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    Hey dude would you ever release old characters back in 2016?
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    Yea..... im Just A Begginer.... But In The futere I Will Improve My Chars.
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    Sethawut Nojiad (Creator of the crappy Spooky Sans and Disbelief Sans) has made two bad recolours: https://youtu.be/i36ZEy5wJCA I thought bad Undertale recolours were dead but apparently not.
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    I knew it. I bet he did it just to make it look better then it actually is. But I guess your right about that PeterRP part.
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    Hey Ben did you help out with that Stan Smith that thebootlegs170 and his alter ego (Team-Allstarmegamix-games) made? I'm asking because the newest update says you helped out. Is this true? Here's the character: https://mugenarchive.com/forums/down...mes-pizzasauce
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    @Pizzasause2000 I SAY I SORRY
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    I checked out Sportacus' beta.

    Not bad, and I would like to see some updates soon. (I had a orange pallete in mind)
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    Aw OK. It just looks similar to the lurker ryus.
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    Why does your Ryu icon look different from the other lurkers who chose Ryu for their icon? Is it an edit?
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    @Pizzasause2000 can i be your friend
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    can i be you friend, i say sorry to you.
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    can i be you friend
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    can i be you friend
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    I don't really think so. I don't think we need it.
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Games,Electronics,MUGEN (you can tell),Good characters and stuff
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1.0 (MOSTLY) sometimes WinMUGEN and Rarely 1.1
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Windows 7 Ultimate
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FireFox and Google Chrome


Icon as being: Alterswap Asgore but in the Style of Underpants (heh)


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    Creator with questionable talent

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    That guy with 5K Subs

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    This is (not) Sparta.

