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    Cause the beginning sequence I will see is Mai pulling out her strap-on, during the rape move I'll see the swapped sprites which IS the futa mai. So it would be kinda weird if I did that.
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    That would be good.
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    I think I have a reference for ya, but it's a strap on version though.
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    Ah, I see. When you asked about if Mai wants the move very similar to Poison, I think you are referring to Mai having the same coding as Poison. The thing is that for Poison's rape moves, she switches speeds randomly (depending on how long she f*cks her victim) until she cums.
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    No. But I do have a great idea on how her move should work. First of all her move should start off slow, then medium, then a little fast, then she cums. You might wanna do something with her head and facial expressions too, i suggest having her looking at her victim. The Mai Sprites were made by Chamat so give him credit.
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    Wow... you are posting some good updates everyday. Looking forward to some new characters.
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    Oh, don't think that's his only ability. He can punch people into the wall, use his rising uppercut to knock people upwards, use his seismic slam to stop opponents, and his ultimate is his Meteor Strike, which he jumps up into the sky and crashes down on his enemies. So he's very OP at the moment.

    Also... I lol'd when I see Poison having fun with Bridget. Keep up the good work.
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    Sorry, I was playing Overwatch and messing around with Doomfist. Haven't gotten into the coding yet.
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    Fine. Can we just end this conversation?
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    As in a non NSFW character? Mmmmmmm seems a bit fishy. But NSFW stuff is still very wrong.
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    Fine you may not be a vore fanboy but most of your liked stuff is NSFW.
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    Yeah but when you post a new file it will ALWAYS be in the recent files section for EVERYONE to see. And sometimes it takes ages for it to go away. So then I end up leaving my opinion on it and then.... you vore fanboys end up getting triggered. So basically it's impossible to avoid this NSFW crap.
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    I will. ;)
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[18+] Otane : She's from power instinct. I just wanted to add her some questionable edits. As a elderly woman, which is rarely seen in the mugen hentai, I want people to find it repulsive and attractive at the same time....lol It's my first character edited and upload ... 29th September 2016 338
[18+] Platinum : Hi guys, how did you like [nsfw] Otane? ahaha. Ahem, anyways. MY favorite character form BlazeBlue is Platinum. I haven't seen any edit's floating around mugen hentai, so i decided to make my own and show others. It's still work in progress and took m ... 1st October 2016 4,509
[18+] Litchi Faye-Ling : Ok, So Someone asked for a litchi edits so I did it. Compatible with hentai chars. But I and still stuck on how to gie the animations sound....someone help? 4th October 2016 2,780
[18+] Nudity Bridget : So I was looking at bridget's animations and felt he should lose the shorts.....i made some edits i hope some people will like the shortless Bridget better Update: I changed a certain positions sprites. I think you lot my like it 14th October 2016 1,629
[18+] Samara Ella X : I decided to give her some meaningful animations versus the ones she previously had. The oringinal only had a hole in the dress. I changed that. She's compatible with most like morrigan. Check it out. 24th October 2016 1,350
[18+] Elastic Girl X : I made her compatible with Kuro and Morrigan. Gave her decent amount of animations. Enjoy! 26th October 2016 1,031
[18+] LopunnyX(Vore) : A certain someone requested to give the pokemon some animations. Since it is a pokemon, i wasnt very sure what to give her, but i pulled through. Morrigan and Kuro comp. Enjoy 4th December 2016 1,158
[18+] Felia : The girl from Skullgirls. I never used her in the game instead i used pinwheel. But, i wanted some one from skullgirls because i love the artwork. Gave her compatible animations. Kuro and Morrigan. Enjoy 5th December 2016 2,650
[18+] EcocoX : My darkness reaches Ecoco......enjoy. Kuro/Morrgian comp 7th December 2016 864
[18+] DQ5 SonX : Hello. I found this guy with little to no animations....I fixed that. Minotaur/ Kuro/ Morrigan comp. 18th December 2016 376
