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    when will you make kris?
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    @Tusimmaks when will he be released
  3. @SirCub I'm making him right now, he's 60% finished! :D
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    can you make jevil from deltarune
  5. Do you know SCP's well? The Hard to Destroy Reptile is very strong itself, i like this character too, but i want to make him fair, i dislike unfair characters. My scp 682 has 1300 hp (kungfumasters hp is 1000) and 110 defence, 95 attack (they are strong). When i'll finish 682, i will make scp 106.
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    Hello, how are you
    i like your char, please, make him very strong, i like to help you in what i can. Do you need help with someting with char
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I need good fire hit sparks for my char 16th August 2018 17:56
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SCP - 682 (BETA 0.1) OUTDATED : 23rd June 2017 62
SCP - 682 (BETA 0.6) : Its beta 0.6! I added 3 air attacks, 1 hyper (down, down, bite) and a lot of minor changes (hitboxes, some pixels in sprites) I will add: More win quotes; Specials; More hypers. I will do SCP 106 after SCP 682 12th July 2017 351
SCP 173 Remake EDIT : Added new model, fall animation, lower HP (more defence), win animation. SCP 173 in mugen is simple, he can't move, and can blind you. When nobody sees him, he can attack TIP: He can't attack you when you jumped! P.S. Original Author is TAW & TRA ... 19th July 2017 346
SpringBonnie V1 : I made Springbonnie with 10 specials, 2 supers,2 hypers P.S. Unfinished, i forgot to erase KFM's quotes 17th August 2017 126
SpringBonnie V1.5 : He has 10 specials, 2 supers, 1 hyper, 1 finsiher. It has minor updates UNFINISHED 17th August 2017 140
SpringBonnie V1.8 : I fixed some troubles 28th August 2017 450
THE WORLD REVOLVING : A home stage that i made for my Jevil :D 22nd November 2018 2,184
Bendy (Beta 0.0002 FIX) : There is the new version! https://mugenarchive.com/forums/downloads.php?do=file&id=86850-bendy-beta-0-5-tusimmaks-shkololocraft-me- 9th November 2017 1,008
Cuphead narrator sounds : idk why i did it 11th November 2017 239
Ruse of an Ooze : My first stage 21st November 2017 447
Bendy (Beta 0.5) : Yay! My bendy has got an update! I fixed some bugs, added new attacks and a (bad and cheap) AI! P.S. to summon boris press the x+a combination 8th May 2018 1,218
Bendy (Beta 0.8) : Updated a little bit. 6th November 2018 1,034
Freddy Fazbear : Are you ready for Freddy? Here comes a (maybe) good fnaf character! 31st August 2018 4,425
Jevil [DELTARUNE] : Here comes Jevil! I don't know what to say, sooo... I hope you'll enjoy it! ;P P.S. He has 12 pallete, and it's very cheap :0 22nd November 2018 2,218
Ralsei [DELTARUNE] : Fixed some terrible bugs. -- Updated 11th November 2018-11:27 -- First new DELTARUNE char on mugen archive..? Made by me I hope you enjoy it :P 11th November 2018 3,618
Susie[DELTARUNE] : I made Susie this time, next is Jevil with his animated stage This Susie is not as cheap, as japanese one, but she's a little bit unbalanced (this is Susie, what did you expect?) I hope you like it 16th November 2018 2,752
SpringBonnie 2.0 (COMPLETLY REMADE) : Fixed a lot of things, made him more balanced, updated the textures. Also i removed some things and added something new. 17th May 2019 136