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    I just finished watching it XD
    Rule 63 is in full effect
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    Hilarious. Apparently he made 1500 new stages. I only uploaded 50.
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    Its a bit stupid how the creator of the Underlust Sans gets hate for a character he made that everybody hates, and it made PizzaSause quit for some reason. It really confuses me. Also I believe he hates me because.. well I don't know. Inactivity? That was his last message to me.
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    Did Pizzasause unfriend you too?
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    wow nice work!!!!
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    Pizzasause is giving you flack for wishing him well..
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    That post on my profile wasn't even necessary...
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    You seem like a really nice and supportive guy to a lot of people. I like that.
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    and I thought I said greetings here
    Greetings to you, FlareGamer64!
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    I Did do Noting, what the F*** Just Do
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    There, uploaded it. Should be in my gallery.
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    Ah, I see. I'll upload it when I have the time.
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    Can you make a retard bashing bashing Enzo Du Kirby's characters?
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    Smash Mod Fred?
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Art, Retro Gaming, Nintendo, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Memes
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Mugen 1.0 and the Smash Mod
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Super Mario Bros, Lei-Lei, Most JoJo characters, creations with colour separation, The_None's characters, Brergrsart's Shitpost characters and Much MUCH more.
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Nintendo stages, Sonic stages, Joke stages and original stages that look great.
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Will return to Mugen when I feel lik it...so basically once Smash Ultimate dies I guess.


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im done with mugen 3rd November 2019 16:11
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Member's Files

File Date Downloads
Aku : Aku from samurai jack. lord of darkness and Jack`s main enemy to beat. And of course. E X T R A T H I C C! His "Bah I say!!" move was a public contest which users voted for. these are all of "Bah I say" outcomes RANDOM STUFF(No assists): 1. BAAAAAAAAAA ... 7th July 2017 1,100
Windows (BETA 2) : He made an edit to ThisClown17`s finished version. it`s got some new stuffs in it and such. Note that this is technically a BETA 2. So it might be lacking in some parts. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CW8FDtdX-Oc&lc=z13df1t4rwqhylhme23afxqi4tvazfenb.1499 ... 7th July 2017 65
Livetale Mettaton : Unfinished but maybe someone else will finish it. 8th July 2017 462
Sans clones mode : It works but there are some bugs as it is in BETA. 8th July 2017 99
Hardtale Sans : Unfinished but maybe someone else will finish it. 8th July 2017 522
Chisk (Overworld) : Unfinished but maybe someone else will finish it. 8th July 2017 160
D I G G E R : Why.... thank god this was never finished. 8th July 2017 122
Doll : Unfinished but maybe someone else will finish it. 8th July 2017 90
Giant Chara : Not as cringy as that digger thing but still why.. and again not finished. 8th July 2017 227
Patrick (DDR Style) : Unfinished but maybe someone else will finish it. 8th July 2017 244
Peridot : Unfinished but maybe someone else will finish it. 8th July 2017 462
RenHoek (L6-ish) : Unfinished but maybe someone else will finish it. 8th July 2017 65
FourthRhyme-ish Sans : Unfinished due to Retro Flowey`s sans basically being this but better. EDIT: WHY THE HELL DOES THIS HAVE SO MANY DOWNLOADS AND VIEWS?! 8th July 2017 678
Steven Universe (Remade) : Unfinished but maybe someone else will finish it. 8th July 2017 1,147
Niño Ratta : It`s a joke edit of donald with him being MLG based. it`s meant to be a comical character so there might be some errors. enjoy anyways. https://youtu.be/valqHMhxFhY 9th July 2017 351
Super Mario.exe : A boss style edit to Super Mario. He`s pretty strong and has quite a few changes. enjoy :grin: 10th July 2017 1,223
Super Luigi.exe : The brother edit for Super Mario.exe. he is not too different from Mario.exe but then again Luigi has always been a clone. Enjoy :grin: 10th July 2017 458
Venipede : It`s pretty bad. Stolen sprites, unfitting sounds, illegal moves and too OP. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iOR8n7C9jVw 10th July 2017 41
Homer Simpson Silly Soundpack : Just a silly soundpack for homer. 11th July 2017 55
SSB SMG4 : A big edit to SSB Mario with many sounds, sprites and other things changed. Comes with a metal mode too. 16th July 2017 324
AK-47 : It`s a gun... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0LwtBg5dxXk 16th July 2017 49
Blago : A recolour of a char by Camren Springer 12th July 2017 34
Yago : Another Camren Springer recolour. 12th July 2017 32
Wago : Another one :uhuh: 12th July 2017 41
Flower : It's his worst character EVER. It's basically Flowey but with no face. 12th July 2017 168
777/ MOTHER F#CKER Carrie Lam : Punching bag -_- https://youtu.be/lUGCjw3POXI 12th July 2017 21
SuperRhys217 : A self insert. Just be thankful it`s not a recolour 13th July 2017 90
Black Mage : A Recolour of Mario to look like the Final Fantasy Black Mage. He made it as a gift for John Summers. https://youtu.be/Q7p1TDGaw3U 14th July 2017 36
SM64 SMG4 : The best version of SMG4 in Mugen. Heck The Hobo Bros/Luke (AKA The real SMG4) and Kevin even gave a heart to LuigiFan1`s comment with the character! So that`s proof that this is the best SMG4. He has many sound edits and even a stage. 16th July 2017 430
Snack Vendor : Yes, one of these things has been made in Mugen. This was actually made in 2011. It acts like a punching bag but it takes no damage and it will strike back with a harder attack. it can only be defeated with the F1 key itself, cheapies such as Crazy Catast ... 17th July 2017 153
RackaRacka's voice for Donald : A (some what decent) soundpack for Donald. As in the unedited, original version. https://youtu.be/lNr1quiHpIM 18th July 2017 33
Pokken Tournament style Lucario : Pokken style edit of PTW Lucario by Orochi Lucario. 18th July 2017 366
Symbiote Super Mario Clones : Just a clones mode for Symbiote Super Mario. 19th July 2017 197
DONAemon-type-d : A cheap version of Doraemon. 19th July 2017 138
Fox edit : Just an edit of Chotto-Komaru Fox by Mother earth. 19th July 2017 381
Fox (Smash Mod) : An edit of Fox for the SSBB Mod. Note that this fox only works on said Build. 19th July 2017 265
Fox (SSF2 + SSBB) : A fox by Karter that uses old SSF2 Sprites. 19th July 2017 560
Falco : A Falco by Karter that uses custom sprites. Inspired by SSBB. 19th July 2017 576
Falco (CS / SSBM) : Tako made two Falcos. This one is sightly different. 19th July 2017 145
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