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    https://mugenarchive.com/forums/down...=file&id=63701 **** YOU FlareGamer64, you just BULLY TO ME, IS NOT MADE BY ME, IS ALLSTARMEGAMIX A YOU FATASS!!!!, FlareGamer64 if YOU SAY THAT CRAP!!!!, I WELL KILL YOU FATASS
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    WHAT, But i Your..... F**K You
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    but i your firend
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    Sorry but I have no idea. I don't do the tech stuff from the site.
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    I didnt block you. I deleted my file and moved yours to the nintendo section.
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    Dude, rename all "This Guy 17" to "ThisClown17". Im not This Guy anymore. Thanks.
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    Oh, ok v:
    I'm always active when Gram Parson finishes a new char xD
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    Yes, because :v?
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    Nope. No full games.

    Why is it impossible?
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    Yeah your right it it doesn't unpack. I'm all out of options for this one :/
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    I'm not sure if it'll work but maybe you can try using this to unpack the game https://mugenarchive.com/forums/down...mole-ition-kao
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    HAHAHA oh thats real good my man! I Didn't even realize that
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    - Characters can not be uploaded in packs

    - No passwords

    - No *******s in previews

    - Please add pictures

    - make sure the metadata shows up correctly.

    That's about all the rules for file uploading.
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    Happy Birthday.
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Mugen 1.0 and the Smash Mod
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Super Mario Bros, Lei-Lei, Most JoJo characters, creations with colour separation, The_None's characters, Brergrsart's Shitpost characters and Much MUCH more.
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Nintendo stages, Sonic stages, Joke stages and original stages that look great.
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Will return to Mugen when I feel lik it...so basically once Smash Ultimate dies I guess.


