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Clone Kyo and Kyo Kusanagi '02 UM
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Orochi Lair KOF 97
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Kof chars hi res 7th May 2017 17:38
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Zorf : Enjoy :) 4th February 2020 153
Orochi Kyo-1 : An edited of my Kyo-1 in orochi mode, contains new movements, new attacks were balanced and the AI improved. 14th May 2017 310
Clone Kyo 3 : This character is edited by my joining the two clones of Kyo, also I added its AI as the character you rarely attacked, inexplicably I went a little cheap. PD: Sorry if my English is bad, I'm not really used to this language. :wink1: Link Youtube : h ... 12th June 2016 126
Another Orochi Kyo : A cheap clone Kyo has the movements of the two clones, even some of his desperate movements, has some original moves, such as an attack KOF96 Kyo. The character this in version beta, but it is was playable. Link Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v= ... 19th June 2016 65
Ahuron chars ai patch : Yasiro Nanakase and Chris by ahuron. AI patch by $AnotherOrochi$ Note: AI patch Chris Beta version 55%. Yashiro AI patch Beta version 85% 11th July 2016 100
Another Orochi Kyo (updated) : -added new hyper move. -fixed sounds. -new sprites. -fixed AI. -now more combos can be connected simultaneously. -new palletes. 12/08/2016. :grin: 13th August 2016 136
Quico (edit) : Street Chaves char edited by _SayMeK.D.0_ -added new AI -now more combos can be connected simultaneously -fixed bugs 14th August 2016 279
Don Ramón (edit) : Street Chaves char edited by _SayMeK.D.0_ -added new AI -now more combos can be connected simultaneously -fixed bugs 14th August 2016 253
Kyo-1 : Features: -New Palettes -New AI Patch Brutal -Balance in attacks -Minor Fixes 30th January 2017 211
Kyo Kusanagi : It has the movements of KOF 98, it was added several special movements and desperate movements, has a very difficult AI, when choosing the palette 11, activate its cancel mode; When choosing the palette 12, activate its gold mode, (Note that this mode mak ... 24th December 2016 173
Unholy Killer Orochi Kusanagi : For your collection, the character is very cheap, has an excellent AI. https://youtu.be/vkVwWFWYO58 29th December 2016 295
China-Night FFS : China Stage edit from "Fatal Fury Special" *Music not included* 15th January 2017 41
Kyo-2 : The char includes: -New Palettes -New AI Patch Brutal -Balance in attacks -Minor Fixes 29th January 2017 148
Karuga : Another edit of Rock Howard, has fire attacks and has a Brutal AI. 18th February 2017 188
Kyo Classic WF : Another edit Kyo with white flames, contains incredible moves, has an excellent AI. (Palette 12 makes it Too Cheap and very dangerous, can defeat Rare Akuma, Kulou and Gold Kyo) :dirol: 11th March 2017 536
Another Orochi Kusanagi : FINAL UPDATE: 03/30/2017 Another edition of kyo but in orochi mode, can make long combos or make them infinite, excellent AI. 30th March 2017 277
Sacredness Fairy : The King Of Fighters 2003 OST - Chizuru & Maki Theme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iv3J5jWz0Iw 30th March 2017 37
Esaka 03 (Arranged) : The King Of Fighters 2003 AST - Kusanagi Theme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7vDx59A7wxo 30th March 2017 119
Kyo Classic Dark : Another edited by kyo with the black flames, has a perfect AI, for your collection 9th April 2017 190
Kyo Classic Saint Blue : Another edit kyo with the blue flames, has a perfect AI, for your collection 13th April 2017 151
Kyo Classic Red : Another edit kyo with red flames, has a perfect AI, for your collection. 15th April 2017 201
Kyo Classic Green : Another edit kyo with green flames, has a perfect AI, for your collection. 20th April 2017 309
Kyo-1 Style XI : A edited Kyo with the movements of Kyo-1 and new, added new palettes and an excellent AI, for his collection. :grin::grin: 6th May 2017 139
AI Patch Mewtwo by 100 Mega Shock : AI Patch for mewtwo by 100 Mega Shock. I have tried it and it has a very balanced AI, recommended 100%. NOTE: This is Beta version, but works correctly. 9th May 2017 159
Another Kusanagi : Another edition of another kusanagi made by me, contains mixed movements with the other kyo-1 and 2, patched with the best AI 14th June 2017 213
Another Kyo-10 : Contains excellent attacks, most are full screen attacks, excellent AI, 12p It turns very OP https://youtu.be/X_cb_3U9cio 25th June 2017 207
Original Kyo Kusanagi : Incredible kyo edit, contains fullscreen attacks and other unique, has as striker Rozwel, A-Kyo 10, A-Iori, Nao, Kyo-11 CT and Adelheid. If you select it in your palette 12 you are warned, it will have unlimited power and it will be almost impossible to t ... 24th August 2017 300
Kyo-3 LV2 : An edit of kyo that now has three new hypers and an updated AI, when selecting different palette changes the color of the fire and its effects 5th October 2017 161
Mewtwo AI-Patch Final : Autor Char by The 100 Mega Shock. This is the latest version of the AI patch made by AnotherOrochi, Enjoy it. :dirol: 18th October 2017 209
Death Club 1.1 : It is a good stage, although it is not of high quality, it has already zoomed the stage, it includes music, enjoy it. 16th November 2017 26
Quico (edited) : -Remade AI -balanced attacks -New palettes -The hypers now have UM background effect 28th January 2018 280
Charizard AI Patch : Autor char by Gladiacloud 'n Solarflared Only for this char: https://mugenarchive.com/forums/downloads.php?do=file&id=80145-charizard-06-02-2018-gladiacloud-n-solarflared 12th February 2018 468
Mewtwo Y AI-Patch : Autor char by Gladiacloud and Solarflared AI Patch only for this char: https://mugenarchive.com/forums/downloads.php?do=file&id=80142-mega-mewtwo-y-gladiacloud-and-solarflared 17th February 2018 190
Another Kyo-1 (13/04/18) : -AI completely modified -Now you have an additional .DEF file that is the non-cheap version -Balanced attacks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YvZRVuoP48s&t 14th April 2018 185
Another Kyo-2 (13/04/18) : -AI completely modified -Now you have an additional .DEF file that is the non-cheap version -Balanced attacks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YxKC8OOWlQY&t 14th April 2018 235
Roy : Roy released, enjoy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2WbcbOBgMew 27th January 2019 509
Roy voice pack : Roy voice pack from Super Smash Bros Ultimate. English & Japanese version. 29th December 2018 25
Iori Clone 1 : A iori edit, it has a moveset of pure missiles, and a Brutal AI 3rd January 2019 185
Chrom voice pack : Chrom voice pack from Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Only English version. 26th April 2019 40
Marth voice pack : Marth voice pack from: -Super Smash Bros Brawl (Japan. ver.) -Super Smash Bros Ultimate (English ver.) 26th April 2019 38
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