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    Happy birthday.
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    Ok. I'll upload them soon.
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    Wait so DO you want the palette sets for Suwako and Odie or is it now a no?
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    OH CRAP I FORGOT. I finished the Odie and Suwako sets but never really started the Thanos ones. You see I made one palette, but I overwrote it by accident. Would you be fine with just two sets?
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    Update: Turns out the regular Thanos by The_None DOES have colour separation, but there's a patch that gives him further colour separation. Still, just thought I'd update you on that.
    EDIT: Okay so turns out the patch only makes it so his other hand doesn't have the gauntlet. Neat.
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    Alrighty then. I mean I could have made better palettes for the colour separated version but whatever. Your request.
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    The regular version or the coloured separated version by davidmaximus? https://mugenarchive.com/forums/down...-original-froz
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    I was able to make some palettes for Suwako and Odie but Cammy is too limited. So any other characters you would like me to make palettes for?
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    Okay then. List three characters (with author names) and I'll make six palettes for each.
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    I'm currently on a hiatus from videos. Sorry dude. But I could crate some colours for you.
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    WecanshowtheworldwhatwecandoyouarenexttomeandI'mne xtyoupushmethroughthebattle'swonnoone'sgonnagiveat hingtousintoeachotherweputourtruststandingunitedaf terthefight
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    Fact: I'm actually using almost all of those memes in the Kirb character.

    -end message-
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Crustin(Mrsonicfan17 parody) : The first file I'm uploading here is a parody of Christian, a infamous MUGEN self-character. Read the readme file(READMYBUNS.txt) for the moveset. But be warned, this will make you laugh pretty hard, unless you don't like parodies. ... 14th January 2016 159
Retro Suika : Updated! 08/16/2016 V.1.5 -Added 6 new pals (Dracula, Earthworm Jim, Yukari Yakumo, Rasta, Garfield, and GRAND DAD!!!) -Updated the Balloon Fight intro. THAT DARN DOG!!!!! -Fixed the super jump state AI by adding a Sonic spring -Added Dodge Twirl a ... 15th January 2016 127
Odie : Odie, the yellow, drooling idiot dog from the Garfield comic strip. Has a good set of moves based on Fer619's Garfield, Garfield & Friends, and the SEGA Genesis title, Garfield: Caught in the Act. Honestly one of the better characters from the Garfield se ... 15th January 2016 781
Crustin edit (being updated) : Currently being updated as this version isn't that good. :uhuh: 19th January 2016 95
Konata's Stage : The stage you choose to download when you visit the page to download Konata. This contains a screenshot of the stage, a HUGE reference to the first episode of Lucky Star. And you should know the reason I chose Garfield and Haruhi to fight on this stage ... 18th July 2016 101
We Are Number One (Instrumental) : Back when the actual instrumental was released, I decided to do a mashup with it. It's not finished, but I also decided to upload the instrumental here, because the YouTube link is down. This is indeed the original version. Goes great with Pingurules' ... 11th January 2017 621
Vicky (old version) : Since all versions have been merged I present the first version of Vicky, because I somehow still have it on my flash drive and had forgot to delete it. UPLOADER NOTE: I would like for older versions of characters to be shared, so if anyone has the Feb ... 7th January 2019 334
MvC3 Female Announcer (E.O.F. 1.0) : Something I decided to do when I was bored. Also because I LOVE MvC3. Also please note that this requires you to have the Enemies of Fear 1.0 screenpack (or at least the lifebar) to work properly. This is also my first add-on, BTW. (There's also a Medi ... 12th March 2018 130
EQG Sunset (March 2018 update) : As I did with Panty, I'm uploading all of the author's updated creations from March (Vicky was updated more recently). Here's Sunset as she originally appeared in Equestria Girls (or Evil Sunset, as the author calls her). The gameplay is more like KoF 200 ... 11th April 2018 411
FG Sunset (March 2018 update) : The last of the author's updates I'm uploading (as of now Vicky's been updated). This one's Sunset as she appeared in the sequel to EQG, Friendship Games. Gameplay is akin to KoF 2002UM, like the original (They are quite similar). Since they are similar, ... 11th April 2018 842
Sayo-nara (Suicide Sayori) : The second Sayori we have for M.U.G.E.N, although this is more like P-Monika (AKA Second April Fools' Monika), but with end of Act 1 memories (for those who's played DDLC). Plays the track of the same name. Cheapie, surprisingly works with any version ... 13th April 2018 185
END (DDLC) : Boy is it nice to upload anything that's not updates! oh wait... too late as of now... Anyway, this cheapie (WinMUGEN ONLY) is a recreation of both Sayori (when either her or Monika are deleted) AND Yuri's suicide scenes (looking through the files, sep ... 13th April 2018 181
Garfield by Veanko (WinMUGEN patch) : A patch that was requested by me on Twitter. Basically makes the character compatible with WinMUGEN. (Note: You'll need to have the original character to use this. Won't open in 7-Zip the way I use it, use PeaZip for best results. I'll upload a .zip ar ... 17th April 2018 47
