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watching JoJo and DBZ, and playing video games.
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1.1, Ikemen
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All of MugenHunter's,
All of Mega-X's,
All of FourthRhyme's,
All BlazBlue ones
All of P.O.T.S'
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The Stars of the Sagacity
Scourge Stadium - Night
The End
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Microsoft Edge


Mugenhunter fan for life!


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Anyone have this MUGEN version? 18th November 2018 11:01
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8th May 2020
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17th March 2018

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Scourge Stadium - Night : Scourge's stage from Sonic Freedom Fighters 2+. I dunno if anybody else has uploaded this already. No idea what the background song is, either. Enjoy, I guess 1st June 2018 162
Scourge Stadium : From Sonic Freedom Fighters 2+. Despite the name, this is actually Strenght's home stage (Scourge's is the night version of this stage). Background music is a .midi version of Super Punch-Out!!'s Minor Circuit theme. Have fun with it, I guess. Made by ... 2nd June 2018 176
Ray the Flying Squirrel (RayMH) : Ray the Flying Squirrel, from Sonic! Taken straight from the fangame Sonic Freedom Fighters! (though I'm 6 years late, but better late than never!) This character contains... Special moves. His own ending. Voice clips. 4 super moves. 6 special move ... 27th October 2018 127
ScourgeMHFusion : "Oh it's Scourge ag-- Wait, what the heckles do you mean by "MHFusion"??" This is Scourge by mugenhunter, and the remade version from Shiruzato, all in one! This character has the commands of the original Scourge but the voice clips and additions ... 27th October 2018 193
FangMHII (fixed) : Sauceman's version of Shiruzato's version of Mugenhunter's version of Fang from Sonic. Changes from the original MHII: Fixed that terrible jpeggy icon. Removed gain-meter on taunt (see next step on why) Made his counter actually instant kill rather th ... 13th November 2018 180
Fang2MH (Sauce Edit) : First non MHII edit. Since it got taken down last time, I thought I'd edit it even more. Don't get scared, now-- this doesn't have sauce attacks or stuff like that, is just my name. Anyways, this edit of Evil Fang gives him... Extra effects on intro ... 17th November 2018 145
AmyRoseMHII (Sauce Edit) : This edit of Amy Rose contains all of the additions by Shiruzato, plus... 1. Extra effects on her ultra move, Rose Rampage. 2. No more gain meter on taunt. 3. Rose Rampage instantly kills if landed. 4. Old sprites restored. If I missed them on some mo ... 17th November 2018 209
Bonus Strength (SFF2P) : Art of Fighting's "Strength Training" minigame, but with Sonic character and a message by mr. Scourge at the beginning. Taken from freedom fighters 2 plus by mugenhunter. 19th November 2018 97
Toriel (AI Downgrade + Small Edit) : Her AI difficulty went from "MvC2 eSports player" to "Person with brain damage trying to play and eat a bowl of spaghetti at the same time". Aside from that, the execution of Triple Determination is changed to down, down, down, x+y, and it's now an insta ... 20th November 2018 141
Sally Acorn MHII : Fixed pallette-7 and ending -- Updated 9th December 2018-12:28 -- A Shiruzato-styled edit of Sally Acorn by Mugenhunter. Aside from ingame changes, this version contains a movelist with credits and character introduction, aswell as an intro and cha ... 9th December 2018 405
MightyMHII : Another Shiruzato-styled edit of Mugenhunter's work, this time Mighty the cool man Armadillo! Thanks to Sebaskirbyfan, Dude23 and (barely) me, this character will come off as more welcome to hardcore Sonic fans' rosters, with an english voice and more ac ... 10th December 2018 369
Orayotto : An edit of Mugenhunter's Scourge, which "replaces" every voice line with "orayotto!" (or atleast 95% of them) Orayottttto. 10th December 2018 24
AshuraMHII (Sauce Edit) : A little edit of shiruzato's edit of mugenhunter's ashura, this one's a bit more extensive than my past sauce ones. 1. Removed all the "shadow" color things on attacks, replacing them with afterimages (speeeeed) 2. Taunt does not give you free power met ... 22nd December 2018 132
RougeMHII : A Shiruzato-styled edit of Mugenhunter's Rouge the Bat. This edit improves various aspects of the original, such as voice, pallettes, intro and endings, and commands. Also contains a readme with information and movelist in both english and portuguese. ... 3rd January 2019 486
Mirage Saloon : Mirage Saloon zone from Sonic Mania, ripped straight out of Sonic Fighters 2/Sonic Freedom Fighters 2 plus remix/Ultimate Sonic Fighter This one's an edit of the original stage which removes the unnecessary background characters Apologies if reupload 3rd January 2019 55
EspioSTFII (ChaotixMHII) : A Shiruzato-styled edit of Espio (Sonic the Fighters version), or Chaotix. This tough ninja sneaks into battle with new and updated pallettes, sound, and many more adjustments, for every Sonic fan's roster! Contains a readme with info and movelist in bo ... 4th January 2019 326
CharmyMHII : A Shiruzato-styled edit of Mugenhunter's Charmy Bee. Has better controls, rebalanced stats, an intro, new songs for ending, easier commands, and more. Major thanks to sebaskirbyfan. Report glitches errors etcetera in the comments. Sorry for the short ... 7th January 2019 252
BeanMHII : A Shiruzato styled edit of this explosive character, Bean the Dynamite. Packing edited commands, sprites, voice and a brand new Ultra move (down down down a+x, hold them). Big thanks to my friend Vicky for helping me with the latter. ...don't really ha ... 7th April 2019 289