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    If Crono could talk, he should be the ultimate annoying character.

    He has the personality of the 90's Ninja turtles mixed in with CDI Link

    He has a love for food just like the girl you control in Moco Moco Friends

    He laughs like Woody from Toy Story.

    He likes to reference memes like the Power Puff Girls

    His voice is George of the Jungle crossed with CDI Link

    He screams like George Goodlake

    He likes to make puns

    His catch phrases are "CHR-NO WAY!!" and "You've triggered my Chrono!"
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    Hey, endercreeper!!!!
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    Hey, Endercreeper.
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    ok you can use my sprites, just credit me.
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    Hey, is Kingdra your favorite Pokemon?
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    You're everywhere.
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    I heard you are making a koopatrol
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    Looking forward to your paper mario.
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Grovyle : Grovyle from Pokémon by TeamFaustGames. Directly ripped from Team Faust games arena fighters special, apart from a little change in the characters size. 26th May 2015 320
Hitmontop : Hitmontop by TeamFaustGames. Once again, directly extracted from TFGAF Special. 26th May 2015 186
Azumarill : If you can read this, you're better than 'meh'. 26th May 2015 227
Steelix : Ohai dere :3 26th May 2015 209
Professor Click : Ripped from TFGAF Special. 26th May 2015 61
Tsunamidusher : Tsunamidusher's self-character. 26th May 2015 138
Winter palettes (Various chars) : Winter themed palettes for various characters. (Alternate link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xs4756w21wwoyhz/Winter%20palettes.rar?dl=0) 7th December 2015 21
Supooo! : A rather rare and obscure Japanese character from way back. Found it whilst looking for Include2's version of Supooo. Works perfectly on 1.0, despite being rather old. (Alternate link: https://sites.google.com/site/endercreepermugen/others) 26th December 2015 55
Kula edits pack : Since Anamochi's website is offline, I decided to compile his infamous Kula edits into one pack. All of these edits are the most recent versions and have been tested. Some contain NSFW content, although most of it is hidden within the sprites files. Fun f ... 5th January 2016 127
Karera : The zombies from School-live. Uses sprites from Super Shinji San by the same author. 7th January 2016 54
Anamochi's lifebars (wdisk) : Custom lifebars by Anamochi, finally reuploaded! Contains both regular and custom versions. 8th January 2016 47
m_canon (Edited version) : A small edit to Anamochi's original character, m_canon. It fixes the sprites for 1.0 (they appeared too small in the original version) and changed Cammy's vest (She appears in a winpose) to a darker colour, as she was seemingly nude in the original versio ... 8th January 2016 162
[nsfw] Smeargle (Vore) : A vore edit I did of Some Guy's Smeargle character. Fairly unknown, and since I recently came back to doing vore edits, thought I might as well share it here. 19th February 2016 328
Alphys palette for Grizela : A palette I made for Grizela based off Dr. Alphys from UNDERTALE. (Contains one palette and nothing more) 3rd March 2016 24
[nsfw] Felicia vore : Vore version of Moku's Felicia. Seemingly one of, if not THE, first vore character made for Mugen. Has quite a few bugs and lacking many things found in modern vore edits, such as a swallowing animation and proper coding. 7th March 2016 1,235
Omega Flowey (Joke version) : An OTW-based version of Flowey from UNDERTALE. Less cheap, but the AI is tougher as compensation. 2nd April 2016 378
So Sorry : So Sorry is heeeeere....i know must of you doesn t care but just download him it s worth to be on your roster It wasn t made by me credit the original author 4th June 2016 418
[nsfw] Tsuruya-san (Vore) : 1st August 2016 1,017
Ultra Space (Smash bros. mod) : 5th March 2017 21
Servine (Smash bros. mod) : 5th March 2017 103