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  1. @anthimus I'm doing alright, just been taking a break lately.
  2. Mate how are you doing? just wondering what u been up to lately?
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  4. @anthimus yeah man I will
  5. Hey mate how are you doing , are you going to help me once more with some good orochi, touhou etc. character uploads? regards, Anthimus
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    I prefer your old avatar
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    Please post your files in their respective categories.

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Member's Files

File Date Downloads
M-Reimu 3.09 : A new update came out for M-Reimu is now 3.09 enjoy. 11th September 2018 413
Orochi Tom Hanks : Orochi Tom Hanks by okihaito, its Tom Hanks but giving him Orochi/Mizuchi abilities, also cheap char, for your Orochi/Mizuchi Collection. 30th April 2019 102
2nd R.S.P final version : An updated version of R.S.P 4th November 2017 135
Super Vegetto4 : It kind of look like sheld not much information given about this char and a really cheap AI. Edit: Plus this is (ver1.02) 4th November 2017 619
Alsiel (alternate) : Just Alsiel with good quality. 4th November 2017 158
Exile-Hell_S.Y : a quality edit of exile hell. 4th November 2017 296
Crazy-Catastrophe[ver0.88] : Found an older version of Crazy-Catastrophe[ver0.88]. 4th November 2017 79
Igniz-EV1.75 : A boss type char. 4th November 2017 291
Orochi-EV1.55 : A update on Orochi-EV. 4th November 2017 304
N_Alice : A cheap version of alice it can be beaten by Crazy-Catastrophe or Overkill well if you had the newer version. 4th November 2017 162
S-Super Mario ver.7.1 : A cheap edit of mario. 4th November 2017 758
phantom mizuchi_9x : A cheap edit and it can only be beaten by another cheap character. 5th November 2017 105
crazy-catastrophe[ver0.73] : found another old version of crazy-catastrophe. 6th November 2017 46
OROCHI G3 : An older version of Orochi G3 a good collection for your roster. 1st December 2017 143
M-Reimu VER 3.08 : An updated version of M-reimu. 1st December 2017 481
Code.Crashed+Killer11.29 : An Brand New edit of Code:Crashed Killer with new moves. (This version took me so long to find this char) 6th December 2017 240
Kouryou[ver1.00] 12-24 : I found an older version of kouryu. 7th December 2017 107
Pioneer Purple Update : This version of Pioneer Purple has Brand New Hypers along with strikers. 7th December 2017 203
Gold Mario ver.2.9 : Gold Mario ver.2.9 for your collection 11th January 2018 1,095
Silver Luigi ver.1.0 : Silver Luigi ver.1.0 for your collection 11th January 2018 795
S-SuperMario64 ver.1.7 : S-SuperMario64 ver.1.7 A broken edit for collections 11th January 2018 446
Alma Scarlet : Alma Scarlet by syougizuki not a lot of infomation about this char but it is cheap, for your touhou collection. 16th January 2018 98
Mare Gouki : Mare Gouki by leandroff5 like Rare Akuma but making him a Stronger than before. https://youtu.be/qVvMNK_JIpQ 19th January 2018 144
Mega Gouki : Mega Gouki by leandroff5 originally was made from Gouki24 but making him a null edit. https://youtu.be/qVvMNK_JIpQ 19th January 2018 468
Kyo-EX_Neixus : Kyo-EX_Neixus by Neixus/G.MF I don't really have much to say this but the AI is cheap.I got nothing :no_clue:. 28th January 2018 167
C.Iori.Blood(S.Y) : Clone.Iori.Blood with S.Y high quality Sprites and the AI is disabled enjoy. (I am hoping for the newer versions to have the S.Y Sprites like Exile, Clone Kyo, and Lane.Blood) 24th February 2018 726
kouryuu-2nd-season : I found an updated version kouryuu-2nd-season it may be the same but one version is more updated. (some few moves was added on the char). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KKMYltp3OxI 3rd March 2018 156
Final Black Nao : Final Black Nao this is the one with all of the files this time. For your K'edits collection.:smile: 7th March 2018 626
Apollo : Apollo by 119way & STEPHEN there are two .def files one that says Apollo-Win for Winmugen and one that just says Apollo is for 1.0 for your Orochi and Mizuchi collection. 17th June 2018 812
Dio by Warusaki3 - Palette : I made this pal from base on from blood killer when he turns into dio. 17th June 2018 27
Satanbag : Satanbag by okihaito a cheap sandbag edit. 18th June 2018 296
Ember-Eputh : Embur-Eputh or Eputh.Blood-CKOFM by Hell & Apps A good Orochi and Mizuchi Edit, not a lot information about this char, enjoy this edit Plus there are two .def files. All Credit Goes to the Author Hell & Apps. 2nd September 2018 859
Exile+Haiaosi-CKOFM : Exile+Haiaosi-CKOFM or Eater of Souls by Hell VC0.28 is the new update that hell made, added more stuff like Animations, Sprites, and Other changes, he also has a Intro with Ember-Eputh and Eater of Souls plus there are two .def files. All Credit Goes to ... 3rd September 2018 577
Ember Eputh-CKOFM : Ember Eputh-CKOFM or Eputh.Blood-CKOFM by Hell & Apps a new update that he made is now 1.4, fix intro with Exile, more sprites, more Animation's, and a brand new Level 3 Plus there are two .def files. All Credit Goes to the Author Hell & Apps. 4th September 2018 653
Stage Zero (Yellow) : Just A Training stage but much bigger. 12th September 2018 41
Stage Zero (Red) : Just a training stage but much bigger. 12th September 2018 58
Stage Zero (Purple) : Just a training stage but much bigger. 12th September 2018 50
Stage Zero (Green) : Just a training stage but much bigger. 12th September 2018 33
Stage Zero (Blue) : Just a training stage but much bigger. 12th September 2018 63
Stage Zero (B&W) : Just a training Stage but much bigger. 12th September 2018 54
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