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  1. Twitter: https://twitter.com/FlareGamer64 (I'm more active here)
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    That's because they're adf.ly links. I've been trying to raise money for a new pc since mine is kinda garbage and it makes it frustrating to make MUGEN characters and record gameplay with it. I'll probably just remove it though since adf.ly is pretty troublesome and it hasn't been making much anyway.
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    You better delete it.
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    Creator of Null Desert didn't allow to post his stage on this website.
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    Definitely for a reason that I shouldn't state here. No problem though, I'm mainly on other places nowadays anyway.
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    Thanks man, good to be back.
    They sound okay. Lost Painting sounds the best though.
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    Shadow Dio boys.
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    FFS why would that guy make you change your icon
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    um... what the hell happened to your icon?
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    I do. It's just you were banned for a short while before I could answer.
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June 4
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Art, Retro Gaming, Nintendo, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Memes
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Mugen 1.0 and the Smash Mod
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Super Mario Bros, Lei-Lei, Most JoJo characters, creations with colour separation, The_None's characters, Brergrsart's Shitpost characters and Much MUCH more.
Favorite MUGEN stages:
Nintendo stages, Sonic stages, Joke stages and original stages that look great.
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I'm doing okay.

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Member's Files

File Date Downloads
Arwette : From the Mugen Fangame TFGAF Special. 9th November 2017 18
Future J2 : From the Mugen Fangame TFGAF Special. 9th November 2017 65
Jimmy Neutron : Not very good. Collection purpose only. https://youtu.be/oL68E0EQmTE 12th November 2017 114
Undertoad Mario : Another Undertoad Mario character by... Sethawut Noijad, the same person who made that crappy attempt at a Disbelief Sans and the poorly made Spooky Sans. This Undertoad Mario is a Spriteswap of Mysery107's StorySwap Frisk, how disapointing since he alrea ... 9th November 2017 390
Botanic Panic 1.0 : The Botanic Panic stage by Margatroid edited for Mugen 1.0 by GarchompMatt/PlasmoidThunder 10th November 2017 700
Peter Edit v1.1 : Changes: Fixed Peter's palettes from not working Added in more moves that were originally taken from Warner's updated Peter Changed some other things This has become the definitive Peter for Mugen now, no questions asked. Alternate link: https://game ... 11th November 2017 397
SFA3 E Honda Sprites : Just a test upload for something. I was lazy so have the full sprite sheet instead. 11th November 2017 26
Kyogre edit : It's somewhat better now. https://youtu.be/fiJhvqXu-78 11th November 2017 153
SvP Pikachu : The first character from the W.I.P Mugen fangame by YochiThMaster333 Called Sonic vs Pokemon. 11th November 2017 648
Dexter : This might look like FelixMario's new updated version but it's not. It steals the sprites from the upcoming new Dexter, has stolen coding from Camrem Springer and is just bad in general. Collection purpose ONLY. https://youtu.be/o-8Ff_BsOFs 12th November 2017 641
Olimon (Joke version of Olimar) : A joke version of Olimar from Pikmin. It's a spriteswap of AngryBirdCoolerV3's Nitro Crate. https://youtu.be/LBRChiTlww8 12th November 2017 51
Sonic Mania Screenpack : A screenpack inspired by Sonic Mania. It's good I guess. Although it has a large file size so you might want to use the alternate link encase of anything. https://youtu.be/pF9APIMHgjU Alternate link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/3k596c7uzm95epz/Sonic ... 12th November 2017 221
