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    I guess Thanos by The_None.
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    Odie (Zobbes)
    Suwako Moriya (Veanko)
    MvC2 Cammy (mouser, REDHOT)
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    Colors would be nice.

    (I thought you spelled it wrong but forgot you were from the UK for a second)
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    Hey. If you didn't know, my birthday's this weekend. If you still do videos, I'd like to see a battle for it.
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    Home series because it's a full character
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    Yeah I have a job now. I don't wanna work then come home working more you know.
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    I plan to replace S.P.O Ryu. That patch is really good and balanced. Not sure who to replace em with.
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    How is it not working for you
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    And the Music For the demonstration video can be used from this website : Http://Corndogoncorndog.com/
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    Ok. but if you still can. i want him to make a Demostration Video for this one character that i have uploaded. If you who'd let him know on his youtube channel. that whoud be Great. Heres the link : https://mugenarchive.com/forums/down...exander-cooper
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    I.. don't know?
    There is a KOFE, that's kinda it's own thing but it's not really a style, rather a full game
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    And then someone (we know who it is) will turn it into a heentai **** character.
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Super Mario Bros, Lei-Lei, Most JoJo characters, creations with colour separation, The_None's characters, Brergrsart's Shitpost characters and Much MUCH more.
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Nintendo stages, Sonic stages, Joke stages and original stages that look great.
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File Date Downloads
Dark Bob LAST UPDATE : The FINAL version of Dark bob. Changes from prev version: Teleport improved Edited some win quotes Added Vortex portrait (turns portrait looks weird until his turn, but ignore that) Changed/added some sounds A new special called Bomb Throw And last ... 19th June 2017 20
Undertale Template (OUTDATED) : NOTE! THIS BUILD IS OUTDATED, PLEASE GET THIS BUILD HERE:https://mugenarchive.com/forums/downloads.php?do=file&id=71031-undertale-template-updated-pizzasause2000 An edit to The N64 Mario template that you can use to make your own UNDERTALE chars. ... 19th June 2017 152
UNDERTALE GLITCH Style Template : Another UNDERTALE Template, But this time for the GLITCH Style chars like Glitch sans and Glitch Papyrus 19th June 2017 154
Kind and Fair (SALLY.EXE) : From The creepy pasta/Crappy pasta fangame SALLY.EXE 19th June 2017 182
Hopes and Dreams stage (EDITED) : WARNING! THIS STAGE CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR UNDERTALE! STEP AWAY IF YOU HAVE YET TO PLAY OR BEAT UNDERTALE! And also this stage contains flashing colours so if you suffer from epilepsy then don't get this stage. ... 19th June 2017 718
English ABAB Sonic chars Soundpacks : English soundpackss for All 4 of ABAB`s sonic characters. INCLUDES: Sonic English soundpack Shadow English soundpack Knuckles English soundpack And finally, Rouge English Sounpack Enjoy! 19th June 2017 175
Yoronto (Hate char of Yuranto) V3 : This is an Anti clone character of the Yuranto. He works for both 1.0 and 1.1. ENJOY. 19th June 2017 16
Hammer : A simple char by MIKADUKI which is based of the hammer from the Smash series, found by SSBK 65. https://youtu.be/UyyEeVLnbFU 21st June 2017 53
Sledgehammer : An edit of the Hammer character by MIKADUKI. It is a bit different and has voice clips. Character found by SSBK 65. https://youtu.be/UyyEeVLnbFU 21st June 2017 77
Kirby Superstar King Dedede : This is King Dedede by tam tam. He is a sudo boss style char but you can still play with him. He is pretty decent, uses three buttons with a few specials and one hyper. Not the best but it`s cool. And no, I did not change the portrait to that meme. It was ... 21st June 2017 277
Zaerko The Demon Lucario V2 : Yep. another Lucario edit. this time an update of one of his older ones tho. with new colours, stand and portrait plus many other things :). He was created by a friend of mine. you can get his other chars here: https://plus.google.com/u/0/collection/ot6sQ ... 21st June 2017 81
Sceptile : This character was on the author's website but since the author quit Mugen this character became lost, until GachompMatt reuploaded this. I don't think this is good. I would stick with Jetgoshi's version if i were you. Archiving purpose I guess. 21st November 2017 461
