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    I noticed that in the threads you created in the Releases and News forum you don't have the direct link to download your files. Could you fix that, please?
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    Woah. How'd you get that low rank? What happened exactly to cause that?
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    Hi, remember me, in discord are you asking for my cell phone? Do I really need my cell phone to talk? sorry my english and sorry for bothering
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    Oh, that annoying bug.... Sure, feel free to update the file if you have to, we will restick it.
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    No problem, any time! i'm a sucker for hitsparks. unfortunately, i don't know how to make 'em.
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    Oh hey it's you haha
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Giorno Giovanna (Update) : d4xx0 Update: - Updated with a new damage dampen system. - Fixed some input bugs. - Added some missing kanjis effects. - Stand now can be canceled into Hypers. - Now can tag out during Stand mode. - Now can perform delayed hyper during Tag Mode. ... 7th January 2019 1,300
Supergirl (Update) : 0t0gl Update: - Now can perform delayed hyper during Tag Mode. - Added extra effects. - Added screenshake to air-throw. - Updated with hi-res hitsparks and hitsounds. - Fixed misplaced hitsparks during air-throw. - Fixed misplaced hyper dust. - ... 8th January 2019 558
Marisa Kirisame (JAP voice) : - Added Japanese voice (credit to Kohaku's Marisa). - Damage dampen now works correctly in Simul mode. - Added Alphes-style portrait. - UNO Tag Team Mode's available. - Remove taunts, pallete select and spell card systems (now you can use both last wo ... 7th April 2018 320
Alucard : Alucard has been updated. Click here to know what has been changed. Character demonstration: B2aPPQTko-c&feature=youtu.be Update: New Soul Release: https://i.imgur.com/PzBMOvg.gif Halloween DC Crossover Update: https://www.imageupload.co.uk/ ... 19th June 2018 945
Link : What are you looking at? This Link sucks, get a new and better Link here: EQQa4fX15kQ Tag system: Start - Partner assist z+c - Tag in/Tag out D,DF,F,z+c - Tag Team Hyper Unique skill: - Can combo from the hook throw. - Has super jump. - EX- ... 26th June 2018 1,084
Bane : Tag-team supported. EvE Tag Team Styled. When download, remember to use unotag one instead of bane.def. Tag system: Start - Partner assist z+c - Tag in/Tag out D,DF,F,z+c - Tag Team Hyper Unique skills: - Launcher's available. - Has super jum ... 8th July 2018 692
Undyne : Character Demonstration: hE9csoXpgFw Differences between the orginal and this one: - Added BGM for Hyper Attacks (Battle against True Hero and Spear of Justice). - Trait system's added: Determinated Mode. - Minor frame datas change. - Damage dampe ... 31st July 2018 951
Zero : Zero with a custom play style. One of the best Zero in term of gameplay-wise. Tag-team supported. Differences between the N64Mario's Zero and this one: - Added BGM for Hyper Attack (Esperanto). - Cyber Elves Force now has an indicator. - Wall Jump ... 4th August 2018 311
Dr. Strange : This is the only timeline we have a decent Dr. Strange. https://i.ibb.co/mJdKWS9/ezgif-5-4c042584e2f4.gif Character Demonstration: A huge update of this Dr. Strange with the following changes: - Improved control. - Reworked air-combo system. Ai ... 22nd August 2018 5,784
Batman : Differences between the Kenshiro's Batman and this one: - Reworked so his gameplay can be more similiar to Injustice 2 version. - Reworked Bat Swarm (old Bat Swarm is glitchy and usually only hit opponents a few hits then knocks them down, making the re ... 24th August 2018 7,595
Cyborg : Cyborg has been updated multiple times. Click here to see what have been change. Character Demonstration: khU6hfZBOaY Differences between the ZVitor's Cyborg and this one: - Reworked moveset so his gameplay can be more similiar to Injustice 2 vers ... 29th August 2018 869
Slenderman : Character Demonstration: tjjtITmovKs Differences between the original Slenderman and this one: - Reworked moveset. - Removed 2 glitchy and unnecessary hypers. - Added a new special: Sleep Paralysis - Major input changed. - Now can air-combo prope ... 2nd September 2018 898