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File Date Downloads
Papyrus MEGA UPDATE edit : What's Changed? - Comboing was removed + Grab (honestly the sprites Don't really fit the Comboing) (Even if ya think ya want Undertale Boss Battled Sprited characters to combo its rather unnecessary (Also talking to you FlareGamer64... Wait a minute...) ... 19th October 2017 386
Muffet edit : What has changed??? -Papyrus Striker can get hit -Mettaton’s CLSN is kinda fixed -Some animations slightly changed -One of the Intro’s Helpers is fixed (Added a NoHitBy Code that way…) -Sprite 9000,1 is changed (but the original portrait is now 9000, ... 19th October 2017 361
Smash Bros KFM : This KFM has the same type of style as N64Mario's Poc-Mario and Poc-Luigi and the bigger versions by Warner and Pizzasause (And also LukeThreeMewtwo's edit of Pizzasause's Mario). You can use this to make your own SSB style characters. Comes with three ty ... 19th October 2017 92
Underpants Papyrus edit : Additions on this edit: Added 3 specials Added 2 hypers Recoloured all of his sprites to a battle colour Changed his display name to "Funny Papyrus" 21st October 2017 841
Underpants Sans edit : Added a hyper called strongest attack which cost 1000 power Added a special which underpants sans summons a gaster blaster Changed his display name to "Funny Sans" 21st October 2017 1,427
Green Azumarill : A recolour :uhuh: https://youtu.be/AdDocPNTU1s 22nd October 2017 37
Magic the Fox : Another recolour :uhuh: https://youtu.be/AdDocPNTU1s 22nd October 2017 95
Magic the Fox sonic 2 : Yet another recolour :uhuh: https://youtu.be/AdDocPNTU1s 22nd October 2017 39
Cross Stitch : From the Mugen Game TFGAF Special. This will always be the second-to-last character you fight in TFGAF Special. It's a pretty ok boss character. 22nd October 2017 80
Fist Man/Joey Faust : Joey Faust himself as a Mugen char. Of course like all of Joey characters it's in TFGAF style. 22nd October 2017 40
Anubis : We had this here but Joey Faust has made update patches and I don't think the one we have here has them. 22nd October 2017 60
Dark Fist Man : A Dark version of Fist Man/Joey Faust. From TFGAF Special. 22nd October 2017 18
Halloween Man : From TFGAF Special. It's one of Joey Faust's many Original Characters. He's apart of the Villains group. 22nd October 2017 56
Skelaton the Skelet : From TFGAF. It's a Skeleton, do I need to say more? 22nd October 2017 181
God Jafar : From TFGAF. It's a hidden boss character. 22nd October 2017 117
SMG4 (Beta) : So after about 15 Super Mario Recolours later we finally got a SMG4 that isn't a colour swap. Don't belive me? Test him out or watch the video below. (Also this is a Beta version so there might be overpowered moves or issues) https://youtu.be/GtOkWLcky ... 23rd October 2017 165
Black Kyurem : A cheap character. 12th November 2017 201
Cala Maria : (THIS IS ONE OF MY MOST DOWNLOADED AND VIEWD CHARACTERS, THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS :D) One of the bosses from the recently released game Cuphead. She is a very simple character. Only three moves. She is intended to be a boss character. This character was ... 23rd October 2017 1,772
Fieski Dude : A OC by Joey Faust from TFGAF Special. If you want to download or play TFGAF Special then here. http://teamfaustgames.wixsite.com/team-faust-games/tfgaf 23rd October 2017 11
Shadow Fighter 1 : A shadow fighter that takes the form of Twinbee. In TFGAF Special when you play as Twinbee in the arcade mode you will fight this character. If you would like to play TFGAF Special then here: http://teamfaustgames.wixsite.com/team-faust-games/tfgaf ... 23rd October 2017 34
Shadow Fighter 2 : A shadow fighter that takes the form of Fieski Dude. In TFGAF Special when you play as Fieski Dudein the arcade mode you will fight this character. If you would like to play TFGAF Special then here: http://teamfaustgames.wixsite.com/team-faust-games/tfgaf ... 23rd October 2017 21
Lenny Punching Bag : Why would someone do this? Lenny is bae. Lenny is life. 23rd October 2017 26
Oliver V1.4 : Changes: Added the last new assist: Cuphead Added 3 new moves: Power of Martial Artist, Sakugarne from Above and Shun Goku Satsu A cheap palette has been added. Just select the 12th palette then you're ready to go. Changed the Flame Sword into Tatsuma ... 23rd October 2017 47
Roblox Noob Edit Final version : Changes Changed the Superball to have more force to push the opponent, and throwing it straight. ALOT of things I have forgotten. "I won't be updating this character anymore. This is going to be the final version for this fellow here, so don't expect ... 23rd October 2017 1,258
Cuphead TBA V0.5 : More moves, more types of projectiles, equip menu and now the shoots are a separate button. Still more to come. https://youtu.be/sDhKr0yyYbA 10th January 2018 750
Aago the Ninja Cat : Camren Springer recolours :facepalm2: https://youtu.be/XjzXafiv_34 24th October 2017 63
Vago : Another Camern Springer recolour. :uhuh: https://youtu.be/XjzXafiv_34 24th October 2017 30
Tago : Really a third Camern Springer recolour? :hmm: https://youtu.be/XjzXafiv_34 24th October 2017 49
Super Furious Angry Klasky Csupo : What did I find exactly? https://youtu.be/SaeZaRtpgSY 24th October 2017 41
Bowser : https://youtu.be/uxzjtzrEy4k 13th August 2018 473
Evil Luigi SM853 V2 : The newest version of the Evil Luigi character. This Super Luigi edit contains new animations, voice clips and is very powerful. It's like a boss character almost. One of my favourite Super Luigi edits. https://youtu.be/f9LMm0O418U 25th October 2017 138
Cagney Carnation Sprites : Cagney Carnation from Cuphead sprite rips. I didn't rip anything, I got these assits from The Spriters Resource. Sprite rippers: kendotlibero - Floral Fury Background rips Mighty Jetters - Cagney Carnation rips rrrrrraven - The Mugshots 26th October 2017 87
Timmy Turner V1.2 : A new Timmy Turner has entered Mugen. And this is the best one yet! https://youtu.be/h_X6UFL4TLo 27th October 2017 619
Grand Dad : 80% Complete. Changes: Updated the readme to include more information, still unfinished though Added in some running sounds the enemy makes during The Grand Old Final move Buffed some of Grand Dad's attacks, they now do slightly more damage than befor ... 31st October 2017 160
Spooky Makai : Just a halloween version of Makai. Has a jumpscare attack. Be careful. 31st October 2017 13
Homer Edit : This edit was updated three days ago Changes: Completely redid most of Homer's hit and hurtboxes Removed two of his intros Changed and fixed some other things along the way 31st October 2017 159
Horror Anton16658 (CRAPPY) : I found this in his drive. Like all of Anton's characters it's a bad spriteswap of the Undertale Template. Should be bashed. 31st October 2017 26
Burns Dracula (October 2017 update) : A new move was added. The move is a referance to the Cuphead boss Cagney Carnation. To use this move do this command: D, DF, F, b+c https://youtu.be/sOeFmCRAtxM 31st October 2017 726
harvyj197727 : Updated 01/11/2017 https://youtu.be/6LkDeSZzHrk 1st November 2017 78
Evil harvyj197727 853 : It's a much better version of harvyj197727's evil self. 1st November 2017 85