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  1. Twitter: https://twitter.com/FlareGamer64 (I'm more active here)
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    That's because they're adf.ly links. I've been trying to raise money for a new pc since mine is kinda garbage and it makes it frustrating to make MUGEN characters and record gameplay with it. I'll probably just remove it though since adf.ly is pretty troublesome and it hasn't been making much anyway.
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    You better delete it.
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    Creator of Null Desert didn't allow to post his stage on this website.
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    Definitely for a reason that I shouldn't state here. No problem though, I'm mainly on other places nowadays anyway.
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    Thanks man, good to be back.
    They sound okay. Lost Painting sounds the best though.
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    Shadow Dio boys.
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    FFS why would that guy make you change your icon
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    um... what the hell happened to your icon?
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    I do. It's just you were banned for a short while before I could answer.
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June 4
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Art, Retro Gaming, Nintendo, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Memes
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Mugen 1.0 and the Smash Mod
Favorite MUGEN characters:
Super Mario Bros, Lei-Lei, Most JoJo characters, creations with colour separation, The_None's characters, Brergrsart's Shitpost characters and Much MUCH more.
Favorite MUGEN stages:
Nintendo stages, Sonic stages, Joke stages and original stages that look great.
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Windows 10
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I'm doing okay.

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Member's Files

File Date Downloads
Swampert : Another Swampert made by the same author in the same year. must be a joke version judging by the name in the .def file. also uses Misery dungeon sprites. 3rd August 2017 71
TDX's Sakura palettes : Custom palettes by TotalDramaXtremist for PotS's Sakura Palettes: Xtremist, Violet, PinkBlue, Monochrome, Keiko, Forest, Cyan, BlueYellow, Dead Forest, NoName, Akuma, Evil, Oni, Shadow 2nd September 2018 19
Mr X's stage : 9th June 2018 173
Brimstone : By a author from < >, has A.I 12th April 2018 421
Docks : "This stage has been on my mind for ages! I'm thinking of releasing a bunch of stages based off of 2d Beat Em ups from the golden age of gaming. genesis and snes games alike. but i need the right inspiration to do it. Streets Of Rage 3, Stage 1, Part 2 ... 9th June 2018 38
Lucky Note : Comes with two resolutions. 9th June 2018 37
TDX's Kongou palettes : Custom palettes by TotalDramaXtremist for hetyo's Kongou Palettes: Xtremist, Light Sapphire, Donatello, Crouching Kongou Hidden Weapon, Viva Mexico, Messatsu, Full Metal Mayhem, Monochrome 11th September 2018 10
TDX's Parace L'sia palettes : Custom palettes by TotalDramaXtremist for Incurable's Parace L'sia Palettes: Xtremist, Dark Magician Girl, Mana (Yu-Gi-Oh!), Golden Parace, Messatsu (CvS Akuma), Mildred Avallone, Parace The Great 11th September 2018 41
I Wanna be the Donald : Another Donald themed stage. This stage could of been lost if Ronald2553 didn't give me it. If you don't like the Hamburger Clown and his cheap edits then this stage isn't for you :grin: https://youtu.be/eOGnkra6va4 16th November 2017 109
Hulk Zerobot 85% : I wasn't able to upload this character earlier, but Now I can. Edited version of Zero from KOF. Seems like a joke edit. 12th April 2018 79
LuigiFan1 by DLF : I already uploaded this but when i uploaded all of the other LuigiFan1s someone merged LuigiFan1`s self character (which had no shading) and DLF`s version of LuigiFan1 (Which has shading and has a few other edited features). so this is DLF`s one. got that ... 13th August 2017 45
