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    i was 13 or 12 years old when i was hugespongebob98
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    It's a joke. I'll set it back to normal soon.
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    Oh Hello There.
  5. :P
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    Please use this link below to search before posting any files that had already been posted before.
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File Date Downloads
Earthwormjim4 : another roblox character 21st January 2018 171
Deez Nutz : The MEME deez nutz is on mugen 21st January 2018 106
Pixel Worlds : 21st January 2018 44
Blue Guy : 21st January 2018 49
Dumb Steve : A Joke Edit of Ivan Luis's steve 21st January 2018 36
HeroBrine Less Cheap : 21st January 2018 453
Prisoner (hard time) : this character is from the PC verison of hard time 21st January 2018 96
Smallworlds (punching bag) : This is a punching bag use this if you dont like smallworlds 21st January 2018 22
Brick Hill : FireCatMagic Made a spriteswap of elmo And yes Brick Hill still counts as a bootleg since it copys Roblox 21st January 2018 301
Goanimate Character : Some SpriteSwap of a beanfan character 24th January 2018 236
Heather (total drama island) : ehh i dont think this is good 24th January 2018 389
Earthworm Jim 3D : Another N64 Character but this time from earthworm jim 3D its sprites of course are rerendered in 2D because its a 3D game it does have a power charge however 25th January 2018 49
Garcia (crappy) : lmao a spriteswap of nick with some sprites of him still there 27th January 2018 50
Cowanim8s : i really hate this mother fcker because he lies, scams his fans, and called me a fagget stay tuned for my mugen series once i get more characters, note his real life face is his portrict 3rd February 2018 38
EoH Axel : heres a remake of cvs axel stone but in EoH form https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XuhsWYy6io0 29th January 2018 330
Tekken 3 Jin : found this on my old laptop it is bad 8th March 2019 59
Kung Fu Grandpa : A Grandpa Using KFM's moves but hes a old man he uses maters sounds 4th February 2018 85
Dumb Penny : some stupid retarded penny i made lol 6th February 2018 39
12 Oz Mouse : he's beta i guess and yes he is from the show 12 oz mouse if you know what it is 7th February 2018 134
Captain Blasternaut : i remade Captain Blasternaut with kfm as a base (he may be unfinshed) 9th February 2018 27
earthworm kung fu man : a wacky thing i did in MUtaGEN 10th February 2018 79
ROBLOX : idk but the sprites suck and hes a spriteswap of sonicadams rigby which is a kfm spriteswap 11th February 2018 167
WACKO MAN (cheap kfm edit) : This character i manged to edit i made it cheap as crap and yes his cmd file is changed so when you press the down key it does a hyper but the hyper background stays there forever making it change the stage. it has 6 intros, 4 winposes, 1 lose pose which ... 16th February 2018 112
Jeffy SML : he sure hates green beans 17th February 2018 593
Feebee SML : dont download this broken verison get this one https://mugenarchive.com/forums/downloads.php?do=file&id=81194-feebee-sml-palette-fix-unnamed 19th February 2018 36
Feebee SML (palette fix) : wanna see my crayon since my palette got fixed 19th February 2018 86
Yoshi : This Yoshi Is From Smash Bros For The N64 PS: I know the sprites are ripped badly but i tried 10th March 2018 172
Sonic 06 Punching Bag : Uploaded Wrong File SO i Had to rename it 9th March 2018 42
Flame : My Own OC And Yes This Time I'm Using The Beanfan112 Template Instead Of The EoH Template Because EoH Has Bugs And Yes This Has KFM's Gameplay Contains 3 intros, and 3 winposes a Zangoose KF Palm Hyper If You Want To Edit This Character That's Fine Wi ... 9th March 2018 26
Beter : HEY BETER 25th February 2018 168
Child Wearing Cowboy Hat : Remember that crappy woody by EvilJumpMan666, I Remade It To A Punching Bag 9th March 2018 29
Buzz Lightyear : I made A SNES Verison Of Him since the other one was bad. he has 1 hyper but the other 3 are unfinshed 2nd March 2018 645
SonicBob HedgePants : From Scratch Note The OC is made by someone else but i did want it on mugen so i had to port this scratch character to M.U.G.E.N 3rd March 2018 65
TailsRick FoxStar : Another Scratch OC Note The OC is made by someone else but i did want it on mugen so i had to port this scratch character to M.U.G.E.N 3rd March 2018 59
PugsFTW : Well This One is a user from scratch 3rd March 2018 32
Trollsome : Heres trollsome a scratch user 3rd March 2018 37
Megara V1 Edit : Removed Light Punch Attack Due To Coding Error, Hyper Combo Is Also Removed Due To Yet Coding Errors Improved Idle Animation With Blinking Winpose 2 makes Megara close her eyes losepose will make her get upset and punch many times changed intros 1 Mak ... 7th March 2018 41
Zangoose : this verison has custom sprites, and uses the beanfan112 template as a base credit to the person who made these sprites on spriters resource 16th March 2018 67
Elmo Edit : an edit of warioman's elmo with beanfan112 hit sounds, a hyper portrait, and a hyper background idle animation is edited, with 2 new paletes 15th March 2018 176
Eddie Hitler : 16th March 2018 73
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