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    Amigo, há um problema com as imagens dos stages que você postou. Depois que você terminar de fazer seus Uploads, pode consertar isso? ;)

    Link dos stages com problemas na Thumbnail.
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    É meu amigo. Agora todas as Thumbnails e Metadatas de suas postagens estão atualizados.
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    Sir, sorry to bother, but you got to upload a sprite for the characters. It's a rule for uploads
    If you do now know how to extract them take a look at this tutorial.

    I'll give you some time, but uploads that do now follow the rules are usually taken down.
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Member's Files

File Date Downloads
Cynthia Rothrock (Kimpur) : Cynthia Rothrock - Female Cinematic Fighter. Maybe is the edit of Kimbur fighter. 14th April 2016 336
CageXBaraka - Road Fighter : Author : maurizeurgo Stage : CageXBaraka - Road Fighter Sound : Get A fight 14th April 2016 19
Barueri City Monument : Author : maurizeurgo Name : Barueri City Monument Sound : The Last Of Our Kind - Rykka 14th April 2016 18
Brazilian Zulai Temple : Author : maurizeurgo Name : Brazilian Zulai Temple Sound : Trouble On Temple 14th April 2016 20
Croatia Coast Place : Author: maurizeurgo Name : Croatia Cost Place Sound : Dangerous Coast 14th April 2016 12
(IFG) Lady Moochy : Game : Indie Fight The Game Author : Chryplix Version : 1.1 14th April 2016 290
(IFG) Mister Bling : Game : Indie Fight The Game Author : Chryplix Version : 1.1 14th April 2016 99
(IFG) Moustache Chili : Game : Indie Fight The Game Author : Chryplix Version : 1.1 14th April 2016 128
(IFG) Trouble Flexx : Game : Indie Fight The Game Author : Chryplix Version : 1.1 14th April 2016 100
(IFG) Breaker Borg : Game : Indie Fight The Game Author : Chryplix Version : 1.1 14th April 2016 80
(IFG) Danger Bowlz : Game : Indie Fight The Game Author : Chryplix Version : 1.1 14th April 2016 116
White Mage (Shiroma) : Author : Puruzu Name : Shiroma Job : White Mage Weapon : Rod Staff Game : Final Fantasy Tactics -------------------------------------------- A beautiful young lady with White Mage powers! 15th April 2016 1,292
TES5 A Mother's Prayer : Author : maurizeurgo Name : A Mother's Prayer Song : March Of The Templars 15th April 2016 45
The World's Mirror : Stage : The World Mirror Song : Fight - Natalia Barbu - Moldova Origin : Wallpapers For You Link : http://www.wallpapers4u.org/world-image-line/ 17th April 2016 103
Cenotaph Puzzle Place : Author: Mauri Zeurgo Song : Mirror Haus - Lindsey Stirling Author Image : Matthias Haker 17th April 2016 32
Summon Ramuh : An Original Edit Of Valdoll Scion By Doggiedoo! If anyone can enter new powers to it will be very good. I still do not create my own chars. But I have good ideas to edit. 19th April 2016 280
Summon Leviathan : Name: Summon Leviathan Element: Water Author: Mauri Zeurgo Original By: EINZBERN Edit Char: Tsuya A cheap character, but is very interesting! 21st April 2016 339
Turk Reno : Name: Reno Group: Turks Author: Mauri Zeurgo Origin Edit: Illusion Nº17 By Ark A cheap version Of Reno. A simple version of Reno of the Turks from Final Fantasy 7. I think someone can improve this char. He is still very simple. 21st April 2016 323
Rinoa Heartilly : Name: Rinoa Heartilly Powers: Ice Materia Author: Mauri Zeurgo Origin Edit: Selen By Reifi A cheap version of Rinoa Heartilly from Final Fantasy 8. Need's a better version. 21st April 2016 757
Oan Sciencells Briefing : Name: Oan Sciencells Briefing Author: Mauri Zeurgo Creation: Original Theme: Audiomachine Warlords - Epic Battle Song 25th April 2016 49
Atrocitus : Name: Atrocitus Group: Red Lantern Corps Upload: by maurizeurgo 25th April 2016 2,104
Manhunter : Name: Manhunter Author: Elecbyte Upload: By Mauri Zeurgo 25th April 2016 833
Poison Ivy : Name: Poison Ivy Author: ALEXZIQ & ESN23 for Legends of the Dark Knight Team & Friends 25th April 2016 2,978
Star Sapphire (New Update) : Name: Star Sapphire What's New...! New update with new powers, new portrait resized, new helpers, new power "star-ball" and 1 new colour pallet. Enjoy 26th April 2016 712
Hwang Seong : Name: Hwang Seong Game: Soul Calibur Origin: Edit Of Enishi By TOKATHIKI 26th April 2016 488
(SC) Natsu - Alt Costume : Name: Kunoichi Natsu Costume: Alt. Costume 26th April 2016 309
Huntress : Name: Huntress Author: Mauri Zeurgo Origin: Edited From Skarlet Witch By ZVitor, Warecuz, Arkady, Acey 26th April 2016 503
Polaris (Lorna Dane) : Name: Polaris Author: Mauri Zeurgo Origin: Edited Of Crystal From Marvel Avengers OBS> Needs more updates. Feel free to help. Enjoy! 27th April 2016 454
Gamora Update (Marvel Guardian) : Name: Gamora Author: Mauri Zeurgo Origin: Edited Of Black Widow By Arkady, NIco & Hyper 5 More New Pallets Gamora: - Guardian Costume - Universe Costume - Flower Costume - Alien Costume - Undead Costume - Green Costume 28th April 2016 971
Queen Sindel (MK Cartoon) : Name: Queen Sindel Author: Mauri Zeurgo Origin: By Magnus Edit: Silver Banshee 28th April 2016 595
Mystique (Blue Skin) : Name: Mystique Allias: Raven Darkholme Serie: X-Men Author: Mathri Origin: An edit of Tekken Unknown by Chuchoryu OBS: An edit with original Unknown chuchoryu powers. With demonic powers and physical strength and the original blue skin costume! 29th April 2016 680
Color Dimension : Name: Color Dimension Author: Mauri Zeurgo Animation: Yes Image: HD Sound: Alabama Shakes - Don't Wanna Fight (Sound & Color Album) 2nd May 2016 47
Hellcat (Felina) : A edit of DC Catwoman by ScruffyDragon 3rd May 2016 486
Time Stop : Name : Time Stop Author : Mauri Zeurgo Song : LoveWave by Iveta Mukuchyan from Armenia 12th May 2016 106
Yuna FFX-2 : Amazing char by Ragnarok the Incredible! 26th May 2016 1,576
Tidus FFX-1 : Amazing char by Ragnarok the Incredible! 26th May 2016 1,178
Spider-Woman (old) : Amazing Marvel Female Hero! I love this char! By amazing Zox! Thank YoU!:nuts: Based in The Spider - Man Comic Series. MVC Gameplay 29th May 2016 980
Ada Wong : An edit of Anna Williams By Chuchoryu from game Tekken! A cheap version only, without guns, weapons or special moviments! But is a very good char! 30th May 2016 1,546
Lex Luthor (Alt.Costume) : An edit of Talon from game Bloodstorm. A simple edit of Lex Luthor. maybe needs more update! 5th June 2016 622
Yazoo (Final Fantasy) : Remy Street Fighter game turned in the Yazoo Final Fantasy series! Without matéria powers or guns of course, but is a good ideia for this chars! Enjoy! 5th June 2016 184
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