGEN stages:
Any edited Mortal Kombat,Street Fighter and Orochi (KOF) stage.especially edited Mortal Kombat
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Windows 7
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10th June 2015
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File Date Downloads
The Dark Omen : The Dark Omen by Gmasta. for WinMugen HI RES or higher. Animated and super jump compatible 30th July 2015 44
The Fire Pit : The Fire Pit by Kazmer13. low res with super jump 31st July 2015 33
Stone Dragon's Breath : Stone Dragon's Breath by Gmasta. HI-Res with Super Jump 31st July 2015 21
The Chains of Power : One of the best stages ever. The Chains of Power by Matter.the stage contains all the boss in the KOF series plus some mains characters. it's a hi-res stage 31st July 2015 148
The Pit Portal : The Pit Portal by T.F.low res stage. 1st August 2015 57
Fall of Orochi : Fall of Orochi stage by kjha435y-darkkille. No super jump supported 1st August 2015 79
Satan's Portal : Satan's Portal by Gmasta. Hi-res stage with Super jump 2nd August 2015 40
Eclipse Cannon : Eclipse Cannon by Teros. Low-res with super jump 3rd August 2015 51
The Abyss of Hell : (Fight 4) The Abyss Of Hell by ATHEIS. low res stage, pretty good for a boss fight. 4th August 2015 67
Sea of Divinity : Sea of Divinity by beterhans. Hi-res stage for mugen 1.0 5th August 2015 73
Inferno Portal : Inferno Portal by SUB-ZERO & Sumac. Low-res stage,animated, no super jump 7th August 2015 62
Sky Temple : Sky Temple Stage (raining) 8th August 2015 127
Sub-Zero's Pit : Sub-Zero's Pit. Hi-res stage for Mugen 1.0 only 9th August 2015 95
Blaz Axelay : Blaz Axelay by Ryon. Hi-res stage The stage is animated. the big lava monster does move. 9th August 2015 47
Cobalt Mines : Low-res Animated No super jump 11th August 2015 35
Sacred Force Stage : Sacred Force stage by ARLONG. Animated,no super jump. It's the official ending on KOF 97 16th August 2015 71
Wasteland 3 : Wasteland 3 by Ruslan_xDD Beautifully animated stage 17th August 2015 35
Kingdom Valley : Kingdom Valley by Darkness/Noob-Emperor Animated Low-res Minimal Super Jump 18th August 2015 75
Realm of Fire 2 - Bent on Revenge : Realm of Fire 2 by Atheis. Low res animated stage 20th August 2015 54
Pit Sight : Stage : Pit Sight Version : 1.0 Autor : Sub-Zera Superjump: Yes 28th August 2015 40
Enter The Tomb : Enter The Tomb by Mortalist. low res stage 31st August 2015 51
MK2 Kombat Tomb Shinobi HD : Kombat Tomb HD from MK2. for HI-Res Mugen and 1.0 Stage by Borg117 7th September 2015 57
Shrine of Horus : Shrine of Horus by ATHEIS 8th September 2015 25
Warrior's Tomb HD : Warrior's Tomb HD by Bigoldblue for Mugen 1.0 9th September 2015 61
Theizen's Throne : Theizen's Throne by Japa and Bruno. Edited by Felix Low Res, Animated, No Super Jump 10th September 2015 28
Orochi Kyo&Iori stage : Orochi Kyo&Iori Stage by kjha435y-darkkiller low-res animated stage 11th September 2015 58
Sky Temple : Sky Temple. low res. Animated 12th September 2015 50
Unholy Temple : Unholy Temple by Jessica Smoke. low res stage 13th September 2015 26
10th Circle of Hell - Tartarus : 10th Circle of Hell - Tartarus by Dark Evilous/Tialas Betruger 14th September 2015 55
Underground Hell : Underground Hell by dresmasher. low-res stage 15th September 2015 80
Forest of Pain : Forest of Pain by dresmasher low res,animated 16th September 2015 33
Netherrealm Tomb : Netherrealm Tomb by TheXD3ath. Low res stage 17th September 2015 36
The Netherrealm Pit : The Netherrealm Pit by Ermac-210. low res stage 17th September 2015 95
Oni Portal : Oni Portal by NoZ. Hi-res stage for Mugen 1.0 18th September 2015 48
Death Lair : Death Lair. hi res stage 20th September 2015 52
The Ice Pit : The Ice Pit by Sub-Zero Th7 MK. low res stage 21st September 2015 82
Sunset Mountain : Sunset Mountain by TheXD3ath. Low Res stage 22nd September 2015 55
High in the Sky : High in the Sky by Xclusive. Low-res stage 27th September 2015 74
Orochi Goenitz Stage : Orochi Goenitz Stage by Ryo2005. Low-res stage 1st October 2015 93
Orochi Kyo Stage : Orochi Kyo Stage by 788566-edited by kjha435y. low res stage 1st October 2015 69
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