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Date of Birth
June 20, 2000 (19)
About Alcor
I love videogames and watch sitcoms and anime. I like to draw. Music is my life.
MUGEN Preferences
Favorite MUGEN version:
MUGEN 1.0. (M.I.C.A. Screenpack)
Favorite MUGEN characters:
1- Misogi Kumagawa (otika)
2- Tohru Adachi (kouya)
3- Yu Narukami (kouya)
4- Shizuo Heiwajima (阿修-克里门森)
5- Peter Griffin (LuigiMaster)
6- Toma Kamijo (otika)
Favorite MUGEN stages:
1- Valley of The End
2- Tartarus Rooftop
3- World of Shadows
4- Flying Battery Zone (Act 2)
5- Desert (MVC2)
6- Monokuma's Room
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Windows 10
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Google Chrome


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27th March 2020
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25th May 2015

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Member's Files

File Date Downloads
Zen and Rei : Zen and Rei from Persona Q: Shadow of The Labyrinth. This char uses Hard AI, only one palette (original) and does have one victory quote. 20th September 2015 272
Responsible Records : Sharing my first MUGEN stage, I hope you all like it! This stage is from "American Dad!" TV series. Contain BGM. 12th November 2015 39
Game Panic : Game Panic from Persona 3. This stage is animated and includes BGM (added by me). 19th November 2015 73
Ice Cap Zone : Game: Sonic The Hedgehog 3 Animated stage and contains BGM. Simply amazing! 22nd November 2015 740
Tartarus Rooftop : Sharing this amazing stage from Persona 3 (I freaking love this stage, is my favorite). Animated: Yes BGM: "The Battle For Everyone's Souls". 4th December 2015 329
P4A Outdoor TV : Animated stage from Persona 4 Arena. BGM: "Missions For The Brilliant Executioner" 9th January 2016 217
Quahog Elementary School : Stage from "Family Guy" by Warner. BGM: "Giant Chicken Theme" 10th February 2016 116
Gumball Watterson : Gumball Watterson from "The Amazing World of Gumball" The best version! Has a great and revamped moveset. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J46W1T7Bz_I 18th July 2016 3,322
Colonel Sanders (CVS POTS) [Beta] : Pretty good edit. Has some bugs, but he still playable. Features: POTS hitsparks and effects, Victory quotes, Palette selector, Custom Combo/Max Mode and more! 25th September 2016 247
Persona 1 Hero : Naoya Toudou, The Protagonist from Megami Ibunroku Persona. 30th September 2016 322
Hope's Peak Academy Gym : A stage I made while I was bored. It's the Hope's Peak Academy Gym as seen on Danganronpa V3. BGM: "Cool Morning" 13th March 2018 61
Stan Smith (English ver.) : Original char by Warner. I changed his voice lines to the original English dub ones. About the victory quotes: some were translated into english and some other were added by me. Enjoy! 7th March 2018 1,329