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IMT (blue)
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Pacman,AVGN,and Michael_Jackson
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Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria
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Rabbid : Due to it not being anywhere i Decided to Upload it. It a good roster character if you like Rayman Characters. It doesn't have that much good AI. But im pretty new so i dont know a thing :smile: so you can just do anything with it. 6th June 2016 155
Ratchet : It Ratchet from Ratchet And Clank 11th June 2016 133
Phineas And Ferb : It may look like a good character BUT IT NOT :facepalm2: you see it may say it made by doug1105 but i know it not. i dont remember where i got this but it is a good character for novelity 12th June 2016 243
Chuck Norris : This is an edited version of Gaeliks Chuck Norris 13th June 2016 355
Ghostbusters Peter Venkman Sprites : hello it time for someone to make a ghostbusters character. Pls Make it 24th July 2016 15
ghostbusters portraits for venkman : portraits 24th July 2016 6
Homestar Runner : The Infamous Homestar runner that friends with strong bad 4th August 2016 102
GLaDOS : a character from I wanna be the guy: The Mugen Based Fan Game 4th August 2016 14
Alphys : ALPHYS 6th August 2016 123
Uncle Jobel (Vinesauce - Joel) : While this character is joel from vinesauce, it just a sprite edit of megaman. 3rd September 2016 104
Shia Labeouf : JUST DO IT! only works in WINMUGEN:sad: 3rd September 2016 28
Joel (Vinesauce - Duane Edit) : JOEL FOR SMASH 3rd September 2016 120
Sanesss : Another sanesss. just an edit of omega tom hanks but with underpants sanesss and images. 12th September 2016 530
Marco Diaz : made by the same person who made that crappy star butterfly. Randy Big Head.:facepalm2: it time to stop. 20th September 2016 149
Gir : the second gir. where can i get death by sp00n's? 20th September 2016 114
Bonnie the Bunny : sorry wrong had to edit it boni and it aint good 22nd September 2016 143
Harambe : HARAMBE HARAMBE WE'LL FIND YA HARAMBE 23rd September 2016 444
Marty McFly : this is the first actual bttf char of a character. uses sprites from super bttf:smile: 28th September 2016 128
Principal Skinner : It Principal Skinner in mugen. pretty cheap. 23rd October 2016 173
Chuck Norris su Go Kart : It a parody of mario kart and chuck norris. :uhuh: 24th October 2016 89
Jailbot : Updated 11/16/20116 - MM/DD/YYYY 29th October 2016 199
Steven Universe : While unknown kong still works on his latest steven Build, he gave this old build out and it's deemed Incomplete due to he didn;t like the sprites 23rd November 2016 377
Shovel Knight (Beta) : IT OUT:grin: 1st December 2016 65
7 Grand Trump : this stage was edited by me but made by a pal of mine. 29th December 2016 54