Reimu Hakurei : Reimu has received some updates. Click here for more info. A fairly unusual edit of mine. So I was bored yesterday and found out that RicePigeon just released his IZ Reimu (which is a solid character). While I’m not really a fan of IZ, I really enjoy h ... 12th September 2018 173
Flash : Flash has been updated. Click here to know what has been changed. This Flash has been updated to be compatible with Supergirl. Click here for more info. Character Demonstration: V6qVbkKIXJ8 Differences between the Sic-1's Flash and this one: ... 7th September 2018 689
Jason Todd : Click here to get the compatible Batman. Character Demonstration: gBjJTbMhlCI Differences between the Sei's Jason Todd and this one: - Input layout's reworked. - Special interaction when Batman is a partner. - Adding trait moves: Going Ballistic ... 15th September 2018 347
The Incredible Hulk : Character Demonstration: tijrR5DSKMo The differences between REDHOT's Hulk and this Hulk: - Updated with UMvC3's voice lines. - Updated with some UMvC3's sound effects. - Updated with UMvC3's hyper portrait. - Now has proper air-combo (which is ac ... 21st September 2018 742
Giorno Giovanna (Part 5) : GioGio has been updated. What have been changed can be found here. Ep 2 spoiler: A 15 year old Japanese kid tells an 20 year old Italian dude that he is becoming the most fabulous gangster in town. Character Demonstration: 2wkQf0u8OkU The diffe ... 19th October 2018 1,548
Supergirl : Click here to get the compatible Flash as partner for Supergirl. Arrowverse is just a soap opera, only with superheroes. Whatever, I still like Legends of Tomorrow best anyway. Hopefully Supergirl season 4 will be good. Character Demonstration: co ... 27th September 2018 517
Supergirl (1.0) : Character Demonstration: cocyHu47c5A Basically this same Supergirl here: https://mugenarchive.com/forums/downloads.php?do=file&id=96403-supergirl-mr-giang-toni Due to popular demands, I decided to downgrade my newly released Supergirl from 1.1 to 1.0 ... 28th September 2018 629
Crashman : #Crashmanformegaman11DLC Character Demonstration: 868UE6FznOI The differences between laspacho's Crashman and this Crashman: - Updated with high-res effects (hitsparks, explosions, guard-push effects,...). - Added new portrait, new anims and new ... 3rd October 2018 170
Venom (Infinity) : How the heck did they manage to make a Venom movie without Spiderman? It's like making a Joker movie without Batman in it! Character Demonstration: eb7v1klIpDg The differences between DarkLuigi's Venom and this one: - Added a new hyper: Venom Deat ... 12th October 2018 1,397
Venom (Infinity) (1.0) : Due to high demands, I decided to release the 1.0 version of this edited Venom. Character Demonstration: eb7v1klIpDg Special thanks to: DarkLuigi for the best Venom on MUGEN. MGMURROW for the counter effects + codes. REDHOT for his MvC2 Venom as ... 21st October 2018 1,054
Scarecrow (Halloween Edition) : This Halloween, Gotham's Master of Fear is now reborn. Character Demonstration: cvxA0xH60O8 https://image.ibb.co/cEPY5q/ezgif-5-0f0b47408f1e.gif Changelogs: - Added 5 new hypers. - Added an Injustice 2-inspired intro. - Added new moves: Panic ... 26th October 2018 544
Halloween Venom Voice (with Sample) : This is a Venom movie-inspired voice pack for my edited Venom. I personally think it's quite cool and fit well with this Halloween. Thanks a lot for this one, DukeNukem 2417! Here are the samples for who are interested: Sample 1 [url=https://s1.vocar ... 27th October 2018 53
Slenderman (Halloween Edition) : Old version is still available for those who prefer old hitsparks. Special Halloween Update: https://www.imageupload.co.uk/images/2018/10/29/ezgif-5-60d1c635525a.gif Special Halloween DC Comics Crossover: https://www.imageupload.co.uk/images/2018/ ... 29th October 2018 737
Batman (Injustice 2) : For those who prefer Alucard's Batman's Voice. Click here to get the compatible Red Hood. Well, originally, I want to publish this as a voice pack only but after seeing Batman has so many good voice lines, I can't help but coding those voices into his ... 4th November 2018 317
