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    That's because they're adf.ly links. I've been trying to raise money for a new pc since mine is kinda garbage and it makes it frustrating to make MUGEN characters and record gameplay with it. I'll probably just remove it though since adf.ly is pretty troublesome and it hasn't been making much anyway.
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    You better delete it.
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    Creator of Null Desert didn't allow to post his stage on this website.
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    Definitely for a reason that I shouldn't state here. No problem though, I'm mainly on other places nowadays anyway.
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    Thanks man, good to be back.
    They sound okay. Lost Painting sounds the best though.
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    Shadow Dio boys.
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    FFS why would that guy make you change your icon
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    um... what the hell happened to your icon?
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    I do. It's just you were banned for a short while before I could answer.
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    Nice to see you again.

    Also, I don't really care for two palette packs. I'm currently doing palettes myself, so I'll probably do Thanos myself. (I was going to comment sooner or later.)
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Art, Retro Gaming, Nintendo, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Memes
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Mugen 1.0 and the Smash Mod
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Super Mario Bros, Lei-Lei, Most JoJo characters, creations with colour separation, The_None's characters, Brergrsart's Shitpost characters and Much MUCH more.
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Nintendo stages, Sonic stages, Joke stages and original stages that look great.
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Will return to Mugen when I feel lik it...so basically once Smash Ultimate dies I guess.


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File Date Downloads
S-Super Mario : An older version i think. 15th August 2017 235
hu-ama : Human version of that one doge from Okami. 15th August 2017 576
To-Ri : Must be from an anime looking at those sprites. 15th August 2017 162
Kaboola A.I : A.I For Kaboola. 15th August 2017 21
hakurou-tengu : Older version. 15th August 2017 116
UL! Sans Punching bag : THIS CHARACTER IS NOT THE REAL UNDERLUST SANS IT`S A PUNCHING BAG. https://youtu.be/xmcC9CrO_SI 16th August 2017 235
UL! Papyrus Punching Bag : ANOTHER UNDERLUST PUNCHING BAG. https://youtu.be/i895qXGUP8A 16th August 2017 128
UL! Toriel Punching Bag : THE LAST UNDERLUST PUNCHINGBAG MADE AND SHOULD BE THE LAST. https://youtu.be/BTWXqwYQaHg 16th August 2017 93
Ness : A ness by a Unknown author 16th August 2017 91
Kirby Edit : A SSBM Style Kirby. 16th August 2017 127
Flat Zone : The home stage for Mr. Game and Watch from super smash bros melee 16th August 2017 257
SSBM Fighter Select Screen : A stage of the Fighter Select screen from SSBM. 16th August 2017 121
SSB Fighter Select Screen : A stage of the fighter select screen from SBB 16th August 2017 108
SSBB Fighter Select Screen : A stage of the fighter select screen from SSBB 16th August 2017 159
SSBB Stage Builder : Oh the irony... :megalol: A stage builder stage in a fighting game where you can amke anything. But it's actually really cool. There's three versions, The sky theme, the temple theme and the security theme. And all are different stages, not reskins. 16th August 2017 118
WarioWare : WELCOME TO WARIO MICROGAME EMPORIUM WHER-Oh wait this is not SMG4 sorry. Move along 16th August 2017 284
Battlefield : From SSBB 16th August 2017 202
Wii Fit Trainer Stage : GET READY TO BE FIT MOFO!!!!!!! 16th August 2017 128
Inkopolis : From splatoon 1. 16th August 2017 139
Creeper Lucario Palette : Ever wanted to have Dshiznetz`s Lucario look like a minecraft creeper? well now you can! 17th August 2017 9
Ness : Shane`s edit of MGSSJ2 ness. It`s my favourite ness to play as. But overall i think Ness_San(s) is still better but this is still a great character nonetheless 17th August 2017 642
Retarded Josh Geary : Before you say "OMG Retarded Josh Geary wot is this 2015?" this was made quickly and Dark Chaos regrets this. Uses CvS Axel stone and easy char to create this disaster. Also this had yet to be uploaded here. 17th August 2017 35
6 Button KFM : This was the template Dark Chaos used to use but later he stopped using it. 17th August 2017 132
Derp : Dark Luigi`s second patched character for season 3 is Derp. Derp is a character featured in online comics through out the internet, in these comics he makes many faces. Most of the comics usually end up in him becoming angry. This version has better A.I s ... 18th August 2017 747
UnderSwap Ruins : The Ruins from the AU UnderSwap. 18th August 2017 84
UnderFell Ruins : The Ruins from the AU UnderFell 18th August 2017 94
SwapFell Ruins : The Ruins from the AU SwapFell 18th August 2017 53
Waterfall : From Undertale. This is the third area in the game. Unlike other versions this one uses the Lilly-pad bridge 18th August 2017 84
Bridge : From Undertale. This is the place where you fight a major boss. Not spoiling it tho. 18th August 2017 273
Cavern : From Undertale. This is where you fight a certain fish boss on a regular playthrough 18th August 2017 73
Sportacus (BETA) : Sportacus is one of the main characters from the Show Lazy town. He is seen as a hero by everyone and Robbie Rotten wants to get rid of him so the town can be back to the way it was, LAZY. Randy made a Sportacus in 2010 but sucked. Pizzasauce has made new ... 19th August 2017 894
Robert : An old self insert. Uses the rather crappy Pocket Template. He was remaking it but he sadly quit Mugen. 21st August 2017 50
CvS Shadow : I believe we only had the A.I Patched version here. If you don`t like brutal A.I then here is Dark Chaos Shadow without the A.I. R.I.P Dark Chaos Mugen stuff. 21st August 2017 266
Cosmo : Another Dark Chaos thing that had yet to be uploaded. 21st August 2017 272
Japanese Homer : A Homer edit that (From what i have seen) Is pretty cheap. Also, IT`S IN JAPANESE DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU. 21st August 2017 172
Captain Blasternaut : Oh god why do i have to upload this... It`s by All Star Mega Mix, better know as TheBootlegs170. Probably not a good character, uses a MvC template so that`s not a good sign. Also, i found it on this site: http://allstarmegamix.weebly.com/ it`s a pretty c ... 22nd August 2017 28
Evil harvyj197727 : Back to the Mario clones :P. Basically this is just a evil form for harvyj197727. https://youtu.be/L8RJlsWlL6c 22nd August 2017 23
Evil MarioPlayz Gamez : A evil form for MarioPlayz Gamez. https://youtu.be/L8RJlsWlL6c 22nd August 2017 53
Andre Riddick : "A real life friend of Josh, and one of the creator's attempts at original coding(along with the old version of Yellow Man). He is not a spriteswap, but he isn't very good either." - The website i found this thing on. This is V1 btw. 22nd August 2017 29
Andre Riddick V2 : "A real life friend of Josh, and one of the creator's attempts at original coding(along with the old version of Yellow Man). He is not a spriteswap, but he isn't very good either." - The website i found this thing on. This is V2. probably only sightly bet ... 22nd August 2017 49