Old Super Mario Bros Stage : File name says it is a beta but it looks decent enough. Not my preferred style though. 9th June 2018 305
ParaSky/Custom Stage : A random stage I found. 9th June 2018 69
Oliver's Vortex Portraits Pack : Portraits added since September: Makoto Nanaya, Ragna BloodEdge (HD included), Skullman X, Jason Voorhees, Muffet, Martin, Sebi & Kung Fu Rosen. -TUTORIAL- To add the portraits in, open up Fighter Factory and open up a character. Next, add the chara ... 18th December 2017 38
BFDI Leafy Voice : For some leafy character... Look I don't really care ok? https://youtu.be/a2Ax6y-IFhE 21st December 2017 153
Hammer Bro mini sound Edit : Just a mini sound edit by ultra ridley the space pirate for KingPepe`s Hammer Bro. 16th July 2017 174
The Sixth Element stage : He made it in June forgot to even publish it XD 13th July 2017 24
Oshawott : This is Oshawott By Felixmario2011. He is heavily based on his appearance from PokePark 2 with him having multiple references to it and his voice lines are ripped from said game He has 4 specials and 4 hypers just like his snivy. You can download his home ... 14th June 2017 339
Suzaku Castle : Ryu's stage from the cancelled Mugen Fangame Street Fighter Alpha 4. 11th June 2018 149
Tenka Ichi Budokai : 11th June 2018 237
TOP Cavern of Ice : 11th June 2018 29
Prinny Camp : 9th June 2018 35
Bad Moon Rising : 9th June 2018 675
Crystal Tower : 9th June 2018 31
Soserine : A stage by The_None's alter ego Adamlexus that wasn't posted here. Has three versions for you to pick from. 19th May 2018 40
Kat : From WarioWare. 20th May 2018 171
Ana : From WarioWare. 20th May 2018 143
Kor Asriel + Omega Flowey : Updated 15/11/2017. To use Omega Flowey Press down + Z with 6 bars of power. Mugen 1.1 ONLY character https://youtu.be/UuCR1J1_8FQ 15th November 2017 1,899
PlasmaField : Lots and lots of fire. 9th June 2018 14
Piplup's 7th Evolution (Bugfix) : VERY important update. Now you can actually play as him and not get stuck in place. https://youtu.be/hwsLgLSh7EE 13th June 2018 102
Stewie : CAN YOU PLEASE STOP UPDATING THIS THING?! IT`S NOT GOOD! AND IT WON`T EVER BE! SO STOP TRYING TO BE WARNER!!! AND JUST CHECK THE WEBSITE, IT`S AWFUL: http://allstarmegamix.weebly.com/ But I have to admit the Simpsons sprites on there are pretty lit but I ... 14th September 2017 127
Narucario The Ninja Lucario : A Lucario edit inspired on Naruto Uzumaki from Naruto Shippuden, by OrochiLucario Who is a friend of mine :2friends:. you can get his other characters here: https://plus.google.com/u/0/collection/ot6sQE 3rd June 2017 51
Vegeta's Stage SB1 : 11th June 2018 75
Bobunemimimmi English Soundpack : English soundpack for whatever the hell Bobunemimimmi is. Author's twitter: https://twitter.com/p0008874 20th April 2018 36
Riolu : The second character made for the Sonic vs Pokemon fangame. 14th November 2017 263
Emolga : Updated 14/11/2017 14th November 2017 225
Battle Frisk : Back when Viorel Weber made Undertale characters he made this Frisk right here. At the time (August 2016 - November 2016) this was the second best Frisk you could have. The character got updated about 4 times in it's lifespan. Here's the newest version si ... 23rd November 2017 244
Titan Mewtwo (Non-Vore) : A Mewtwo edit that has very big power. It is by a friend of mine :2friends:. you can get his other characters here: https://plus.google.com/u/0/collection/ot6sQE 3rd June 2017 174
Rainy Highway Stage : A stage that is a Highway and it rains. who could of guessed that :shock_jaw_drop:!? Comes with a song. video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IKzGB7Ver2E&t=96s 2nd June 2017 131
MINI GRAND DAD : A edit of Poc-Mario That changes his colour to Grand dads and Uses the voice from Oliver`s Grand dad. It also comes with His brother fortran. (I DID NOT MAKE THESE BTW). Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w1z_5xCvHeE 2nd June 2017 105
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