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  1. Jason friend you deserve a first visitor message.
    Are we going to trade some new edits today?
    I'm very curious about you mentioning, you have some sweet rare edits.
    Hopefully i'll see you online today, i will stay online here, so just PM me,
    i will look now and then to see if you there, and active for duty alright ;-)
    Ciaou and keep up the good work! maybe we become a good team :P

    ^^ bey,

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I love Games
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Many Versions
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Iori Yagami,Mizuchi,Orochi,Gustab and All Bossess
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All except nudes stages
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IntelCoreI7 6gen,GeForce GTX1080 x2 5gb DDR5,64GB RAM,All Razer,4tb 2tbx2
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Member's Files

File Date Downloads
Purple Dream V1 : My First Upload The Author..is in japanese name . cheap edit include 1HKO! :thumbup: 4th September 2016 37
Element- Aox 7(元&#320 : Semi Cheap Edits Elements...got cool auras :thumbup: 22nd September 2016 158
ELEMENT03-ex1 : Cheap Edit of Element...EX good for your iori and elements collection :cool: 22nd September 2016 95
Lagakype : Edits Of Magaki...sadly not have many moves and hypers :facepalm2: 22nd September 2016 104
Uranus : Edits of Magaki not have many hypers but still good for collection 22nd September 2016 155
Matou : It'S Ice Magaki...lack of hypers but still good..AI can turn ON/OFF in AI.cns :huh: 22nd September 2016 149
KOFX Kxx (100%) : cool edits and its 100% complete...nice for your K' collections :thumbup: (I don't know why the metadata unavailable/not showing up,sorry for that) 22nd September 2016 103
Athena Asamiya XI (Athena Flames) : Edits of Athena with flames attack and effect :amuse: 22nd September 2016 857
Cruelty Blood Rose : Kula Edits and cheap too...careful...:nuts::nuts: 22nd September 2016 252
Dark Igniz : edit of Igniz...good for your collection 22nd September 2016 288
G Nanaya : nice for collcection :laugh: MUGEN 1.0 :acute: 22nd September 2016 100
Lana del Rey : white Kula edit lil bit cheap! :huh: 22nd September 2016 256
Stella Rudra (Queen Ouranus) : rare kula edits,nice auras and orochi effect...for kula fans collection :thumbup: 22nd September 2016 247
Kyo Kusanagi (KOFX-KAD) : Edited by Crow,Rare and nice edit of Kyo! cheers :amuse: 22nd September 2016 142
Chizuru Kagura : Cheap edit of Chizuru...include 1hit kill..good collection (sometime the sprite is error and buggy) sorry.... :sdrop::sdrop::facepalm2: 22nd September 2016 222
Deneb (unfinished) : edits of White_Len from melty blood,chibi version with cool effect and aura (i cannot confirm the real author is):confused: 22nd September 2016 93
EvilDark Sula (Evil Sula) : Edited By Twingkle Evil Sula...semi cheap edit but P12 is really cheap,,,dark effect and aura :thumbup: 22nd September 2016 383
Iori-Blood : rare edit and cool blood like flames effect...slightly cheap :grin: 22nd September 2016 220
COMBO-Angel : awesome moves and combo...nice to collect :wink1: 22nd September 2016 175
Iori Clone 9 (Clone9-KOFM) : Iori Clone 9 Superb!:thumbup: (sorry if the chars already in archive):sdrop: 22nd September 2016 159
Darkness Akiha Yagami : EDITS OF Akiha (Melty Blood) to be Iori Yagami SNK/KOF styles...purple flames :cool: 22nd September 2016 1,083
Element (ONI-MIKO) : original by Beppu Edits by ONI-MIKO...for your elements collections :smile: just slightly differents :hmmm: 22nd September 2016 179
IoRi-Clone-9-lV2 : iORI CLONE-9 updated to v2, new effect..for Iori fans :thumbup: 22nd September 2016 194
Master Element : Awesome Elements Edits and little slightly adjusted Hypers also Effect...enjoy :cool: 22nd September 2016 149
Dack Element (Dark Opirus Element) : Element with Dark Flames...cool effect...:cool: 22nd September 2016 549
Ami Requiem : Edited of Kula to be Darkness and some skull effect :cool::thumbup: 22nd September 2016 198
Carl (INVOKER DOTA 2) : Works on mugen 1.0 only It's Hero From Dota 2 Invoker the Arsenal Magus ;To do list/ General Notes ;Cannot cast spells from ghostwalk, can only swap orbs and invoke(Will still break ghostwalk doing this) ;Main player will continue moving in same dir ... 22nd September 2016 253
Constantinus III : Athena be Like...cool effect and pallets :thumbup: ver.III 22nd September 2016 548
Neo : Someone said it from THE MATRIX MOVIES...good and awesome hypers :thumbup: (but looks like kain the supreme):confused: 22nd September 2016 168
Ice Blue Ash : Ice Auras but now the moves effect,mybe its just color blue effect...:confused::confused: 24th September 2016 94
Element-KOFM Purple : It's Purple Auras and Purple projectile...sadly not have many moves and just projectile..he cheaps too :cool::unsure: 24th September 2016 264
Griffon (Griffon Mask) : Nice for your collection :cool: 24th September 2016 277
Neo Dark Mai : AI Only :smile: (maybe someone can make it Playable):sdrop: 24th September 2016 484
Power Lyzer : Nice Edits of Kula and high damage too...:nuts: 24th September 2016 200
Segalow : nice and unique edits of rugal fun too :thumbup: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FRmvic8w2dg 24th September 2016 418
Zero : Zero form Megaman Zero :thumbup: edit by KRIZALID99 24th September 2016 418
CXkyo : very unique edits of KYO nice effect, moves and Hypers! :very_good: 26th September 2016 68
Elemgvxcv (Element_123) : author in japanese name... maybe its bad chars....mostly common moves of elements but just a little different sprites. 27th September 2016 117
Shi* Iori (Edit of Iori-XM) : SAME as IORI-XM but its just different hypers effect,auras and slightly increase damage...like joke edits of it 27th September 2016 140