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    Before you upload a file, use the above tag called Search Files to make sure the file you want to post is already there or not. ;)
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    No problem. The important thing is that before uploading something on the site, do a search to see if the file is already present. A tip: look for both the file name and the author's name.
  3. im very sorry,and i did not know it was already on the page
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    You've already uploaded the same character a few hours ago and i told you that it's already in the site.Please, would you like to avoid uploading 1400 times the same character?
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Yamcha (Hyper Dimension) : I just changed the "crappy" head with a better one 19th August 2017 61
Imperfect Cell (Hyper Dimension) : 19th August 2017 48
Super Vegeta (Hyper Dimension) : 19th August 2017 48
SSJ6 Vegeta (AF) : i have this very rare char of Vegeta from a dragon ball af mugen project that got cancelled after the third beta, so i decided to edit it and give him the appearance of a fanmade transformation made back in the day when that kind of things were a hit most ... 20th August 2017 1,170
Ultimate Uub HD : i found it in a very old page,most of the links for this kind of characters were sadly broken :so_sorry: 20th August 2017 135
Vegeta Scouter (Hyper Dimension) : 21st August 2017 60
Boohan (Hyper Dimension) : its not too much,but its something 21st August 2017 29
Cell.17 Absorbed (Hyper Dimension) : new things added by me: -New fighting stance -Flying -Walking -Punch -Light Punch -Power Shield -Death Beam -Supernova -Big Bang Attack -Blocking -Crouch -Final Flash -Tornado Attack -Spirit Bomb -Charging Ki -Charging Ki (with aura) -Sta ... 21st August 2017 60
Golden Freeza BETA : Just a pallete color edit. 21st August 2017 122
Golden Freeza : final version,i hope it works now 21st August 2017 556
Vegetrunks (Hyper Dimension) : all the credits in the sprite sheet itself but i will put them here too: original sprite:MKFREAK89 new sprites:Me (TheDeviantarter1236) game:Dragon Ball Z Hyper Dimension mugen char: C O M I N G S O O N . . . ? -------------------------------------- ... 27th August 2017 84
Possessed Vegeta : an extremely old char and rare hd edit of vegeta 27th August 2017 59
Li-Shenlong : there is already a omega shenron here but that one is an edit from the super butoden series,this one is a hyper dimension edit. 27th August 2017 249
Base Vegeta HD : 10th September 2017 57
Mirai Trunks HD : Credits to the original trunks sprites:Angelfire New base sprites:Me 16th September 2017 36
Super Gotenks (Transform) : This is the first Gotenks to have his SSJ3 form,it is from a game called:Dragon Ball Z: Legacy Battle. 9th December 2017 982
SSJ4 Broly (Extreme Butoden) : I did as many attacks and moves as i could,it was weird that nobody tried to do a Super Saiyan 4 character like this before. 17th June 2019 262
Majin Vegeta Assist (EB) : At the moment I have no plans to make a majin vegeta sprite sheet as if it were a playable character so at the moment this will work, I only added more attacks to its original assist Movelist: --------- -Stance -Power Up -Final Explosion -Taunt/sm ... 20th September 2019 52
Imperfect Cell Sprite Sheet (EB) : It annoyed me that he was not playable in Extreme Butoden so i tried to make some attacks for him, it turned out pretty good i think so i hope this can help someone to make a char out of this or use it in your animations if you want, just credit me if you ... 15th August 2019 110
SSJ Armor Trunks Sprite Sheet (EB) : it's not much but it's honest work. ----------------------------------------- Moveset: -Stance -Taunt -Lose -Tired -Power Up -Strong Kick -Quick Kick -Rush -Uppercut -Low Swipe -Strong Punch -Rush Punch -Air Finisher -Medium Punch -Medium ... 29th August 2019 93
Pikkoro Daimaō (Extreme Butode : Moves: -Fighting Stance -Powering Up -Tired -Makankosappo -Ki Blast -Explosive Demon Wave -Destructive Wave -Taunt -Moving Forward -Moving Backwards -Crouch -Blocking -Jump -Ki Beam -Knee Attack -Finger Beam (he gets buffed and throws a de ... 31st August 2019 60
Dabura (Extreme Butoden) : it's better than nothing. hope this helps someone to do a char or something else Movelist: ---------- -Stone Spit -Ki Blast -Power Up -Moving Forward -Moving Backward -Taunt/Laughing -Win Pose/Intro -Crouch -Jump -Blocking -Kick -Low Kick ... 5th September 2019 104
