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    ok well thank you for your time
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    i want to change the slender man by Israel Guevara Suazo sprite with this https://mugenarchive.com/forums/down...s-jus-xmaygrrr
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    hey i have a request can u help me pls
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    thanks for helping bro
  5. Nice, the chars that were extracted from NoH and don't work on normal mugen builds are the perfect test subjects. I must admit, this MvC2 template has revived my interest in mugen again, good luck.
  6. Thanks, you guessed it right. But in general I'm interesting in your project as a whole and what chars will you bring with this style. I'll try to make use of the MvC2 template too, JJkoolaid's video gave me enough motivation for learning coding fully, if I manage to learn it right I'll try to make MvC2 conversions of the next chars.

    - Haggar with Seanaltly's sprites
    - Leon by Nexus Games
    - Jack Krauser by Armin Iuf
    - Juri by Chuchoryu
    - Tessa

    Good luck with your project!
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Creator of the Legacy Age of Heroes MvC2 Arrange Character-Conversion Project! Also known as Legacy, Legacy Age, or Legacy Re:Birth!


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MVC Hakan : First ever upload and it's a mediocre one. This edit of Chu's second Hakan is my first attempt at MVC-arranging him, though so far, this beta-edit only enables him to super jump (and makes a few of his attacks faster, but not by much), as well as cance ... 14th July 2018 453
MVC Devilotte v2.0 : Huzzah! A new update already! Not sure if I should upload a new file or not but considering the differences in this version are pretty big, I think that warrants a whole new post. So, this version of Devilotte is so much more stable than the previous v ... 17th July 2018 512
MVC Phoenix/Jean Grey : While playing around with my private roster, I decided to quickly modify the classic Phoenix to make her more akin to an MVC character, since the original felt very sluggish and stiff. The end result I'm pretty proud of! It didn't take too much time to sp ... 20th July 2018 303
Captain America (Edit) : An edit to Acey's Cap, to make him faster and more MVC-like while still retaining aspects of the original character. Consider his slow gameplay un-bricked, as he is now very formidable and fun to use. ^^ Cap works on all versions of MUGEN. Hope you enj ... 24th July 2018 843
Gambit (Edit) : An edit to DCL’s Gambit that makes his gameplay faster and more MVC-like, upping his combo-ability. Hope you like it, I think he's a force to be reckoned with now. ^^ 24th July 2018 418
Iceman (Edit) : An edit to ZVitor's Iceman that improves his combo speed and makes him much more formidable. No longer is he beautiful spritework over sluggish gameplay, beat the tar out of anyone who stands in your way! :D 24th July 2018 647
Juggernaut (Edit) : A much needed edit to ZVitor's and Acey's Juggernaut that, while not increasing his movement speed, ups his attack speed greatly to allow him to produce DEVASTATING combos! Have fun with this powerhouse! >:D 24th July 2018 1,164
Psylocke (Edit) : A much needed edit to Sabaki's, X-Fields', and Eclipse's Psylocke that ups her attack speed to a more MVC-style arrange. She goes from awkwardly clunky to quick and dangerous. I definitely recommend this edit. :) 24th July 2018 780
Rogue (Edit) : An upgrade to Acey's Rogue that boosts her combo-ability and adds in more variety for aerial raves. Still a bit of an awkward player, but she retains all of her power-stealing abilities! 24th July 2018 501
Storm (Edit) : An edit to Alucard's and WhiteMagic2002's Storm that ups her gameplay/combo speed. Now she's not just pretty to look at but she's pretty to play as too! 24th July 2018 1,047
Spiderman (Edit) : An edit to ZVitor's and Acey's Spiderman that gives the friendly neighborhood web-slinger a serious speed-buff. Now he's a lot more MVC-style in terms of his combo-ability! 24th July 2018 723
Iron Man (Edit) : A much needed edit to ZVitor's Iron Man that un-bricks his gameplay and makes him a faster, more MVC-style character. His combos are now a lot deadlier and I recommend giving him a shot! 24th July 2018 1,510
Scarlet Witch (Edit) : A pretty good edit of the Scarlet Witch by ZVitor, Warecuz, Arkady, and Acey. This huge collaborative character got a much needed (and possibly long awaited) update to her gameplay to improve her attack speed and combo-ability. Of course, this edit is sti ... 24th July 2018 1,113
Guile : An edit that I'm SUPER proud of that takes DCL's Guile and improves on the MVC-arrange, by making his attacks and combos faster and stronger. I started testing him out and I couldn't stop playing him. Was originally made for my private collection, but I'm ... 25th July 2018 143
Carnage (Edit) : So uh... we have a pretty damn good Carnage. So here's an edit to make it maybe better! This is a Carnage edit with... more variety? Not much more. Yes, the gameplay is improved so he's more MVC style, so his combos are much better. But I've also in ... 25th July 2018 2,614
Poison (Edit) : An edit to Poison to clean up her gameplay and make her more MVC like, and holy SHITE, I think this is a really damn good edit. Hope you like her! 26th July 2018 475
Cable (Edit) : An edit to Acey's Cable that speeds up his gameplay to make it more MVC-like. I definitely think I can make him better but so far this makes his combos easier and quicker, and all the more fun. :) 28th July 2018 755
Phoenix Wright (Edit) : Unlike the recent "edit" that was made to Phoenix, this one actually changes/updates him! Kinda! It's a start but this one cleans up his gameplay so he isn't so stiff. His combos become much easier to do and as a result he becomes more fun to play a ... 29th July 2018 596
