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    Valeu bro. :)
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    Doesn't sound very flattering tbh lol
    I'm working on something of my own, look forward to it :3
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    É compreensível. O trabalho e os estudos veem em primeiro lugar.
    Já aqui continuo trabalhando no mesmo local de manhã (de vez em quando a tarde tbm) mas seguindo na luta.
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    Fala parça, tá tudo bem sim. Espero tbm q esteja bem com vc em Portugal. :)
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    hehe thanks~
    I'm out of the groove rn when it comes to lifebar conversions lol but I will keep that in mind!
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    Congrats on the wedding, bro!
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    Bem vindo de volta a equipe parça. ^^
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    The well-wishes in my absence were most welcome, d00d. Thanks for being good people.
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    Yep, they are as obnoxious as always, but i'm so bored that i keep posting there -.-
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    Actually is more boredom than patience

    They would be waiting until mid June if i were Dizzy
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    Thank you so much! :)
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    Nice, I can try, thanks for the advice!
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    Ok, I want to try a new color ... the first one intrigued me but I prefer the purple ... purple equal to that of the photo or darker? Your opinion?
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    Thanks Wagner. Good to be back man. Missed you guys :D
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February 14, 1994 (25)
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i like playing video games and Metal. KOF and SNK born and raised.
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KOF characters, CVS Characters
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Any edited Mortal Kombat,Street Fighter and Orochi (KOF) stage.especially edited Mortal Kombat
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it sucks, let's leave it at that.
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Windows 7
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File Date Downloads
Outworld Graveyard : Found it in an MK game 2nd September 2018 76
MK1 The Pit (Daytime) : Found it in an MK game 2nd September 2018 68
MKM Sewers Bottom : From "Mortal Kombat Mythologies" 2nd September 2018 43
The Portal : 2nd September 2018 104
Goro's Lair VI : Goro's Lair VI by mk for 1.0, not animated 15th June 2017 57
Courtyard V HD : Courtyard V by mk for 1.0 15th June 2017 75
Courtyard VI HD : Courtyard VI by mk for 1.0 15th June 2017 56
Dark Gathering : Dark Gathering by O Ilusionista hi-res stage 15th June 2017 22
Dark Prison : Dark Prison by mk for 1.0 15th June 2017 63
Dead Lair : Dead Lair by mk for 1.0 15th June 2017 38
Dead Pool HD : Dead Pool by Parse for 1.0 15th June 2017 89
Dead Pool II HD : Dead Pool II by mk 15th June 2017 66
Dead Pool III HD : Dead Pool III by mk for 1.0 15th June 2017 165
Dead Pool V HD : Dead Pool V by mk for 1.0 15th June 2017 83
Dead Pool VI HD : Dead Pool VI by mk for 1.0 15th June 2017 35
Deserts : Deserts by MK 15th June 2017 20
Dragon Gate : Dragon Gate by O Ilusionista Hi-res, animated. this is the normal version, the one we have here is for 1.1 and has zoom 15th June 2017 64
Elder Gods : Elder Gods by mk for 1.0 15th June 2017 36
Entrance Room : Entrance Room by mk for 1.0 15th June 2017 61
Fire Room : Fire Room by mk for 1.0 15th June 2017 42
Fire Well HD : Fire Well by mk for 1.0 15th June 2017 51
Glass Desert : Glass Desert by mk for 1.0 15th June 2017 59
Orochi Goenitz Stage HR : Goenitz Stage by 22B hi-res, animated 15th June 2017 203
Samurai Shodown VI - China 1.1 : Samurai Shodown VI - China by new_rayderss edited by xWagnerPlaguesx Hi-res, animated Added zoom 1st October 2017 81
The Great Wall : The Great Wall by way low-res, animated 9th August 2017 47
Kuroko Stage : From Samurai Shodown 2 Low-res stage Comes with 2 def files: One for Winmugen (but works on everything) and one for 1.1 (has zoom) 7th March 2019 38
Kusanagi : My favorite edit of Kusanagi. LASH sure does know how to make quality characters. Lots of supers, specials and a great AI. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QhPSjnJgB2g 12th May 2019 57
Ice Queen's Forest Entrance 1.1 : From "League of Light". Hidden Object Games. Also comes with the normal version without zoom, which works on 1.0 20th April 2018 39
The Dark Omen : The Dark Omen by Gmasta. for WinMugen HI RES or higher. Animated and super jump compatible 30th July 2015 78
The Fire Pit : The Fire Pit by Kazmer13. low res with super jump 31st July 2015 61
Stone Dragon's Breath : Stone Dragon's Breath by Gmasta. HI-Res with Super Jump 31st July 2015 69
The Chains of Power : One of the best stages ever. The Chains of Power by Matter.the stage contains all the boss in the KOF series plus some mains characters. it's a hi-res stage 31st July 2015 399
The Pit Portal : The Pit Portal by T.F. Low-res, animated. has to be one of my favorite stages ever. The Pit and The Portal combined, how can you not like it? 1st August 2015 86
Fall of Orochi : Fall of Orochi stage by kjha435y-darkkille. No super jump supported 1st August 2015 146
Satan's Portal : Satan's Portal by Gmasta. Hi-res stage with Super jump 2nd August 2015 82
Eclipse Cannon : Eclipse Cannon by Teros. Low-res with super jump 3rd August 2015 75
The Abyss of Hell : (Fight 4) The Abyss Of Hell by ATHEIS. low res stage, pretty good for a boss fight. 4th August 2015 112
Sea of Divinity : Sea of Divinity by beterhans. Hi-res stage for mugen 1.0 5th August 2015 122
Inferno Portal : Inferno Portal by SUB-ZERO & Sumac. Low-res stage,animated, no super jump 7th August 2015 91
Sky Temple : Sky Temple Stage (raining) 8th August 2015 216
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