Super Vegito (Extreme Butoden) : Super Vegito Moveset: -Stance -Ki Blast -Moving Forward -Moving Backwards -Power Up -Blocking -Crouch -Jump -Stunning Punch -Knee Rush -Lose (returns to Base form) -Spirit Sword -Super Kamehameha -Uppercut -Air Ki Blast -Damaged -Fallen ... 19th September 2019 169
Dr Wheelo (Extreme Butoden) : Because his frames were very large I did the best I could in terms of editing his sprites, I think it will serve for some type of boss character or similar Moveset: -Stance -Crouch -Ki Blast -Air Blast -Power Up -Kick -Madness Cannon -Taunt/Lau ... 19th September 2019 85
Vegeta Fukkatsu No F (EB) : It made me quite frustrated that in Extreme Butoden Vegeta was nothing more than a useless assist just like Golden Freezer but they took the time to make Goku playable as a promotion for the movie, so as I saw that most of the people that make chars on ... 28th September 2019 76
Kid Goku GT (Extreme Butoden) : While I did not do many sprites I hope this can help someone to make a char or use them in their animations Moveset: ----------- -Stance -Power Up -Taunt/Intro -Kamehameha -Kamehameha (aiming to an enemy that is flying) -Air Blast (Air) -Moving ... 29th September 2019 169
Dr Gero Assist (Extreme Butoden) : I could't do many sprites of him but I leave the sprites so you can use it in whatever you want Moveset: ---------- -Dash -Energy Drain -Stance -Photon Wave -Crouch -Jump -Power Up -Dash Backwards -Damaged -Blocking -Low Kick -Low Kick 2 -D ... 1st October 2019 38
Zaiko/Xicor (Extreme Butoden) : Moveset: ---------- -Stance -Power Up -Blocking (Standing) -Crouch -Jump -Moving Forward -Moving Backwards -Lose by Time Out -Neck Breaker -Energy Blast -Knee -Damaged -Rising Fist -Win Pose (He laughts looking at his enemy on the ground) ... 7th October 2019 97
Majin Vegeta (Extreme Butoden) : Credits to the original Buu Saga Vegeta sprites to: TTA i uploaded a sheet of Majin Vegeta before but it was some edits of his assist sprites, this time even tho its not much at least is something pd: i did what i could. Moveset: --------- -Stance ... 9th October 2019 102
Gohan (Dragon Ball Heroes) : Itīs not mutch but hey at least is something. Moveset: ---------- -Win -Intro/ Stance -Turning Back -Strong Kick -High Kick -Rising Punch -Super Rising Punch (turns into SSJ4 and hits his foes with all the energy he has) -Ki Explosion -Movin ... 20th October 2019 102
Battle Damaged Bardock (EB) : The sheet has only 15 sprites so itīs not going to be enought for a full mugen character but could be used as an assist or a special lose animation. Moveset: ---------- -Stance (Holding his arm) -Crouch -Moving Forward -Rush -Weak Punch -Damage ... 20th October 2019 78
Gogeta SSJ (Fusion Reborn) : I was surprised that no one did Gogeta sprites so far so I took on the task of doing it myself, credits to rct29, hadesdiossupremo and MPadillaTheSpriter. Moveset: ----------- -Stance -Moving Forward -Moving Backwards -Weak Punch -Medium Punch -We ... 3rd November 2019 118
SSJ3 Vegeta (Dragon Ball Heroes) : Credits to MPadillaTheSpriter for the original SSJ3 base sprite Moveset: ---------- -Stance -Power Up -Taunt -Jumping -Blocking -Moving Forward -Damaged -Moving Backwards -Punch -Knee Attack -Dash Punch -Vanish Kick -Air Blow -Knee Dive ... 24th November 2019 118
Broly DBS sprites (Extreme Butoden) : Credits to AlissonTavares for the original Broly sprites. it includes both his Ikari form and his Full Power state. Moveset: ---------- -Stance (Ikari) -Power Up (Ikari) -Transform (Full Power) -Jump (Full Power) -Weak Punch (Ikari) -Weak Punch ( ... 30th January 2020 205
Pikkon sprites (Extreme Butoden) : Moveset: ----------- -Thunder Flash -Stance -Dash Punch -Dash Kick -Weak Punch -Weak Kick -Vanish Hit -Moving Forward -Air Strike -Moving Backwards -Intro -Crouch -Jump -Blocking (standing -Blocking (crouch) -Blocking (air) -Elbow Hit - ... 30th January 2020 52
Gogeta SSJ4 (Extreme Butoden) : Credits to rct29, mpadillathespriter and 280gou for the original bases The pack contains 31 sprites and the moveset or attacks it contains are the following: -Stance -Ki Blast Barrage -Taunt -Moving Forward -Moving Backwards -Win Pose (Teleport ... 8th March 2020 93
Xeno Goku (Extreme Butoden) : Credits to rct29, mpadillathespriter and 280gou for the original bases It contains 41 sprites and the attacks i made were the following: Moveset: ---------- -Intro -Stance -Taunt -Tired/Lose -Win -Crouch -Jump -Ki Blast -Ki Blast 2 -Ki Bl ... 8th March 2020 122
Goku SSJ4 Assets : While this isnt much, i think this could help someone make a char Contains only 22 sprites the pack contains the following poses: -Dodge -Ki Explosion -Blocking -Tired -Ki Blast -Floating -Damaged -Crouch -Goodbye (the pose he did before k ... 13th March 2020 87