HCL Pikachu (Older Version) : This is an older version of the Pikachu by HCL. The one Yochi uploaded is a newer version with some editing by him. so technically this is the true HCL Pikachu. This one is quite a bit different then the one Yochi edited. Enjoy. credit to SSBK65 for findi ... 22nd June 2017 194
4 GRAND UNCLE V2 : The finished version. It is meant to go with Luigifan1`s 7 GRAND DAD Char. also comes with a stage. 16th July 2017 110
Yoronto (Hate char of Yuranto) V3.2 : This might be the last update to this character. it`s actually quite funny too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3APxvt0jSMg&lc=z13yu3abpte3gjqti23afxqi4tvazfenb 2nd July 2017 25
Tyrian Screenpack (1.0 + WINMugen) : A custom screenpack by Jor8a (AKA the guy who made the Fidget Spinner character) that includes 900 slots and it`s own custom lifebars. Also contains some stages. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zW9eEaHyl9Y&lc=z12ksj2gto3pvlohh04cgtjqtsnbgvxhegw.1499032508 ... 3rd July 2017 41
Anthony`s cringy stage : OH GOD WHY ANTHONY?! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GfnvieIYX9U 3rd July 2017 21
TrexTrex65 and Scar duo : (WARNING! THIS IS A JOKE CHAR!) This is a character made of a whinny kid so he is stupid and plays like Daniel (the newest one). https://youtu.be/1HBL0kcEKoA 3rd July 2017 67
Silly Dark Donald Soundpack : Title says it all :/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=onvFJ_8qWNA 3rd July 2017 66
PTW Blaziken Sprites : Blaziken Sprites from Pokemon Type Wild. Sourced from The Spriters Resource. 3rd July 2017 42
PTW Breloom Sprites : Breloom Sprites from Pokemon Type Wild. Sourced from The Spriters Resource. 3rd July 2017 20
PTW Combusken Sprites : Combusken Sprites from Pokemon Type Wild. Sourced from The Spriters Resource. 3rd July 2017 13
PTW Gardevoir Sprites : Gardevoir Sprites from Pokemon Type Wild. Sourced from The Spriters Resource. 3rd July 2017 46
PTW Gengar Sprites : Gengar Sprites from Pokemon Type Wild. Sourced from The Spriters Resource. 3rd July 2017 23
PTW Lopunny Sprites : Lopunny Sprites from Pokemon Type Wild. Sourced from The Spriters Resource. 3rd July 2017 75
PTW Lucario Sprites : Lucario Sprites from Pokemon Type Wild. Sourced from The Spriters Resource. 3rd July 2017 53
PTW Snorlax Sprites : Snorlax Sprites from Pokemon Type Wild. Sourced from The Spriters Resource. 3rd July 2017 32
PTW Swalot Sprites : Swalot Sprites from Pokemon Type Wild. Sourced from The Spriters Resource. 3rd July 2017 13
PTW Stages + Elements Sprites : Every stage + Animated feature ripped from Pokemon Type Wild. Sourced from The Spriters Resource. And also this is the finale type wild sprite rip he uploaded. but i believe we have everything now. 3rd July 2017 19
Windows (BETA 1) : A self insert of UGRedSeaDevils that he canned but This Guy 17/ThisClown17/Neo-Light Sanders finished him. Note that is is Beta 1. and since a new version has come out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=38_-sooA_Y0 3rd July 2017 23
Mr. Takakazu : His first independent character. The sprites used don`t belong to him BTW. 3rd July 2017 195
SpongeBob TC17/ Balanced SpongeBob : His try at doing a balanced edit of Spongebob. Seems to becoming quite popular. I think it's a good patch which you should definitely get over the original. 3rd July 2017 422
grarfileld Voice 4 Veanko Garfield : Title says it all. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wOqQO8WKDZ8 I ATE THOSE FOOD 4th July 2017 45
Sheriff : Roy`s newest char. He is from an old game just called sheriff. he also appeared in SSB4 as a helper. He is more like a mini-game if anything as he has a completely different play style from anything else. Also happy 4th of july! == Sheriff is the firs ... 4th July 2017 112
CYBAH YASHI : I somewhat regret making this edit. But in some parts I don't. He appears at 8:12 on the video below https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RUTTO275kPc 4th July 2017 62
4th of July Mangle/`Murica Mangle : GAWD BLESS AMERICA! A Special edit of the Mangle character that makes her a proud american complete with a edit to his voice, making her voice the TF2 Soliders one. And not only that but many of the moves have been spiced up for the occasion like the up c ... 4th July 2017 230
New Austin : A Daniel clone in 2017 :facepalm2: 4th July 2017 66
4th of July Austin : He changed almost nothing. Only Added Mangle, added a FEW effects and changed colour. THAT`S IT! https://youtu.be/DubSR3uj5kY 4th July 2017 30
Pingu Announcer (1.0 + WINMugen) : Have you ever wanted to turn your lifebars announcer sound effects into pingu? then this addon is just for you! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=np-a0tJ55G0 4th July 2017 62
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