Venom (Infinity) (New Version) : Older version which is MUGEN 1.0 friendly can be found here. An update for my Venom. If you prefer the old tag team hyper or dislike the new effect (as it may not run well on potatoes), the old version can be found here. NEW TAG HYPER: https://imag ... 16th November 2018 1,794
Cyborg (Injustice 2) : Cyborg has been updated multiple times. Click here to see what have been change. For those who prefer good old Teen Titans voice. Same case with my Injustice 2 Batman, Cyborg has been coded new voice lines from Injustice 2 for every specials. Chang ... 6th November 2018 525
Deltarune Toriel (Remastered) : Re-upload. Fixed the download link in my video. The only Toriel you need to put all other Toriels in shame. This is it guys. Toriel has been one of my most requested characters to edit (aside from Martian Manhunter). I have picked her up to work a ... 9th November 2018 276
Koichi Hirose Act 3 (Updated) : Small update: More SFX because of JoJo's stylish stuffs. https://www.imageupload.co.uk/images/2018/11/05/ezgif-5-f1bbc66634ee.gif https://www.imageupload.co.uk/images/2018/11/05/ezgif-5-fa86f35a6146.gif Character Demonstration + Download Link: M ... 10th November 2018 885
Deltarune Undyne (Remastered) : For those who prefer Undyne's older system. mGXvM6Pag4U In the end, you might notice that Undyne got a neat update. And that update is now available here. https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/489128703331401739/510427297761853440/ezgif-5-8166 ... 11th November 2018 270
The Undefeatable Airman : Plot Twist: He is defeatable. Use Leaf Shield to beat him. Character Demonstration: 4TaXzsRNq1c Changelogs: - Removed weapon system. Air Man =/= Rockman. - Added a new intro. - Added new voice pack. - Air Shooter now behaves similar how it work ... 18th November 2018 71
Rockman 2 Crashman (1.0) : Due to popular demand, I decided to release 1.0 version of the best Robot Master. Character Demonstration: 868UE6FznOI Movelist can be found here. Interested in my low-effort, shitty edits? Check out more here! ... 19th November 2018 100
The Undefeatable Airman (1.0) : Due to popular demands, I decided to release a downgraded version of this Airman. Now he can be used in MUGEN 1.0. Character Demonstration: 4TaXzsRNq1c Special thanks to: MIT (Laspacho, DarkCipherLucius, Magma Dragoon, O Illu,..) for the based cha ... 22nd November 2018 116
Colossus (Feat. Deadpool) : “Commie motherf*****r!” - Juggernaunt Character Demonstration: IrRF0Dt7W50 Update: - Now use a new damage dampen system that works better in Simul and Single mode. - Colossus is now fully invincible during a succeeded X-Throw. - A miracle you wi ... 24th November 2018 282
Colossus (Feat. Deadpool for Hire) : Pretty much the same Colossus here but now Deadpool Hyper is always available for him whenever AIs is activate so have fun trying to beat this giant steel wall. Character Demonstration: IrRF0Dt7W50 Special thanks to: DL for the based character (yo ... 25th November 2018 171
Scarecrow (Updated) : For those who prefer older version. This one is kinda a huge overhaul so I'm going to have him as a different char instead of older Scarecrow. https://i.ibb.co/S5tFY9m/ezgif-3-3190475faa21.gif Update: - Fixed some problems with AIs. - Panic Por ... 3rd December 2018 263
Link (Ultimate) : I like Smash Ultimate’s Zelda. She looks so adorable. Character Demonstration: EQQa4fX15kQ Changelogs: - Added 1 new hyper based on his Ultimate’s Final Smash: Hyrule’s Champion. - Added sword flashes to normal attacks that is similar to Breath o ... 4th December 2018 775
Link (Ultimate) (1.0) : Due to popular demands, I decided to release 1.0 version of this Link. Character Demonstration: EQQa4fX15kQ Special thanks to: EMW & MIRCOmor for the based character. MYTHOS for based codes of some moves. Interested in my low-effort, shitty ed ... 7th December 2018 1,089
Red Hood (Update) : https://i.ibb.co/yF2vZY3/ezgif-5-48abfa27a09d.gif And no, you can't combo Deadpool to death like that. I cheat with F2. Character Demonstration: gBjJTbMhlCI Update: - Downgrade from MUGEN 1.1 to 1.0. - Updated new guardsparks. - Now use a modif ... 12th December 2018 417
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