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Member's Files

File Date Downloads
SSB Mario (UPDATE) : Unlike Luke's "Resprite Edit" There was some changes when i try to update him -Some sprites were altered and yet edited from Warner's Luigi and a few others (Note: NONE of the sprites are edited from Warner's Luigi's 2017 update) -Hit Sparks are now ... 18th November 2017 365
Symbiote Marge : This is a sprite edit of Beanfan112's marge. Its a symbiote edit because of the eyes changed 5th March 2015 155
Cosmic Clone Mario : This Mario is A Pallet edit from SM853's Mario. this shows that he appeared from super mario galaxy. 5th March 2015 327
Arcade Homer : This Homer uses Dos Kfm as the base but its files still has Kfm's Name proveing its a sprite swap. 5th March 2015 160
Cosmic Clone Luigi : This Cosmic Luigi is pretty much the same as Cosmic Mario But increased the y axis 5th March 2015 207
Bowser Koopa : This Bowser Uses The DC template as the base it plays smoother than shazzo's version. Also It uses Sprites from Super Princess peach and his size is slightly smaller 27th March 2015 777
Stewie Griffin : This stewie uses Old KFM as the base and the sprites are taken from shazzo's and the portriat is the Doctor's version. it uses 2 specials and one hyper 29th March 2015 113
SMB1 Mario Bros Recolor : Both of Them Are seprerate and They are A recolor They also uses the DC Template 3rd April 2015 213
Omega Homer Simpson : This Homer Simpson Is a Spriteswap of Omega Tom Hanks He plays the same way and his bart move is a Insta KO its is also the same. He is undeafeatable due to no hit boxes. :smile: 18th April 2015 410
SMB1 Koopalings : The Sprites are a recolor from awesomezack from MFgg.net it uses custom sprites as if they were in SMB1. The voices are from Mario Kart 8. It also uses the Dc template like the 3rd version as the base and it uses more hypers and some specials add to some ... 23rd April 2015 248
Peter Griffin : Before Warner Made his Peter griffin. there was already a peter griffin made by actarus. This character is an epic mess. He has garbled sprite colors. Stolen sprites of homer where he kicks peter out of the way. High Stats. Missing Hitboxes. nonsensial At ... 23rd April 2015 327
Symbiote MVC Peter : Due to Yagoshi's Symbiote peter Offline and unavalable to download Pizzasause decided to make his own edit. 24th April 2015 325
Jenny XJ9 : This Character is a sprite swap of madoldcrow1105's/Doug1105's Kittykaswell and it ONLY works in Mugen 1.0 because of the Creation. The Clsn Boxes went unchanged and its missing some sprites. Some of animations are ackward and it tends to spam the Robot S ... 25th April 2015 278
Pesky Plumber Mario : This Mario uses NO body the Dragon's Sprites it plays diffrent than KoopaKingdom.com's Mario because its a spriteswap of shaokahn It uses Old/Dos KFM as its base it can shoot fireballs by pressing High punch Key but its infinte spam. He can also do hadok ... 6th May 2015 174
Pesky Hammer bro and Pesky Koopa : These characters files are seperate. These character are better than koopakingdom.com's versions it uses Dos KFm as its base However Koopa seems to be sorta unfinished dos kfm edit Hammer Bro can lob the hammers just like in smb1. 9th May 2015 181
Jessie The Yoshi : This Character uses Custom Sprite from kart fighter. It uses Dos Kfm as it's Base she is basicly my 2nd fan made yoshi 13th May 2015 75
Yoshi DS Beta 0.5 : This Yoshi has 1 special but no hypers it uses kfm as its base his sprites are customly ripped from yoshi's island DS He has 2 soundpacks One regular yoshi and an eric cartman sound pack (For fun if like cartman) 28th May 2015 269
Retarded Marge Beta 1.0 : Inspired by sonicrash's Necool edit i edited beanfan's marge. For the reason why i did this is well i dont like marge and the lisa assist its replaced by wakko i also dont like lisa. she is a joke edit she has a diffrent pallet flipped animations (a few) ... 30th May 2015 84
Murge Sampsen : This is and update of the previous version it has some differences a few more animations are flipped more edited sprites and diffrent pallete color and the name has changed 31st May 2015 96
Wario (Joke edit) : This wario is an edit of Mario11766's Wario he is super slow to never catch you, has low health ,no damage to you and it has slightly less hard a.i. This Wario is a Joke edit. His name has also changed. I really dont like wario a lot i like mario better 1st June 2015 106
Pesky Plumber Wario MVC : This Wario is the better version to be released. He is an edit of Waluigi (Warioman's version) He has a special called fart attack. His fart attack move will make the opponent dizzy if it touches the cloud. Inside the .sff there are sprites of waluigi the ... 30th June 2015 182
Ronald : This donald is the 1st version to speak english its simply kisho's version given with a american voice with new hypers and specials. This character used to be incompatable with 1.0 because of very long a.i commands though this version edited by pizzasause ... 3rd July 2015 543
Bowser Jr beta 0.3 : This Bowser jr uses kfm as its base and it uses 1 special and 1 hyper and it uses custom sprites 8th July 2015 311
Daniel Gajardo Sprites : This Daniel Sprites are from daniel gajardo old version the sprites are a whole sprite sheet you can give credit to daniel when you make a OC of yourself (i also gave credit to daniel when i ripped the sprites) 10th July 2015 53
Not Numbuh 1 : This is what you expect a Kids Next Door Character? But its not a good thing with bad sprites a japanese sndpack and hard a.i. it maybe a spriteswap of bakinman 23rd July 2015 146
Drunk Judgesphear Homer : This homer has the ability to start an alt mode at any round this is a replace of the other drunk homer (Daniel Gajardo's edit) since the link is lost 1st August 2015 375
Mario : This Mario is a sprite edit of 2 totally known characters (Warner's Luigi and Shinryoga's Super Mario) out of the other bad mario made this one also the worst by having bugs and infintes and dc vs marvel template he lacks a lose pose (even though this cha ... 12th August 2015 287
SSB Mario : Inspired by Warners Luigi Now theres a mario playing just like Poc Mario but with larger sprites (although in the .sff file some of the poc mario sprites are leftovered) and it replaces ax's mario it also has a metal mario mode Just like poc mario. 23rd August 2015 648
Pesky Mario Bros MVC : Both of them are an edit of warioman's waluigi (some of the sprites of waluigi can be seen in the .sff file glitched colored) and its a.i. can spam its hammer special and sometimes its hypers (it can be spammy or brutal at times) also for mario he has a 8 ... 9th October 2015 165
A.i. patch for K.Y-Shanxi's Bowser : K.Y-Shanxi's bowser is cheap so for some beginners who are new to mugen an a.i. patch exist (by pizzasause 2000) will make this bowser easier to defeat so use this cmd file patch if you want to face the king of the koopas easier :noworry: 11th October 2015 308
Bomberman : Pretty much like axking's other characters they have cool looking sprites but poor gameplay coding. Except this character by ax is bomberman he is a spriteswap of pablossb's version and its animations tends to be akward and its sorta out of character of t ... 2nd November 2015 74
EnglishSoundpacks ABAB's Sonic Char : This File Contains Soundpacks for ABAB's Sonic,Knuckles,Shadow and Rouge Characters 17th November 2015 115
Zelda Edit : A Edit of Yochi's v2 of zelda with some fixes and changes. Fixed the Final Smash Glitch where the arrow strangely turns into a zelda clone Changed the command of the assist link and added a crouch medium kick Added a intro against the king added some ... 26th December 2015 243
Villager (Animal Crossing) : A character i Feel like i want to add this to the mugen universe. If you ever played animal crossing ether on n64,gc,ds or wii this will be the answer It features Customs sprite made by Xuggy and some edit sprites of this sprite by xuggy It also Featur ... 27th December 2015 167
Mr.L : This is not a edit of Jnewman's version This character i made uses the same waluigi base much like my mario and luigi with spammy a.i. but some characters can beat the spammy a.i. it also has new hypers (Check the cmd file to see the commands). :sdrop: Ho ... 14th January 2016 102
Pesky Mr.L Updated #1 : Minor Changes with the cmd file less spam the a.i. will activate when the time (try turning debug mode CTRL+D on to see the time) if the time is 200 his a.i. will activate (a.i. Variable is number 5) Updates: and a new move (similar to MGSSJ2's Waluigi D ... 14th January 2016 69
Pesky Mr.L Updated #2 : minor change In the cns file:Variable set removed (so the a.i. cannot activate while in training mode or other mode) Bonus theres another Mr.L sprite but never used Plans for more updates: Special intros against my pesky mario/Ermac won's mario and a s ... 26th January 2016 54
Pesky Mr.L Updated #3 : Added a New hyper move Big thanks to TheWaluigiKing for a reference of super paper mario (wii) this hyper move is called shroom shake (if you played superpapermario and played the 4th boss fight thats where mr.l uses the shake) You can only use this move ... 26th January 2016 61
Pesky Mr.L Updated #3 snd file fix : Forgot about the snd pack Thx to TheWaluigiKing 27th January 2016 155
Waluigi : A very erratic opponent with similarities to duckerman12's wario and jnewman's mr.l plus this waluigi has no hypers or specials "Waluigi hates this" :facepalm2: 4th February 2016 69
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