White Kyurem : Another cheap Kyurem. 12th November 2017 282
N.Sanity Beach : From the Crash Bandicoot series. This stage was made for Crow's Crash, having the same type of art style. 12th November 2017 69
Mudkip : 12th November 2017 53
Mudkip : Another Mudkip. 12th November 2017 49
Giratina : An edited version of Giratina 12th November 2017 378
Snivy : A spriteswap of get this, Ricepigeon's Giratina... wat. This was made by Idiot so that's why it's crappy. 12th November 2017 51
Treecko : It looks decent. Although I can't confirm if it's a good character. 12th November 2017 176
Treecko : Probably not worth your time. 12th November 2017 71
Treecko : This one was made in 2011, making it the oldest Treecko in Mugen. It's a spriteswap of a Bowser character. Not worth your time. Collection purpose I guess. 12th November 2017 42
Robot 0-1 V1.1 : Updated 20 mintues ago. Changes: Added a new move: Shield Counter Attacking now gives you more powers. Medium attack and Dash Punch wind-up now moves a little faster. 13th November 2017 230
Oliver V1.6 : Changes: Added custom hitsparks from Derpy Sponge's Flowey/Kung Fu Rosen. Added an easter egg which appears 50% from a hyper move. But which one? Changed the Rhythm assist to Doopliss. (I got spotted) Changed the standing strong punch (shoulder attack ... 13th November 2017 165
Black Smith Camp : From Castle Crashers. Found this on Game Banana. 13th November 2017 27
Sock Puppet : Waaaaaaaat.... https://youtu.be/h_uQeLw2fFw 13th November 2017 27
TFGAF Template : The Official Team Faust Games Area Fighters Special template by Joey Faust himself. With this template you can make your own TFGAF Special style characters. There's code examples included that you can use to help you with your creation. This file includes ... 13th November 2017 172
TFGAF Character Announcer Sounds : Originally included with the template although being uploaded separate here. This file contains annoucncer sound effects for the characters in Team Faust Games Area Fighters Special as well as characters that you could possibly make with the template like ... 13th November 2017 22
TFGAF Sound effects : General sounds used in TFGAF Special that you can use for your own TFGAF chars. 13th November 2017 32
Papyrus Accurate Overworld Colour : The palette got updated again Changes: The old version of Papyrus' Portrait has been added for the users of Pre-MEGA Update Papyrus. Bubsy's colors are now (slighty?) accurate. That blue color on Sans' Gaster Blaster is now the blue in his glowing eye ... 14th November 2017 12
The Dark Nightmare Demise : An edgy name for a mediocre stage. https://youtu.be/syU61U6B_kg 14th November 2017 25
Nosepass : I haven't tested it but it seems decent at best. 14th November 2017 23
Nosediver : A different version of Nosepass by the same author. 14th November 2017 8
Nosejet : Yet another Nosepass by the same author. 14th November 2017 16
Nose X : Yet, Another Nosepass. Do we really need this many Nosepass variations? 14th November 2017 15
Prototype Nosepass : Okay, FIVE NOSEPASSES. WHY WOULD ANYONE MAKE THIS MANY NOSEPASS?! 14th November 2017 13
Omega Flowey Edit : He basically remade the ENTIRE character. 100% Better then the original one. Watch the video below to see this awesome edit in action. https://youtu.be/K498VlsNuQ0 15th November 2017 1,113
Eddy edit : List o' stuff: Added a Shun Goku Satsu Added a special called water gun Added a hyper called trolley Added 4 assists 16th November 2017 392
Kirby Edit : Nobody had posted Endercreeper9999's Kirby edit yet so I decided to post it here. "Based off Dylanius' edit of Claymizer's Kirby. However, it instead removes all vore-related content, adds a new portrait, and updates the victory quotes." - Endercreepe ... 16th November 2017 545
_Data_Drain_'s Galacta Knight pals : _Data_Drain_ posted these on Mugen Fighter's < >. I'm only reuploading them here because they look really good. Palettes: Kirby Super Star Ultra Galacta Knight (Replacement for the default palette) Zero-Two (Kirby 64) Dark Matter Blade (Kirby's Drea ... 16th November 2017 63
Ben Geery : Tresh stuff. Archiving purpose(?) https://youtu.be/PmSy7tEu07A 20th November 2017 16