Nathan Spencer (Edit) : Another actual edit to a character. This time, Spencer's gameplay has been cleaned up, considering that, in my honest opinion, the original version was quite sluggish and felt more like an SNK character than an MVC character. So to hopefully rectify that, ... 29th July 2018 552
MVC Menat (SFV) : Ouch, I've been absent for a little while... Been very busy lately, but one of the quick edits I was able to make was one I've wanted to make for a very long time! Though not perfect, or the most polished, this is chu's Menat, arranged in an MVC format ... 30th August 2018 777
MVC Necalli (SFV) : Similar to my recent Menat edit, I've taken Chu's Necalli and converted him to MVC arrange. Again, another simple edit. Like Menat, I plan to update him later, to hopefully make the two more smooth to play as. Still, I hope you enjoy this edit! 30th August 2018 559
MVC Tiffany Lords (RS) : So... I noticed that this hasn't happened yet. So here ya go! Once again another simple edit. The choice of attacks for launchers is... a funky one, I'll admit. But again, she'll get updated as time goes on to make her much smoother. For now, enjoy a T ... 30th August 2018 128
MVC Cloud Strife (FF7) : Didn't exist yet, wanted to make it, so I made it. Infinite's CVS-style Cloud now has MVC style combos, aerial raves, super jump, launchers, etc. Enjoy! 7th September 2018 867
MVC Squall Leonhart (FF8) : This actually took a lot longer than I thought it would! Hooray for me messing up code a bunch before finally getting it right! Like my Cloud edit, I've wanted to do this for a while because it didn't exist yet, and I figured other people would like it ... 7th September 2018 644
MVC Tiffany Lords (RS)/Update : UPDATE (09/22/2018): A small update to my Tiffany Lords edit, that adds a proper launcher, and fixes both her damage output, and the glitch of her freezing/flying up when two punch buttons are pressed while super jumping. Overall I think this update makes ... 22nd September 2018 280
MVC Gouken (SF4) : Another quickie in my quest to arrange as many characters as humanly possible. XD Not much to say. Infinite's Gouken, properly arranged in MVC-style to the best of my abilities. :) Next on my list is Jean Grey-- both classic and modern versions! 28th September 2018 455
MVC Classic Jean Grey (Update) : An edit to my original Jean Grey edit that gives her proper finishers to her aerial raves, and fixes her crouching strong punch animation so it's not stupidly fast. :P 28th September 2018 261
MVC New Phoenix/Jean Grey : The long awaited edit to the new Phoenix/Jean Grey... and honestly? I'm not very proud of this one. ^_^; The animations on this one are pretty choppy... I did fix some of the hit boxes though, and the idle animation is now smoother. Consider this anoth ... 28th September 2018 634
Servbot MVC2 : REDHOT finally finished his Servbot! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LOvr7JXRaiI 30th September 2018 903
MVC Cody Travers : Oof... I've been away for a while. My apologies. ^_^; (Though let's be honest, nobody really missed m. :P) So uh... yeah, how are ya'll? During my absence I was kinda reluctant to try and code anything, cause I didn't have any ideas on what to code ... 15th November 2018 248
MVC Gill : Along with my Cody edit, I decided to make my own Gill edit! Again, not PERFECT, definitely could be BETTER. But, I think he's pretty fun. ^_^ Like my Cody, I took a CVS-arranged character, this time Froz's Gill, and applied my own little 'twist' to MV ... 15th November 2018 254
MvC2 Ryu (VS Style Debuts Edit) : I guess you could call this the first in a new... "experimental era", for lack of a better term. ^_^; So I'm tackling a lot of the VS Style Debuts characters, and revamping them with my own little tweaks. Along for the ride is a new combo-system more a ... 17th November 2018 168
MvC2 Batsu (VS Style Debuts Edit) : Part 1/5 of my VS Style edits; Batsu Ichimonji! ^_^ Six buttons, custom super jump, 12 palettes, 12 win quotes, and new combos! Enjoy! 17th November 2018 266
MvC2 Hinata (VS Style Debuts Edit) : Part 2/5 of my VS Style edits; Hinata Wakaba! ^_^ Six buttons, custom super jump, 12 palettes, 12 win quotes, and new combos! Enjoy! 17th November 2018 168
MvC2 Kyosuke (VS Style Debuts Edit) : Part 3/5 of my VS Style edits; Kyosuke Kagami! ^_^ Six buttons, custom super jump, 12 palettes, 12 win quotes, and new combos! Enjoy! 17th November 2018 182
MvC2 Yurika (VS Style Debuts Edit) : Part 4/5 of my VS Style edits; Yurika Kirishima! ^_^ Six buttons, custom super jump, 12 palettes, 12 win quotes, and new combos! Enjoy! 17th November 2018 168
MvC2 Ryu (REDHOT edit) : So I'm kinda trying something new here! Kinda. Not super new. I love REDHOT's edits and characters, but I wanted to try my hand at, well... golly gee, what could it be-- *editing* them! Predictable, I know. :P This edit includes: -My custom super j ... 11th December 2018 297
MvC2 Ken (REDHOT edit) : Ol' Kenny Masters... the original echo fighter, and the first Street Fighter character I didn't suck at playing as! Since my Ryu edit was pretty positively received, I decided to get right to work on Ken, and in my opinion, is MvC2 iteration is the bes ... 11th December 2018 300
MvC2 Captain America (REDHOT edit) : "Thumbs up, soldier!" Sentinel is taking a bit longer than expected (nothing gameplay related, just sound problems!), so in the meantime, threw together Cap! Steve Rogers tumbles into the fray with my special edit! This edit includes: -My custom su ... 13th December 2018 442
MvC2 Rogue (REDHOT edit) : "G'night, sugah!" Here's Rogue! She was fun to work on! One of my lesser-played X-Men across Mugen and the VS games, though I still find her unique! She's someone I have to practice with. Regardless, I hope this edit improves her! This edit includes ... 13th December 2018 423
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