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Peluchin Entertainment : Warning - only works for Mugen 1.1 If you don't know who is Peluchin Entertainment, He is a maniacal psyhopathic child who is notorious on youtube for upload a video where he abused and stomped on his cat until kill it. :so_sorry: although fortunate ... 16th January 2019 180
Peluchin Entertainment (.Def Fixed) : Fixes the .Def File that fixes the error of can't open the character. (I mean this error massage) ----- error massage ----- Could not open file: kfm.cns Error loading chars/Peluchin Entertainment (Aka The Cat Killer)/Peluchin Entertainment (Aka The C ... 27th January 2019 67
Morioh Ambulance (Joke edit) : Warning - only works for Mugen 1.1 It is an edit of nijikaku's yellow pi-po. Now you can ran over Yoshikage Kira to death at the end of Diamond is Unbreakable. (In addition to having sounds when the ambulance is going to run over Yoshikage Kira, it ... 3rd February 2019 719
Iggy (Anime Colors) : Finally the anime colors, Iggy will no longer look green. - Anime/EoH sounds voices by OverLordDio - 2nd player STAND GAUGE fix and winquotes by handaehan Enjoy :very_good: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_llpywgeeeA ... 16th April 2019 609
Jotaro Kujo OVA Colors : Just a little edit of warusaki3's Jotaro Kujo that now has the colors appearance of the OVA version. (Including Star Platinum of course. :sdrop: ) Also the edit includes: - 4 different colors (2 alternative versions of the OVA colors, the original ve ... 24th April 2019 251
Jotaro Part4 (Anime Color+AI Patch) : So yeah, I decided to edit jotaro part 4 of y.y with the colors of the anime (and star platinum with the anime colors as well) with some change: - Edited size (Now it have the same size of Warusaki3's Jotaro) - A simplified timestop (Forward, down, f ... 15th May 2019 1,058
Polnareff Part 5 (Anime) : An edit of Heal the World's Polnareff Part 5 (Vento Aureo) That now has the anime colors (included Silver Chariot Anime colors as well) and the anime vocie as well. (including the Special intros of Team Bucciarati, Hol Horse, some other jjba villains like ... 9th June 2019 804
Luigi Brando (Update/Fix) : A Updated Luigi Brando by me with the following changes: - 2nd player STAND GAUGE fixed - Portrait fixed - Some Winquotes added - A simplified Timestop (Forward, down, forward, stand) - A simplified special attack (press C to use it) - m-ism AI enha ... 18th November 2019 266
Final Dio (Anime) V1 : An edit of Warusaki3's Final Dio (High Dio) now with the Anime palette color with some change: - Anime vocie and sound efects - New MUDA MUDA MUDA - Simplified timestop (Forward, down, forward, stand) - New Portrait - Some winquotes included - m-i ... 18th November 2019 206
OVA DIO (Warusaki3 Ver) (Updated) : here an update for OVA DIO (Warusaki3 Ver) by musthe1, that I made some changes on the char: - Normal portrait size added (it still have the big portrait size version made by musthe1) - The Word Palettes Fixed (now the palettes of The Word works corre ... 2nd December 2019 115
Jotaro Kujo (Anime) (y.y version) : Merry Christmas to everyone and the JoJo community. This is one of my 1/4 gifts for you all, I made an anime version (not 100%) of Jotaro but for y.y's version, that I use the anime palette from Naza15 of Mr giang's Jotaro for this version. with the ... 25th December 2019 476
Polnareff Part 5 (Anime) (Update) : Merry Christmas to everyone and the JoJo community. This is one of my 2/4 gifts for you all, this is a update version of my anime edit of Polnareff part 5, with the following changes: - New Portrait (one with normal portrait and one with a big portr ... 25th December 2019 266
Final Dio (Anime) V2 : Merry Christmas to everyone and the JoJo community. This is one of my 3/4 gifts for you all, Finally the V2 of my Anime Edit of Final Dio (High Dio) is here. These are the changes it contains in this new version: - New Sound Effect when he "Telepor ... 25th December 2019 186
Joseph (Arrange Style) (Anime) : Merry Christmas to everyone and the JoJo community. This is one of my 4/4 gifts for you all, that I found a interesting edit of Young Joseph by Men's Club which are a Arrange Style Edit by Anomi Polis, also this edit version can use Hermit Purple I ... 25th December 2019 209