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Master Shake, Missingno., Kenshin Himura, Solid Snake, Sonic 2 Sonic, All Sonic 3 styled Sonic Characters
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All Sonic stages, especially those from Sonic 3 and Knuckles, most stages from classic games, stages based on anime or East Asian places.


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Are there any tutorials/walkthroughs for adding simple rain or snow FX to a stage? 11th December 2017 12:16
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Comix Zone - Episode 2: Himalayas : This stage is from Comix Zone and is set in what looks to be either a Himalayan temple, monastery, or shrine. When playing the stage you start out all of the way in the noticeably darker right corner. I am not sure if this is the stage's gimmick or if it ... Yesterday 6
Bridge over the sound : This stage is based on a photo of a bridge leading into Carolina Beach, North Carolina that passes over the Cape Fear river. The music I have included is Smooth Ride (Remix of Outride a Crisis from Super Hang-On) by Malcos. I made this stage back in 2010. ... 28th November 2017 7
NYC : A rooftop stage that is set at night and is animated with a rain effect. The stage features signs featuring east Asian characters, so if I had to make an educated guess it would be either set in China Town in New York City or is from a game that originate ... 28th November 2017 6
Rooftop Over Hiryu : This stage is from the game Mahoromatic: Battlematic Maiden and includes music from the game as well, added by the author. It is a great rooftop stage with an anime-esque feel to it. 28th November 2017 8
The Ferris Wheel : A stage that is set in either an amusement park or a carnival with a ferris wheel in the background. It is from the real world but I do not know where. It includes music that I believe, but am not certain, was included by Girlfriends Lil Bro. I came acros ... 27th November 2017 6
Super Mario Bros 3 Throne Room : This is the throne room that appears after you encounter both directly before you encounter and after you defeat airship stage at the end of every world in Super Mario Bros 3. The music was added by me and is remix of the battle theme entitled Battle Rock ... 27th November 2017 18
Tsoying Temple : Tsoying Temple is a stage I created based on the largest Confucian temple in Taiwan. It has a great martial arts feel to it. The music included is a traditional Chinese melody entitled Sea Smiles, not made by me. 28th November 2017 5
Radical Highway : This stage is from Sonic Adventure 2 and is Shadow the Hedgehog's first stage in the game. It includes music from the game that was added by the author of the stage. 28th November 2017 29
Ecw Arena : This Extreme Championship Wrestling arena themed stage, I think, is an original creation of the author Sic, whom is/was known for his wrestling inspired MUGEN creations. 28th November 2017 9
Golden Axe the Duel 1 : This stage is from Golden Axe for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive, specifically the game's duel mode stage. 28th November 2017 6
Crown Game Center : Rei Udagawa Stage from Matsumura Kunihiro Den, an SNES fighting game. Thanks to @Leon22 for correctly identifying this stage. 28th November 2017 3
Carolina Beach/Wilmington sound : This stage based on a real life location of the sound/harbor located in Carolina Beach, North Carolina. The music included is a version of Hydrocity Zone act 2's music from Sonic 3 (& Knuckles). https://youtu.be/sNkmu-FhBwk 28th November 2017 6
Surviving the Porygon : This stage is an homage to the infamous episode of the Pokemon anime, "Dennō Senshi Porygon" (でんのうせんしポリゴン) "Electric/Cyber Soldier Porygon", which sent 685 Japanese children ... 29th November 2017 4
Elm Street : This stage is from, I believe, A Nightmare on Elm Street for the NES. Music from the NES is included by the original author. 29th November 2017 3
Streets of Surabaya : This stage is set on a busy street in Surabaya, the second largest city in Indonesia. The stage is large and offers plenty of room for fighting on the ground but is also rather high for characters that have unrestricted flight. To make the feeling more au ... 29th November 2017 8
