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    Hi brother, can I ask you a question? Are you reconverting MK Chaotic's char for MKP Season 2.9?
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The Avenger : An old MKP character from MK Chaotic/Anthology now updated to Season 2.5 Enjoy! 28th December 2017 214
Dark MKP : An old MKP from Chaotic/Anthology updated for MKP S2.5 Enjoy! 28th December 2017 207
Dark MKP S2.9 Fix : Here is it, an old character from MKP games like Chaotic/Anthology now fixed to MKP S2.9 with Aggresor and Breakers Move list (if you like you can copy it to an Txt) ~~DARK FOR MKP S2.9~~ Original made by: WingsOfMind Updated by: Trash Bandicoot ... 29th December 2017 404
The Avenger S2.9 Fix : Here is another MK Chaotic/Anthology ported to 2.9 this time fixed to have Aggresor/Breaker ~~Move List for The Avenger S2.9~~ Skull Thrower: F,F,LP Black Energy Ball: B,F,HP Dash: F,F,RUN Fatality: F,F,F 29th December 2017 479
Bear Sub-Zero MKP S2.9 : Enjoy 2nd January 2018 86
Torch : I just updated it from Chaotic/Anthology to S2.9 L. Fire Blast: F,F,LP H. Fire Blast: F,F,HP Sword Attack: B,F,HP 3rd January 2018 139
Bear Sub-Zero Fix : Fixed the combos and portrait. 4th January 2018 140
Torch Fix : Fixed the combo system and portrait 4th January 2018 202
Flame MKP S2.9 : Another old MKP character that we all known and love D,F,LP = Fire Ball D,U= Teleport B,B,LK= Volcano Eruption LP+LK= Fire Sweep Fatality 1: F,F,F (very close) Fatality 2: B,B,B (close) 4th January 2018 397
Flare MKP 2.9 : Fireball: B,F,HP Double Fireball: B,B,F,HP Triple Fireball: B,B,F,F,HP Magic Throw: D,B,LP 4th January 2018 391
Snake : Snake from Mortal Kombat Chaotic updated to Season 2.9 (Yes i know IceColdAssasin updated it to Season 2 but not to 2.9) Movelist: Snake Spear: B,B,LP Directional Snake Spear: B,B,HP Sword Attack: F,F,HK Acid Spit: F,F,HP Finishing Moves: Sna ... 5th January 2018 316
Toxic : Toxic: Acid Shot: B,F,HP Double Acid Shot: F,F,B,B,HP Acid Bomb (Far): B,F,LK Acid Bomb (Close): F,B,LK Ground Acid Bomb: F,F,B,HK Rocket Kick: F,F,HK Acid Remains: D,B,LK Finishing Moves: "This is not time to lose your head!" F,F,F (Very clo ... 5th January 2018 304
The Lin Kuei : It's here! The Lin Kuei updated to Season 2.9 by me, Trash Bandicoot Move List: 12. The Lin Kuei Requested by: Alberto Blaze and a lot of people Ice Blast: D,F,LP Ice Puddle: D,B,LK Slide: LP+LK Slide Rotating Kick: F,F,HK Fire Ball: B,F,HP ... 15th January 2018 272
Quan Chi MKDA for S2.9 : Oh god why This was a mistake. 22nd January 2018 259
Cyber Blaze : For MKP S2.9, it's a cybort version of Blaze from Chaotic Move list included if you press enter 23rd January 2018 251
Aynos Crystal : Aynos is a genetically modified clone of Sonya with Sub-Zero's attacks, the deadly once called "Project Crystal" finds her way to defeat her sister Sonya and the emperor Shao Kahn. 27th January 2018 308
Don Ramon/Seu Madruga for MKP 2.9 : Move if in wrong section Y no les doy otro nomas porque mi abuelita es invencible con Theizen 28th January 2018 540
Homer Simpson for MKP 2.9 : Move if in wrong section 30th January 2018 155
Sub-Zero MKM for MKP S2.9 : Includes move list and everything for the season 2.9 of MKP Enjoy! 16th February 2018 230
Sub-Zero MKM Fix : Fixed an error with the Fatality Number 2: Spine Rip Move List included if you press Start (Enter or the button you have it set) 16th February 2018 312
Sub-Reptile : Move list included for MKP S2.9 19th February 2018 326
Aice Evil for Mortal Kombat Project : Move List included if you press enter 8th March 2018 190
Disaster for Mortal Kombat Project : Move list avaible if you press enter 7th March 2018 228
Fusion for Mortal Kombat Project : Move List included if you press enter 7th March 2018 281
Daegon (AKA Sagat Cage) : A Joke character it includes move list and BROKEN fatality has been fixed ( with a little delay) 10th March 2018 177
Onaga for Mortal Kombat Project 2.9 : 16th March 2018 750
Blue Dragon : Move List included, i changed some moves 23rd March 2018 386
Inferno for MKP S2.9 : This is the first character i've ever added reactions to work fully in 2.9 ever Move List included if you press enter 6th April 2018 300
Blaze Update : A update for the character i ported before (Cyber Blaze) now with just being Blaze, Pos Y fixed and added new reactions. 8th April 2018 173
Ksylatren for MKP S2.9 : It includes all reactions, 2 fatalities and 1 new move Enjoy! Showcase video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3IKBBiCJOzw&feature=youtu.be 18th April 2018 193
Jackie Chan for MKP : A character i just ported for my friend Fantasmator2011 (also known as Fantasmix) for his KrossRealms project, it haves move list and the Pos Y fixed, it doesn't include all reactions. Showcase Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mlgYBCpQcgc ... 12th May 2018 272
Jarek Update : Here i update Jarek with all the proper reactions needed :3 Enjoy! btw i just added 1 more move! 8th July 2018 353
Zenaku : So i was talking with Aice and i helped him finish his Zenaku https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=80s9_3h5j_k 30th July 2018 180