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Two Character Problem 22nd January 2018 04:09
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Black Selena : A machine from the anime movie nadesico prince of darkness and the super robot wars game series. 26th June 2015 162
SS4 Gohan : Extracted from the Dragon Ball AF Mugen Game 26th June 2015 624
Turn A Gundam : Turn A Gundam is from most gundam fans stand point is the strongest gundam history due to it's planet destroying moonlight butterfly, it is piloted by loran cehack. This character is was also extracted super robot wars. 26th June 2015 179
SS4 Trunks : In order to transform into SS4 you need to input and button command during the fight, i'm not familiar with it but i was able to get it on the first try so it's not hard. 26th June 2015 1,083
Coolza : A Fusion Between Frieza and Cooler 26th June 2015 1,068
The Flying Fortress of Dr. Wily : a custom made wily fortress stage https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JfbRrVfM5j8 26th June 2015 72
Miku City : A kick ass Miku Hatsune to the developers that made this you guys Rock!!!!!! 26th June 2015 257
A Midsummers Bliss : Fitting for this time of the season ain't it XD 26th June 2015 140
Mighty EX : 28th July 2015 76
R-1 : 28th July 2015 172
Fake Okami : 28th July 2015 457
Gundam F91 : 28th July 2015 307
Victory 2 Gundam Assult Buster : 28th July 2015 215
Strike Gundam : 28th July 2015 203
Gustab Munchausen : 2nd April 2016 552
Sazabi : one of char's most powerful mobile suits, i one of my favorite mechs of all time. 2nd April 2016 211
Hyukkebain : one of the mecha designer for gundam worked with the super robot wars development and made this mech. 2nd April 2016 82
Scopedog-RSC : 2nd April 2016 91
Hero SSJ : a super sayian version of the dragon ball heroes main character. 2nd April 2016 191
Holy Ken : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DFLeSrYx09I 2nd April 2016 432
DaiRaiOh : 2nd April 2016 92
Dis Astranagant : 2nd April 2016 79
SD ZZ Gundam : 2nd April 2016 125
Vega Base : 2nd April 2016 34
Blue Layzner MK II : The upgraded Blue Layzer that never made it into the anime but lived on in mecha game crossovers. 28th May 2016 48
Shadow Agent : Charlie/Nash was captured by Bison and turned into a deadly warrior under his control 2nd August 2016 92
Maverick Hunter X : 2nd August 2016 291
Unzen Kongoarahan : 金剛阿羅漢雲仙 / K.Unzen Power bar included 26th February 2017 399
SS4 Gohan (Fixed) : The fixed version of SS4 Gohan 31st December 2017 130