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    Luigi Ready!
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    Yochi seriously thinks you are Weegee. Look: https://youtu.be/cYTl-ZDsOhE
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    Dumb question, Are you Weegeeisgoingtokillm? Yochi thinks you are.
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    very big
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    i am the big balls
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    round big balls
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    R U ded?
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    Sorry but the Creators group has some administrative privileges which we can't grant to unpredictable members.
  9. Cont from status bar (didn't wanna overpost)
    I like this site and everyone else around but Dizzy or whoever is just picking on me while I am browsing the site. Not cool at all. Well, adios then. Banning me and even taking my status for some unknown, trivial reason is not right at all. I hope MugenArchive grows, but I'm not watching it grow like this.
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  11. He's considered (inspired by MVC Mega!), but I feel like Oliver might be making one already. And besides I can't really sprite so it's tough.

    There are Cuphead sprites but they're too "Sonicy" and small too But I'll see what I can do with them
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    If you're looking for a popular character idea, then go for cuphead.
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    Be careful with those bans boi.
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    I've been back for ages lol
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    Trying to fix and sort things around but there's so much to do, as usual.
    I wish I could duplicate myself.
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I wish there was a bio here.

The guy who makes cute little Pokemans and Final Fantasy moogles for no reason
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Don chan : I don't feel like making an AI for this character. I am tired and I am not in the mood rn So he uses Mario by Sumin as a base, he has a lot of combo but his attack is weak and his choice of doing hammer shocks is when the start combo is at frame 1 at ... 4th June 2017 182
Mega Man Volnutt (more weaker ai) : Last time I only deleted a couple codes from the AI and that was it. When I tried to go further, the AI would freak out. I tried a new tactic here and it sorta works now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QTzARHZDcT4 7th June 2017 24
Ness : I haven't seen anyone upload this so... Here ya go. 11th June 2017 79
Miitopia - Battle theme : From the demo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CbiwSaWqMLk https://images.discordapp.net/attachments/216682963553878018/326030406413713408/taiko_out.png?width=845&height=491 18th June 2017 11
Minun 2017 : More moves (D,D, A, or B), ability set, stronger AI, and removal of Plusle. Maybe some more but i forgot. 19th June 2017 77
KOR Asriel for MUGEN 1.0 : 20th June 2017 2,312
Temmie : TeM ReeLL happie Tem in M00GEN Tags: Tem,temmie,undertale,funny,face Credits: Pizzasauce for the Undertale template 23rd June 2017 689
Taiko No Tatsujin - NECOLOGY : This is an original song in I think the wii or DS version (dunno) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BhaEX8sV12Y https://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/gameideas/images/9/92/Don_Chan.png 9th July 2017 9
Venoct : Venoct, an S rank yokai from YKW2 Found this off of Bold's Nico account. Basically it's just a spriteswap of Jibanyan... Yeeaaahh.... But it really does make up for the sprites. They're really amazing. Also keep note that Venoct is oddly named "Oroc ... 13th July 2017 242
Taiko No Tatsujin Hello! Halloween : Since I don't know what to character to make that has existing sprites (I really wanna make USAPyon), here's a song from Taiko No Tatsujin DS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cKvxF2BOOOs 18th July 2017 7
Wario Ware Inc Remix : From Scream Flight's Soundcloud https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zi_44IolbdM&feature=youtu.be https://soundcloud.com/scream-flight/warioware-inc-scream-flight-remix 25th July 2017 16
Jenngra505 (edit) : Stupid edit of Jenngra505, the punching bag by SLK. RUN HOME TO MAMA 8th August 2017 14
Z-Prototype (Performance edit/fixes : I have downsized the Z-Prototype I've made a couple years back and fixed a problem with the intro. I've changed the music's bitrate to 32k instead of 44k, removed the wavs, the KFM portrait, some unnecessary hitsparks, BG, and whatnot, as well as remov ... 11th August 2017 63