[18+] DQ5 SonXx : So, I got bored and decided to be creative....... New animations Also..he has a rape move. To be used against male characters(recommended) He also has animations comp with murakami mob. To do the rape moves it's simply forward-down or down-forward. H ... 26th January 2017 881
[18+] Ail : WIP. He still needs more animations. But I did add 3 so far. Comp with most. Again, wip. 2nd February 2017 261
[18+] Poison MvcX : Hello, been a while before i released anything. This version of poison is one i decided to edit. For the moment it's compatible with Donghwan's raper moves and has animations for them. It's still a work in progress. I plan on making poison compatible wit ... 2nd March 2017 2,264
[18+] Monako Ogura : A lori char compatible with Donghwan raper. I felt the edits were meh, given it's not so good sprite quality. But i did not want to keep too many chars on the shelf and not release them.....i have a lot Enjoy -SpectatorX 5th March 2017 1,093
[18+] Kumi : Another char, compatible with donghwan. I also fell uninterested with her so I stop making sprites for her. But she has some for Donghwan... Enjoy -SpectatorX 5th March 2017 1,455
[18+] Shiina Yuya : Hello. This is a work in progress but I want to show what i have so far. She has bj, doggy and upside down position so far for Kuromaru and Donghwan. Still WIP I will add more animtations later. Enjoy Update: Added animations for kuro and morrigan 14th March 2017 1,120
[18+] Madiesha : Hello. I liked this character. So I made some animations for Kim dong hwan and morrigan to be compatiable. I think you mike like. :grin: Enjoy. 22nd March 2017 748
[18+] WS IoriX : This version has been given sprites for future moves. For a certain somebody. 30th March 2017 642
[18+] Hojo Saoko : PLEASE READ Hello, this char is a test char for My poison Edit. She's been made a raper and can be found here ---> http://mugenarchive.com/forums/downloads.php?do=file&id=49540 I have made since the release of the new poison raper, I've gave her a n ... 8th April 2017 747
[18+] Rouge the Bat : Hello guys, I decided to edit rouge. Been wanting to since sonic adventure 2..... Anyways, she's only compatible with Kim Dong Hwan for the moment. I'll give her more in time soon enough. Enjoy :grin: 19th April 2017 886
[18+] ElastigirlX : Added comp with donghwan. It is also different than my previous edit. I made some even better. 20th May 2017 413
[18+] Msytique X : Ok, I decided to upgrade thsi char beacause I did not understand why different chars would should up when hit with a move. So far I changed her doggy position, but I will do more If any one decides I should. I will definitely upgrade the sprites compat ... 30th May 2017 703
[18+] Poison Mvc X (updated) : This version of my Poison has updated sprites and moves. -New move: Doggy position front view - basically it's doggy but with the camera facing the front of the two characters. So far, I have made a few people compatible with it. 1. Shiina Yuya https: ... 12th June 2017 2,264
[18+] Cammy Ax(SpectatorX's edit) : I have added new sprites for this file to be compatible with my aggressor Poison - -> https://mugenarchive.com/forums/downloads.php?do=file&id=58982 12th June 2017 848
[18+] Supergirl X : Added compatible sprites for PoisonX --> https://mugenarchive.com/forums/downloads.php?do=file&id=58982 Made her compatible with her front view move as well as her BJ move. -sprite groups added: 20260 and 16010. - Added to animations to support Poiso ... 26th June 2017 1,522
[18+] Marylyn SueX : This char is compatible with donghwan so far. She is a real piece of work, mostly due to her being a hi-res character. I am going to add more definitely, I just wanted to release what I have so far because I've been meaning to release her earlier but ... 4th July 2017 1,242
[18+] Makoto Nanaya : Releasing her for now with what I have so far. She's Compatible with Poison_MvcX --> https://mugenarchive.com/forums/downloads.php?do=file&id=58982 I'll give her front doggy animation soon. WIP For more updates check out my Tumblr --> https:// ... 3rd August 2017 2,214
[18+] Chie Satonaka : Chie from Persona 4 Arena. I made her compatible for Poison https://mugenarchive.com/forums/downloads.php?do=file&id=58982--nsfw-poison-mvc-x-updated-dampir-riccochet-span-acey-handy-spectatorx I will probably add more to her, for now atm im tuck so I ... 15th August 2017 1,030
[18+] SanaeX : I modified this aggressor so that it now changes speed with the press of buttons. While in animation or doing the H-move, press either a, b,c,x,y,z,(respectively, the ingame controls) to change the sequence, it will stay to that sequence. 19th August 2017 650
[18+] Okubo Kumi(updated) : A certain request from Tumblr - - >http://spectatorxx.tumblr.com/post/164582467022/thank-you-so-much-also-how-about-releasing-red. As requested, this char will be released. 25th August 2017 581
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