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  1. Go for it, as long as you give me credit, I am cool with it!
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    Hello fellow mugen creator, I am currently creating a mugen game and i am asking if i could use some of your characters (burning godzilla, titanosaurus, etc.), if you decline its ok, no harm done :)
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    Has nothing to do with age, just experience. I
  4. Thank you as I am still a noob at coding, most of my stuff is just KFM templates and spriteswaps. You can just search my 5 creations that I posted here and tell me what needs to be fixed on them. I think my biggest issue is proper sprite alignment. at the age of 48, I think my perception is going a little, and I have a little trouble getting things exactly aligned.
    I could also use help with things like coding projectiles, and characters that always fly.
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    Hello Mothra67,
    Darklight asked me on "Mugen Free For All" to help you with some feedback. You care for some helping critic? If so, on what creation should I take a look at?
    Have a nice day,
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comics, reading, writing, wife, son, gaming, monsters
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all Kaiju!
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anything of a big city landscape for my Kaiju chars
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Deledelon : No doubt this guy was meant as a joke character. Everything it does depletes life. If he punches, he loses life. If he kicks, he loses life. If he even WALKS, he loses life. He is also very slow and cannot jump. It is near impossible to win using MUGEN ch ... 11th February 2013 153
BARUGANODON_EX : No one makes EX's like Snowolf, and this is one of his right from his blog. Expect it to be overpowered and kill crazy! 30th November 2014 85
GMK Godzilla : can always use 1 more godzilla 30th November 2014 202
Meka Dragon : a fun 2 button character. I couldn't find any supers or hypers on him. Think this is a boss character. fun to play This character was designed by someone I have great admiration: Balthazar, who was commissioned by Omega. Meka Dragon comes the game ... 6th December 2014 141
Nausicaa : great character from one of my favorite Studio Ghibli Films; "Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind". Good solid character with good supers/hypers. 6th December 2014 324
Totoro : I love googoo64's stuff! I know he's got alot of haters, but I think he's got the coolest characters. This one is another Studio Ghibli Character; TOTORO!! have fun everyone! 6th December 2014 263
No Face (Studio Ghibli) : another crazy op character from GooGoo64 based on a character from the studio Ghibli film, "Spirited Away". You just gotta love it 7th December 2014 337
Darth Vader : neat character by googoo64 with ggreat moves, op and fun 7th December 2014 1,006
Nightmare Gamera EX : yup, he did it again. a more op EX version of Nightmare Gamera. Easy to play and real cheap 7th December 2014 271
Bagira EX : Another op killer kaiju from snowwolf. Four button control and pretty easy and neat supers/hypers 7th December 2014 112
Dalek (Beta) : this started out as a joke character for April fools, but Basara-kun decided to work on it some more since it was the very 1st Dr. Who Character in Mugen. Enjoy 7th December 2014 204
Space Sheriff Gavan : another over the top OP character by GooGoo64. As always it's fun to play him see him in action on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NRHAQGAroiA 8th December 2014 213
Alien Bado : This is a KFM edit. Looks just like the Alien from Ultra7. Has some neat moves, like going invisible and also making the screen go black so you cannot see him. Enjoy 9th December 2014 140
Garooda : Made by yuki. No idea about this one - he is one sprite char so probably he is from some kind of jRPG. He is still kinda strong so check him out if you are looking for a boss char. 9th December 2014 106
Devilman : Great character made for a mugen game called Dynamic Super Robot Wars. also it comes with a patch, and that is included in this as well 9th December 2014 301
Kutuura : Ultra Kaiju with the scream mask face. 10th December 2014 169
Raiju : Pacific Rim Kaiju 10th December 2014 162
Gypsy Danger : famous kaiju smashing robo from Pacific Rim 10th December 2014 277
Getter 1 : Neat Character adapted to mugen from that Robot game Devilman was made for. if you like this LMK in comments as I have other super robots from the game to post 10th December 2014 124
Jeeg : Another super robot from the 70's adapted to mugen. 10th December 2014 70
Neon Genesis Evangelion Megapack!!! : I managed to get mugen files on every EVA unit and Angel. Be warned some are not good, but are needed for a complete set. Then I just zipped them all into 1 file for easy download. This file has 17 characters total. This is ONLY the EVA Units and Ange ... 10th December 2014 272
Reicubas : The other link for this kaiju just gets you his Z-Ton, so after scouring the web I found it! Enjoy 10th December 2014 122
Gavora : Found a Japanese site that had a bunch of Ultraman Kaiju for mugen 1.0 made by Muu. this is the first uplload of many enjoy! 12th December 2014 163
Degola : Ultra Kaiju by Muu! 12th December 2014 110
Kemular : Another Ultra kaiju by Muu. Enjoy! 12th December 2014 133
Salamandra_FE : Yet Another Kaiju from the Ultraman series for mugen 1.0 by muu 12th December 2014 120
Silverbloome : I don't even know this Ultra Kaiju! and I thought I saw every show from 1967-2000+! Enjoy 12th December 2014 73
Pandon_FE : and another Ultra Kaiju from muu. This one from the Ultra 7 tv show 12th December 2014 114
Telesdon : ultra kaiju from the original Ultraman show 13th December 2014 134
Deburasu : this Kaiju comes from an old Obscure JNES game, and Hanbahan turned him into a muggen character. Neat for having that 8 bit nostalgia 13th December 2014 54
Imitation Ultra7 : the robotic counterpart of Ultra7, from the show 13th December 2014 157
Evil Ultraman : The evil looking Ultraman, that the Alien Zarab turned into, from the original Ultraman show 1966. 13th December 2014 318
Mulchi : another Ultra Kaiju by Zektard 13th December 2014 96
Melba : Ultraman Tiga's first enemy. 13th December 2014 117
Gimyla : This Kaiju I think was from Ultraman 80, but feel free to correct me if I'm wrong 13th December 2014 101
Aboras : another ultra kaiju from the first ultra series 13th December 2014 159
gyeron : Ultra 7 Kaiju 18th December 2014 63
Drax the Destroyer : Drax Reborn as bdc likes to call him. the Newer version of Drax from the current comics and movie. pretty good overall, fast, good combos. 22nd December 2014 603
Superman Christopher Reeves : a great tribute to the Late Great Chris Reeves. Has a wonderful intro, great moves, and really op Hypers/supers. Enjoy 22nd December 2014 439
Batman JLTF SFC : Harken back to the days of Batman returns, etc with this Batman ripped right from the old SNES games. Adapted pretty well for MUGEN 22nd December 2014 186
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