Youkai Dochuu Ki Ondo : Part of the DONDERFUL! Soundtrack starring Don Chan. The little drum that I just wish could suck me off hard. I'm getting giggity just by thinking of him. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=idEKYv9L9k0 (Seriously, was this from the time when Namco coul ... 11th August 2017 4
Shogunyan : Phew. Took a lot of work. A collab with Betterbold. He gave me the sprites of Shogunyan for his ykw Open BOR game. He is a 6 button character with simplistic controls. I want Shogunyan to stick his sword up my... ... Hint for next character: Inah ... 14th August 2017 165
USAPyon : The missing part of the Yokai Watch mascot trio to now be put into MUGEN. He is excessive on zoning, his close range is scarce and weak. However he can rush into an opponent full force with his football gear. He can be deemed a rather powerful opponent w ... 18th August 2017 76
Jibanyan : The sexiest cat alive. Betterbold has redone his Jibanyan's sprites. So I decided to use it here. Jibanyan is very flimsy but strong. This is done on purpose... next time I get back to him, he will have a different version that is not so flimsy and ... 22nd August 2017 159
Peach Mythos (AI edit) : My AI edit of Mythos' peach 23rd August 2017 152
Hovernyan : Hovernyan can be more than friends with me if you know what I mean Hovernyan is a powerful character but is slow. he can hover over the ground and use some of his air moves while hovering. 2nd September 2017 100
Gatomon/Tailmon : I wish I had the money to buy a hamburger.... Is there even a digimon category? Did that Veemon master dude make so much that it spawned a category on Mugenarchive. Hehe.. CATegory. 6th September 2017 141
Retarded Gatomon : I understand people hate these things but I personally enjoy them and I am just expressing my love for retards. 10th September 2017 5
Clearlice Shampoo AI Edit : Ai is now 10% more powerful. Do I get the money now? 11th September 2017 37
Yunalesca (Beta) : Beta boss character based on FFRK's and FFX's Yunaescla. I'm not exactly sure how hard she is but she should be best played in a 2v1 or a 3v1 battle. I've learned the hard way that a lone wolf will get destroyed by a giant. Please let me know if any oddit ... 16th September 2017 43
FF3 - Crystal Tower : I ran out of ideas again. So here's another good piece of music from Final Fantasy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5frCaVfbzMo 27th September 2017 7
Taiko no Tatsujin stage : Based on the backgrounds from the wii version. Music included is called Natsu Matsuri. Mugen beta and 1.0 compatible. 1.1 is stupid. A stage for the beloved japanese mascot Don Chan. 1st October 2017 18
Don-Chan : Taiko no tatsujin's mascot, Don chan. Now a FG character instead of a platformer character. I never wanted to cuddle a drum before. He's attractive 2nd October 2017 92
Franko CRazy revenge Ending theme : Best fit for battles consisting of The_none's characters https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LB6vGLGR0vk 6th October 2017 3
Final Fantasy XIII - Eidolons : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJYSeVnJF68 9th October 2017 10
Donderful! - Metal Police : This is actually really good for fighting games (And MUGEN fights) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lN3xSje77BA 15th October 2017 4
Tat (New AI) : Reuploading Tat from Klonoa with new AI. TBH I Don't wanna upload here anymore. After randomly losing my contributors for god knows why I had no interest in making characters and neither do I feel like being on here. She has less patterns and is smarter t ... 19th December 2017 10
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MUGENArchive's favorite FG characters part 2 - Mortal Kombat

by Megaman on 18th June 2017 at 15:43
Chun Li wins part . Part 2 we'll see what MA likes the most out of a select few MK characters

Vote here!

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MUGENArchive's favorite FG characters part 1 - Street Fighter (1)

by Megaman on 16th June 2017 at 03:32
Just for fun, I wanna see what the MA's favorite fighting game characters are.

The fighting games particable are

- Street Fighter

- Mortal Kombat

- Super Smash Brothers

- Marvel/Capcom

- SNK Vs Capcom

- Others (mix match)

Round one Is Street Fighter.

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How to add stages and characters

by Megaman on 30th May 2017 at 17:57
Step 1 -

Find your character or stage. If you are a lurker, it will be harder since most characters are stored in MugenArchive. If you are a lurker, I suggest googling MUGEN (What stage/character you're looking for) or MUGEN characters.

Step 2 -

Once you have your characters/stages. Find your select.def.It can be in any directory depending on your screenpack. But assuming you have the default MUGEN, it should be at the "Data" folder.
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I didn't know this was here.

by Megaman on 9th March 2017 at 23:24
Well, I dunno what to write, but it's great to have this feature!
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