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Secco (Anime) : A pretty cool char, i edit the palletes for more anime accurate. 12th May 2019 362
Funny Valentine palette : For Kakyoin. Someone should be use as a base Kakyoin to make a Funny Valentine char. 17th September 2019 23
Kira (Anime) : I edit a lot of sprites, now killer queen is anime accurate. 9th September 2019 218
Stroheim (Anime) : 11th October 2019 463
Orochi_Shin Jiren Z2 - Palette Pack : For this char: https://mugenarchive.com/forums/downloads.php?do=file&id=113856-jiren-z2-orochi-shin 6 palettes, including: El Hermano Thanos Saitama Superman Darkseid Manga 4th June 2019 49
Terunosuke Miyamoto (Anime) : 19th November 2019 205
Bowser palettes : I just made some pals for K6666orochi char: https://mugenarchive.com/forums/downloads.php?do=file&id=117075-bowser-1-0-k6666orochi 11th August 2019 17
Giorno Anime (Updated) : The last edit of Giorno by Mr. Giang get a new color separation, the big change is now Gold Experience is affected by the palletes and have a color separation. 21st November 2019 409
Complete Joseph (Anime) V.2 : I fixed the palletes and some sprites. Is a pretty cool Joseph, he had the Tommy Gun. 19th June 2019 1,026
Gyaos : I edit the sprites, add new palettes and change the portrait. 17th September 2019 144
Speedwagon (Cheap and Joke) V.2 : The All-Might R.E.O. Speedwagon is here... again. Now with EoH voice clips, better sprites and palletes. 7th May 2019 1,243
Speedwagon (Cheap and Joke) : The All-Might R.E.O. Speedwagon is here. Actually, a bad edit for saitama. 6th May 2019 178
German's Base In Mexico : My edit in this stage. i change the santana rock sprite for one i think is best. 8th December 2019 176
Rohan Kishibe 1.1 (Fixed Palettes) : Now the palettes works, also i edit a bit the first pal and some sprites. 8th December 2019 326
Death 13 (Anime) : 19th January 2020 106
Black Sabbath (Anime) : he needs probably new attacks and a better ai, but is a interesting character. 8th April 2019 273
Ultimate Pantherk : The char of saitama with skin of pantherk. 8th February 2019 61
Giorno Giovanna (Anime Colors) : Just a little edit in the colours. 12th February 2019 598
Predator (MKX Colors) : Unos colores mas oscuros, inspirados en Mortal Kombat, para Predator. 12th February 2019 748
Prosciutto Anime Beta : NEW VERSION RELEASE!! https://mugenarchive.com/forums/downloads.php?do=file&id=113585-prosciutto-anime-amarimono 13th February 2019 482
Super Duper DIO & Knuckles. : Dio h♥♥♥ai with Anime Colors (And the red cape). 13th February 2019 105
Giorno Giovanna (Anime Colors) V.2 : News and better colors!! 14th February 2019 538
Giorno/Golden Experience (Anime) : Now with Golden Experience!!! 16th February 2019 1,095
Alessi (Anime) : 21st January 2020 303
Another DIO anime : Dio h♥♥♥ai with more accurate Anime Colors. 21st February 2019 256
Ultimate DIO (Uncensored Blood) : Yes, another DIO edit. Included Blood, Violet Cape and Anime colors. 24th February 2019 503
Fugo (Anime) : Coming soon, Fugo Legacy with this pallete. 24th February 2019 447
Fugo (Legacy) (Anime) : 26th February 2019 557
Complete Joseph (Anime) : 11th March 2019 1,281
Vergil (DMC 5) : Just Vergil MvC with DMC 5 colors. 14th March 2019 986
Guido Mista (Anime) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vvpBLG4liOk 16th March 2019 631
Giorno|Gold Experience (Anime) V.2 : News and betters colors. 19th March 2019 1,794
Ghiaccio (Anime) : Finally the anime colors. For some reason, the palettes don't works. 27th March 2019 77
Ghiaccio (Anime) V.2 : Yes, too early. but the problem with the palettes is fixed. And the colors is kinda more acuratte. 27th March 2019 839
Holy Diver (SNES Version) : For you dio char. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h0z3IKeLDAk 28th March 2019 39
The Sentry Merged with the Void : A little edit of Saitama. 28th March 2019 212
The Sentry : New palette, portrait and a ai more tough 30th March 2019 249
W. Zeppeli (Anime) : New Colors. 1st April 2019 508
Kars (Anime) : Just a Purple Kars 1st April 2019 721
JoJo's M.U.G.E.N Portraits : Some Portraits for JoJo's Bizarre Adventure M.U.G.E.N, including: *Ghiaccio Base *Ghiaccio White Album *Giorno *Final Dio https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=emZa782iICQ 3rd April 2019 117
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