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Video Game Consoles, SF, MK, KOF, Commander Keen, Grim Fandango, Classic Games and Obscure games
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good chars
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good stages
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Jack Preto (Brazilian Jack Black) : not an good char tbh based of this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bBuQ8svBAbc 12th December 2017 102
Washatumorra : a character that was bundled in a mugen fullgame called Draft 3 7th December 2017 16
Pivot Stickman : so basically this character's link died so i reuploaded the char here. 13th December 2017 159
Omega Stick Man : spriteswap of the_none's otw with some moc1105 sprites inside. 15th December 2017 59
Pizza Hut : A stage from a restaurant named "Pizza Hut" It's gonna go great with Spider-man 2's Pizza theme. And also credits to TheMasterGamerify 21st December 2017 172
Chaves : character from el chavo comes from the game street chaves/street chavo 26th December 2017 281
TFGAF FightFX & Common.SND : fightfx and common.snd coming from a mugen fullgame thats not good tbh effects are ok tho 30th December 2017 190
Garfielf (edit) : this is just veanko's garfield with ohd's soundpack and a port and icon. Credits: Original Garfield char by Veanko Soundpack by OverHillDreams update: here's a minor update to this edit: https :// www .dropbox .com /s/q4ynr290s9vlu63/Garfielf.rar ... 5th January 2018 206
Super Why : just a bad kfm spriteswap you know the deal. 14th January 2018 82
Stickman : basically a stickman char that was lost but now recovered. it has been edited by zsylam a little 14th January 2018 459
Princess Jasmine : I decided to reupload her since Beanfan112's Princess Jasmine Link is dead. I found her in a Ikemen game named George vs Vinnie. 28th January 2018 416
Megara Updated : Yes another upload. I reuploaded another Beanfan112 character because you know... Link is dead. And yes i found her in the same ikemen game as Princess Jasmine. 28th January 2018 135
Scooby Doo (Separated Version) : A separated version of scooby doo i found in the same ikemen game as Megara and Princess Jasmine. I decided to upload it here. 28th January 2018 441
Edd/Double D : Beanfan112's edit of Omegabros' Edd wasnt there so again... I decided to upload it here. And yes. You know it right? Found this one in the same ikemen game as the other 3 beanfan112 chars i uploaded here. 28th January 2018 220
Houjo : mii fighter 2 champion edition jokes aside, this is a mii character that has moves from dan hibiki. 12th February 2018 72
Death (Kasumi Vortek) : an really cool character. has "Kasumi Vortek" gameplay style comes from Pray For Death, a dos fighting game 16th February 2018 541
White Ninja (Kasumi Vortek) : another character with kasumi vortek gameplay comes from Expect No Mercy 16th February 2018 110
Dominatrix (Kasumi Vortek) : another Expect No Mercy char with Kasumi Vortek gameplay 16th February 2018 148
Riki (for M.U.G.E.N 1.0) : this was uploaded already but it doesn't work on 1.0 here's what happens when i try to open it on 1.0: Error message: Invalid trigger: camerapos Error parsing [State 5100, 8] Error in [Statedef 5100] Error in chars/ff3_0/common1.cns Error loading ... 26th February 2018 53
Alex Kidd Shinobi (M.U.G.E.N 1.0) : an nice alex kidd char. same thing with riki, i had to upload the 1.0 version to ma cuz it also gave the same error. 26th February 2018 93
Killa Jax (Jax) : It's a Maplestory char with a MVC2 Gameplay. This char wasnt uploaded here so i decided to upload him here. 15th April 2018 58
Ralph The Wolf : It's a edit of a werewolf char. Its big (in game) and his sounds has changed. (It's the same sound.) He is from a game called Rampage. (Also i didnt know where to put him too so i putted him in edits.) 16th May 2018 152
Puss In Boots : The link to the original char was dead but somehow, I found this in a Mediafire folder So... I decided to upload it here in case anyone wants it. 24th May 2018 219
Symbiote Crustin : crappy recolor 1st July 2018 11
Josh Pades : a yuranto recolor. there was 2 more but their link are broken. 16th July 2018 23
Luigi SMB1 : A character that i found on my backup folder again. It's Luigi. 16th July 2018 355
Nmorge Badswamp (Old) : Another thing i found at my backup folder. But i guess it can be found on Josh Geary's Mediafire. It's an old version of Nmorge Badswamp 16th July 2018 27
MvC Kyo : actually very nice mvc kyo made by the same creators of clarence :very_good: 3rd August 2018 203
Black Belt Boss : A stage from a master system game called Black Belt And i'm not sure if someone uploaded this. 6th August 2018 18
ESWAT Cyber Police Level 1 : Another upload! And it's a stage from ESWAT! Made by the creators of MvC Kyo, Clarence, Riki, Alex Kidd Shinobi and other creations! 6th August 2018 17
Timote95's School Hall Remake : So. I found this stage at Spat856's website (using Wayback machine) It seems like a remake of another mugen stage i guess? 21st August 2018 38
Randomselect : Some character i found in a mediafire folder. I don't know if this was uploaded here. 4th December 2018 47
TheIranSonic PunchingBag : do i really need to say something about it? 4th December 2018 15
The Internet : :/ something i found on a expired site. 8th December 2018 45
Angrynoahs Josh v2 : metadata is broken for this one but imagine that angrynoahs character but instead of being angrynoahs, its josh geary. 24th December 2018 9
Trooper Cop : bad fido spriteswap. not the best collection purposes only comes from the unreleased FPS Fate by DogBone Software 4th January 2019 55
He-Fonba : Origin: Violent Vengeance The Universe Hero by Accend. nekuodah 4th January 2019 125