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January 17
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Learning how to program stuff, playing video games, drawing, building with LEGOs
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Ness, Paula, Jeff, and Poo by Drowin

Garfield by Veanko

Nanarman by Gaelik edited by Veanko

GreenMan by Veanko

DeeBeeKaw by The_None

Madotsuki by RoySquadRocks

Uncle Joel by Brergrsa
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Windows 7
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What character has the most brutal AI? 11th June 2018 23:08
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19th February 2020
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30th March 2018

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Blockhead V1.1 : Finally done updating my character. In-game sprites in progress, just gotta think of more ideas (like how is he going to do an uppercut?), I haven't given up on it yet. Changelog: -AI, it's not too bad, could be better honestly. -Added Tool_Printer ... 7th May 2018 90
Blockhead : Introducing, my first character! A Blockhead from the building game Blockland. Now it's coding isn't the best, and it does have many attacks yet, but I'm still proud to announce this. Criticism would be nice, so I can improve on this. Moveset and ... 30th March 2018 77
Blockland - ACM City : A default build from the building game Blockland. Not much of a super jump, really, and the music is After School Special, from Blockland. Made with Cybaster's Stage Tool, 640 * 480, and Mugen 1.0 only. 30th March 2018 36
ssb4_ness : Updated K.Y-Shanxi's ssbb_ness with Naruto[NU]'s updated sprites, and also added SSB4 sounds (not just Ness' voice). I didn't edit the AI, it's still brutal. Here are some actual changes that aren't cosmetic: -Damage outputs less random -Damage outpu ... 2nd June 2018 574
Blockhead V2 : I think I've finished up Blockhead a bit now. He has better sprites, somewhat more better AI, a Jeep ram attack, I don't know what else to add in the meantime. Credit to the sadly cancelled Blockland Forums game for the sprites, since I don't know who ... 11th June 2018 52
Blockhead V2.1 : While I'm working on 2 other characters right now, I might as well release this patch for Blockhead. Thank you to Nodog438 for the feedback! :very_good: v2.1 -All Specials and Hyper attacks properly labeled as such in thier attrs. -Fixed only one win ... 3rd July 2018 86
Earthbound Ness : SEIZURE WARNING PSI Rockin' α AND Ω are NOT good for the eyes! My 2nd real character! This Ness is more based off of Earthbound, than SSB. For example, he doesn't have PK Fire anymore, because he never had that to begin with. Specials: ... 13th August 2018 198
Earthbound Ness v1.5 : SEIZURE WARNING PSI Rockin' α AND Ω are NOT good for the eyes! Sorry for the long wait. Over the last year I've slowly tweaked and added things, and right now I am ready to finally release an update. I've also managed to make new sprites for ... 22nd July 2019 208