Darkest Hour : A stage based on the Lincoln Memorial at night, with a fog effect. it has a very epic, final showdown feel to it. DJ-VAN included music with it, that I believe he made himself. The music definitely raises the epic feeling of this stage. 29th November 2017 14
Desktop : An actual desktop. In a world inhabited by Mugen stages based computer desktops this stage stands apart by its unique take on the subject. Thanks to Nodog438 for identifying the author. 29th November 2017 9
Ice Cap Zone : This stage is based on Sonic 3/& Knuckles Ice Cap Zone, act one. Specifically a cave portion. Music was included by the original author. 2nd December 2017 10
Eternal Blue : This is from a game, perhaps the Lunar series, but I am not sure. Originally published on January 06, 2008, 29th November 2017 5
Mario 3 Bowser : This stage is the area where the final boss battle takes place in Super Mario Bros 3. 29th November 2017 16
Donut's Plains 1 : The first stage from the Super Mario World's Donut Plains. 29th November 2017 13
Diddy's Quest : A stage based on Donkey Kong Country 2 Diddy Kong's Quest, specifically based on the half sunken ship, under water stages. 29th November 2017 7
Pac-Man : This stage takes place on Pac-Man arcade cabinet. 30th November 2017 15
Crystal Caves : This stage is from Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy Kong's Quest and is based on the stage Kannons Klaim. Music from the game's phenomenal soundtrack is included. 30th November 2017 11
Ultimate MKIII-The Cave : The Cave from Ultimate MKIII 2nd December 2017 12
Chemical (Plant) Zone : This stage is based on the second zone from Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Chemical Plant Zone. Music is included from the original author. 2nd December 2017 13
Carnival (Night) Zone : A stage from Sonic 3/& Knuckles' Carnival Night Zone. Music is included from the original author. 2nd December 2017 17
Wrestlemania The Arcade V1 : The first version of (sic)'s stage based on Wrestlemania The Arcade V1 2nd December 2017 8
Hidden Palace : This stage is Hidden Palace Zone from Sonic 3 and Knuckles, specifically the portion were the emeralds are kept. The master emerald is beautifully animated. The music included, was added by me. and is an orchestral rendition of Hidden Palace Zone's theme ... 4th December 2017 21
Aquatic Ruins Zone : This stage is Aquatic Ruins Zone from Sonic 2 and features music from the stage. Music was included by its original author. 4th December 2017 13
Golden Axe TRODA - Thief Village : This stage is the Theif Village stage from Golden Axe: The Revenge of Death Adder. 4th December 2017 5
Simpsons - Downtown Springfield : This stage is downtown Springfield from the Simpsons Arcade Game 4th December 2017 9
Metal Man's Stage : This stage is Metal Man's Stage from the first Mega Man game for the NES. Music was included from its original author. 7th December 2017 6
Alongside USS Mount Baker : This stage has a naval ship for its background. Music is included with this stage by the author and is from Marvel vs Capcom. This stage was created in 2001 and the ship was scraped in 2010. 5th December 2017 3
Crown Game Center and Osa-P : This stage is from one of the Sailor Moon games. Music was included by the author, but it is in an .ogg format. I can't get it to work with any of my versions of Mugen, but perhaps it maybe compatible with other versions... 5th December 2017 2
Hospital : This stage is Paradise Free Clinic from Postal 2. Music is included. 5th December 2017 7
Metal Works : This stage is from one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fighting games. 6th December 2017 9
Bowser's Castle : This is Bowser's Castle, specifically the bridge where the player faced him from the NES version of Super Mario Brothers. Music was included by the original author. I am unsure who exactly made this stage, but believe it could be NeoKamek/Kamek the Magiko ... 6th December 2017 20
Bubble Man's Stage : This stage is Bubble Man's stage from the first Mega Man game for the NES. Music was included from its original author. 6th December 2017 9
Final Streets 1 : This is a stage... That is about all I know. The author included music with the stage. A google search of the title of the music file leads to a dead link for a NES music file. Could this be a re/demake of a stage from a NES game? 7th December 2017 2
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