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    That's because they're adf.ly links. I've been trying to raise money for a new pc since mine is kinda garbage and it makes it frustrating to make MUGEN characters and record gameplay with it. I'll probably just remove it though since adf.ly is pretty troublesome and it hasn't been making much anyway.
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    You better delete it.
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    Creator of Null Desert didn't allow to post his stage on this website.
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    Definitely for a reason that I shouldn't state here. No problem though, I'm mainly on other places nowadays anyway.
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    Thanks man, good to be back.
    They sound okay. Lost Painting sounds the best though.
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    Shadow Dio boys.
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    FFS why would that guy make you change your icon
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    um... what the hell happened to your icon?
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    I do. It's just you were banned for a short while before I could answer.
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    Nice to see you again.

    Also, I don't really care for two palette packs. I'm currently doing palettes myself, so I'll probably do Thanos myself. (I was going to comment sooner or later.)
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Art, Retro Gaming, Nintendo, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Memes
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Mugen 1.0 and the Smash Mod
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Super Mario Bros, Lei-Lei, Most JoJo characters, creations with colour separation, The_None's characters, Brergrsart's Shitpost characters and Much MUCH more.
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Nintendo stages, Sonic stages, Joke stages and original stages that look great.
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Will return to Mugen when I feel lik it...so basically once Smash Ultimate dies I guess.


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DIO's stage (Smash Mod) : A custom stage I made for the Smash Mod. A home stage for DIO and any other JoJo characters. I used SAI to edit all the sprites together. Not animated. Credits in the readme. 28th September 2019 76
Meta Knight (Smash Mod) : My newest Smash Mod character. Began development late August and now released. This one features the most edits out of all my Smash Mods. Works very well. Only issues it has are with the A.I. and it's recovery. More info in the readme. 28th September 2019 24
Sceptile (Smash Mod) : Another Smash Mod from August 2018. This one was made after a (failed) Blaziken Smash Mod was made. This one works really well because of how the character is structured. Has DarkLuigi's edits which I know Dylan doesn't like. Notes/Glitches: Uses Leaf ... 21st September 2019 43
JDM's Lucario palettes : Custom palettes by JDM (ShiroTori) for Ralord's Lucario Palettes: Gen 6 Style, Shiny Gen 6 Style, Riolu, Mewtwo, Zoroark, Tron Legacy, Civil Twilight, Platinum Brawler, Manliness, Icy Mint, Sunburned and Exotic 6th August 2019 10
JDM's Agumon palettes : Custom palettes by JDM (ShiroTori) for Tsunamidusher's Agumon Palettes: Charizard, Totodile, Sceptile, Sonic, Night Shade, Dune Dweller,Swamp Creature, Indigo Tribe, Electric Boogaloo, Malevolence, Living Statue, Icy Mint 6th August 2019 4
JDM's Spydama palettes : Custom palettes by JDM (ShiroTori) for fu-lin's Spy-dama Palettes: Symbiote Suit, 3 Dev Adam, Piderman, That One Guy from the Basement, Shirai Ryu, Lin Kuei, Manliness, Stealthy, Minty Fresh, Regal Blue, Poison Berry, Evil 'n Dark 6th August 2019 10
JDM's Felicia palettes : Custom palettes by JDM (ShiroTori) for Jesuszillia's Felicia (newest version) Palettes: 6 Customs, Calico, Vulpine, Okami, Sonic, Shadow, The Cheshire Cat, Na'vi (Avatar) and CPS3 Style 6th August 2019 16
JDM's Jones Tsunamidusher palettes : Custom palettes by JDM (ShiroTori) for Tsunamidusher's self insert character Jones Tsunamidusher. Palettes: Forest Camouflage, Arctic Camouflage, Urban Camouflage, The Edge, X-Treme, Prison Break, Electrifying, Burning Bright, Consumed by Darkfl ... 6th August 2019 4
JDM's XIII Leona palettes : Custom palettes by JDM (ShiroTori) for P-Tan's XIII Leona Palettes: 3 Customs, Classic Leona, Classic Clark, Kula, Jill Valentine, Silver the Hedgehog, Red Lantern and Brazil 7th August 2019 10
JDM's Tron-Bonne palettes : Custom palettes by JDM (ShiroTori) for LegendaryXM90's Tron-Bonne palettes: 6 Customs, Megaman, Robotnik, Doppleganger, Tails the Fox, Waffle (Tail Concerto) and Red (Solatorobo) 7th August 2019 10
JDM's Kai palettes : Custom palettes by JDM (ShiroTori) for Bannana's Gai palettes: Black Alternate, Joe Higashi, Boss Saiki, Rocky Horror, Manliness, Brazilian Boxer, Icy Heat, Mad Mudman, Spray-Tanned Bro, Native Son, Pale Autumn and Irish Brawler 7th August 2019 3
JDM's D-Rugal (Dormammu-R) palettes : Custom palettes by JDM (ShiroTori) for Ahuron's D-Rugal/Dormammu-R Palettes: White, Kula, God Rugal and Yellow 7th August 2019 6