Courage (Beta 2) : An updated beta release of Courage, with help from jenngra505. jenngra505's fixes (copied from MFG): Rebalanced damage for all moves (Wlan seems to have decreased the damage of Computer-Droid between the version I sent him and the version available) ... 16th May 2018 564
Jon Arbuckle (original version) : The original version of Jon Arbuckle (before luketheemewtwo improved the sprites). I'd never think I'd see a link to this again, hence why I uploaded it here. Found through a collection on another MUGEN site (you know the one). 16th May 2018 331
Sadist Devil : A VERY cheap Koakuma that was released recently. (oh and if you want really cheap, check out DDLC Sticker) Preview on Twitter: https://twitter.com/p0008874/status/997077325375156224 17th May 2018 110
Sadist Devil (update) : An update that was released not too long after I uploaded the original. Changes: *New portrait. *Now var(4) is on now. 18th May 2018 189
Cyberia : A cheap Yukari. Found this during my daily Twitter run. Null cheapie. WinMUGEN only. 18th May 2018 178
Catsblanca (loopable) : Catsablanca (yes, that's a pun) from the SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive game Garfield: Caught in the Act, looped by PlasmoidThunder. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wncipKXUGJM Loop points: bgmloopstart = 288737 bgmloopend = 2696345 21st May 2018 11
Sayo-nara (original; loopable) : Sayo-nara from the visual novel Doki Doki Literature Club!, looped by PlasmoidThunder. Original version of the track. No "high-quality rip" bullshit. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=al1BNB8bKaE Loop points: bgmloopstart = 1382493 bgmloopend = 41 ... 21st May 2018 118
Krusty the Clown (really old) : A version of Krusty the Clown I'm surprised isn't here yet. An DOS-era-type outdated version. Found on a collection on a certain other MUGEN site. Includes defs for DOS M.U.G.E.N and WinMUGEN, though you need do do a bit of work to use the WinMUGEN ver ... 22nd May 2018 546
despacito : i'm sorry For those who are still Lurkers: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1tdnYxjthM7Lo7u-ClWL2L1k2OVtxd4Q5/view BGM: Luis Fonsi feat. Daddy Yankee - Despacito http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kJQP7kiw5Fk 24th May 2018 120
[18+] Panty Anarchy (08/2018) : 14th August 2018 1,973
Fate of Two Worlds (loopable) : "Behold... The Power Cosmic itself!" Galactus' theme from Marvel vs. Capcom 3, looped by PlasmoidThunder. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1DwSS5-SZ1o Loop points: bgmloopstart = 520255 bgmloopend = 3776364 16th August 2018 98
Rigby edit : Showing Regular Show some love even after it's over, I decided to do a minor edit to MOC's Rigby. Changelog: Original to V1.0 _____________________________ * Upgraded SFF to v2 * Removed hyper backgrounds * Default palettes are now based off his ... 5th September 2018 435
Marisa Hair : This isn't much. Just Marisa Kirisame's hair, basically ready to kick ass. Move to Joke Edits if necessary. 14th September 2018 25
SFxT Soundpack for REDHOT's Cammy : A little thing I made for REDHOT's MvC2 Cammy, which gives her the voice from Street Fighter x Tekken, or British Cammy, as I like to call it. Get the original character here: https://mugenarchive.com/forums/downloads.php?do=file&id=88456-cammy-redhot ... 21st September 2018 12
Ryu from Streets : Did you know, my favorite things are... A joke edit of GM's SF3 Ryu made to be based off the infamous video, "Ryu from Streets": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7JM7pPpfIPY Also contains sounds from this video (EARRAPE WARNING): https://www.youtube. ... 25th September 2018 138
Fan's Palettes - Yang Xiao Long : Palettes for Yang Xiao Long by OHMSBY: https://mugenarchive.com/forums/downloads.php?do=file&id=93663-yang-xiao-long-ohmsby I'll be taking requests soon, but not yet. 23rd October 2018 19
Fan's Palettes - Ruby Rose : Another set of palettes, this time for OHMSBY's Ruby Rose: https://mugenarchive.com/forums/downloads.php?do=file&id=94453-rurose-ohmsby Once again, I'm not doing requests right now. I'll open up a thread when I am. 30th October 2018 22
Gang-Plank Galleon (SSBU; loopable) : The awseome remix of a DKC track, looped by PlasmoidThunder https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QgNdBAlncDA Loop Points: bgmloopstart = 2037073 bgmloopend = 7495895 20th December 2018 136
Dreams of Love and Literature(loop) : The track from the poem mini-game in the visual novel Doki Doki Literature Club! looped by PlasmoidThunder. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rsBeCQA93-Q bgmloopstart = 711802 bgmloopend = 5262922 20th December 2018 15
Wreck-It Ralph (December 2018) : A huge update to Wreck-It Ralph, including new moves (as well as one based off Ralph Breaks The Internet), intros against Felix and Vanellope, and other major and/or minor changes. UPLOADER NOTE: There are several changes in this version so I suggest k ... 3rd January 2019 972
Krumping Marge Simpson : I'll krump with you, sweetie pie! An edit of Warner's Marge (looking at the sprite file, it's most likely an old version or the 18+ sprites are gone) that when the match starts, Marge KO's the opponent by krumping. ...And that's all there is to it. ... 2nd April 2019 107
Spider-Man (10/27/2019 Update) : Oh, boy, I've heard bad things about this one. Anyway, he recieved an update a few days ago. Here's the (minor) changelog: 1. added web shooting 2. added a readme about the AI. you can copy the code there and paste it below the state -3 varset 30th October 2019 105