JDM's S.Ops Psycho Weapon Palettes : Custom palettes by JDM (ShiroTori) for Ethan Lives' Spec Ops Psycho Weapon Cammy Palettes: 3 Customs, Jill Valentine (RE1), Jill Valentine (RE5), Red Lantern, Sinestro Corps and Black Lantern 7th August 2019 18
JDM's Red Arcueid palettes : Custom palettes by JDM (ShiroTori) for ⑨'s Red Arcueid Palettes: 2 Customs, A different take on the "shadow" palette, Violent Ken, Orochi Iori, Oni, Mileena and Black Lantern 17th August 2019 4
JDM's Athena palettes : Custom palettes by JDM (ShiroTori) for Warusaki3's Athena Palettes: Alternate default, 3 Customs, Indigo Tribe and Na'vi (Avatar) 17th August 2019 6
JDM's T-H-M-A palettes : Custom palettes by JDM (ShiroTori) for Yes's T-H-M-A Palettes: All customs 17th August 2019 4
JDM's Renamon palettes : Custom palettes by JDM (ShiroTori) for Tsunamidusher's Renamon Palettes: 5 Customs, Arctic Fox, Jon Talbain, Kula Diamond, Tron Blue & Tron Red 17th August 2019 6
JDM's Shadow DIO palettes : Custom palettes by JDM (ShiroTori) for kikurage's Shadow Dio (not Warusaki3's version) Palettes: 4 Customs, Manga/Comic, Herald (UMvC3), Robo Len and True Shadow 17th August 2019 11
Breloom (Smash Mod) : I'm going to be uploading a bunch of Smash Mods I made over the past year. Starting with the first one I remember doing, Breloom by Secret1056 with DarkLuigi's A.I patch Notes/Glitches: Uses Sunny Day state as a recovery move, meaning it can recover f ... 21st September 2019 26
Eevee (Smash Mod) : Next up, here's a Eevee for the Smash Mod. This one was done in 2018 just like Breloom. I don't remeber much about this one besides it was made before Incineroar. I also had to buff up the stats a bit Notes/Glitches: Uses Vaporeon helper as a recovery ... 21st September 2019 45
MvC Samus (Smash Mod) : One of the first Smash Mods I made and one of the ones that works the best. Even uses the same special to recover as she does in the Smash series. Comes with a killer A.I. to boot, making it one of the best Smash Mods around. Notes/Glitches: Recovery ... 21st September 2019 76
Nintendo Switch (Smash Mod) : Did this one when I was bored. It's a fairly okay Smash Mod. Works well but doesn't fit the Smash Mod due to the character's short range attacks Notes/Glitches: Uses the spin attack as a recovery move. Meaning it can stall in the air and make fighting ... 21st September 2019 29
Lucario (Smash Mod) : This one was also a fairly early one I did and has a few quirks in it. Of course this being Dshiznetz it also has a insane A.I. that can even knock itself out (check notes) Notes/Glitches: Uses Forced Palm (not metal claw) as a recovery move. Meaning ... 21st September 2019 39
Geno (Smash Mod) : Well since he isn't going to be in Smash Ultimate, we can at least enjoy him in the Smash Mod right? Also from the August 2018 batch, I'm fairly certain this one was made after K.Rool was revealed. Before he was even deconfirmed. Oof. Notes/Glitches: ... 21st September 2019 32
Kaptain K.Rool (Smash Mod) : This one was done in March of this year. I wanted to try the Smash Mod again after playing Smash Ultimate for the longest time and made this one to see how it worked. It's decent I guess. More of a big gimmick if anything. Notes/Glitches: Lacks a reco ... 21st September 2019 35
Ryu (P.O.T.S) (Smash Mod) : I did this one within the same day as the K.K.Rool one. Pretty much identical to his Smash appearance as you would expect. RECOMMENDED: Use the default "Ryu.def" as that's the one I use. Don't try the others because I never tested them. Notes/Glitc ... 21st September 2019 72
Ken (Smash Mod) : Also done on the same day as K.K.Rool is this Ken Smash Mod to go with the Ryu one. Differs a bit from Ryu because he isn't an echo here RECOMMENDED: Use the default "Ken.def" as that's the one I use. Don't try the others because I never tested them. ... 21st September 2019 56
Sakura (Smash Mod) : I kinda got greedy and did a Sakura Smash Mod as a well. I think I did this one in April(?). Includes a A.I that is bonkers. RECOMMENDED: Unlike with Ryu and Ken, I used the A.I. patched version of the character as a base, so I would use the Sakura_sk_ ... 21st September 2019 51
Roy (Smash Mod) : One of the newer ones I did (June 2019 I think). This one is good, but it has an insane damage output that can make matches end in under a minute. You might wanna change that if you care about balance. Notes/Bugs: It's the un-nerfed version I think, ... 21st September 2019 60
Chrom V1.0 (20/10/2019) : The newest version of Chrom by Boy's our boy. Finally finished after all this time. Chrom has fully been released to the public, finally. Yes, this is release 1.0. I finally finished something, for once. This Chrom is based off his appearance in Fi ... 20th October 2019 337
Moon (Andro Dunos) : Based off of stage 1 from the game Andro Dunos. Bares resemblance to another stage called Space Rock Stage by Mimchou. Animated and has music. https://youtu.be/7FypNRSHXnA 20th October 2019 43
HomieYoshiStory 2 : 1/3 Yoshi Story stages by Mabskmk. Shares the same .sff file as the other two Yoshi Story stages. 28th December 2019 21
HomieYoshiStory 3 : 1/3 Yoshi Story stages by Mabskmk. Shares the same .sff file as the other two Yoshi Story stages. 28th December 2019 19
HomieYoshiStory 1 : 1/3 Yoshi Story stages by Mabskmk. Shares the same .sff file as the other two Yoshi Story stages. 28th December 2019 29
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