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  1. thanks thanks sooooo much i like you a lot i consider muy friend because you are coool
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    OK, I'll free you. Please don't use download accelerators anymore.
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    Did you use a download accelerator? Please check our TOS, the use of download managers is a strictly forbidden.

    IV.3 Using any kind of script/bot to register, post or download is forbidden.
    Do not use any script to automatically register an account, post or download site content. All of these operations must be done manually.
    Download accelerators, bulk download managers and website copiers overload the servers and impact general user experience, so their use is strictly forbidden and will result in your site access being limited or revoked, temporarily or permanently.
    Infraction = account permanent ban and depending on the severity of the offense, IP ban or IP range ban can also be issued.
  4. Ok thanks nice administrator... i promise to review the files before uploading. If you wish i can complain with the downloaders to accept my mistake and avoid getting a misunderstanding to this beautiful page.
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    Let's forget it, everyone can make a mistake. But we had to give you a formal warning since it's not cool for users who have downloaded that file.
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    Be careful of what you upload, you have uploaded a malware file.

    This is a warning.
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File Date Downloads
collet : collet PERFECT from namco x capcom!!!!! enjoy it and its on categories from tales of and nxc and it was ripped from nxc game 31st December 2017 4
Eddie Jenkins : dd_eddie http://vignette4.wikia.nocookie.net/doubledragon/images/f/fa/CharneoEddie.gif/revision/latest?cb=20091011113846 7th June 2015 300
Hound Asterion : Asterione 2012/10/27 7th June 2015 217
Mallow : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7xFY-x_vX6U 8th June 2015 278
Commander Yammark : http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/es.megaman/images/c/c8/CommanderYammark.gif/revision/latest?cb=20120729145913 11th June 2015 270
Pharaoman's stage - Megaman : Pharaoman's stage + bgm 3rd July 2015 73
Marguerite KOF : King of Fighters Based Edit http://i937.photobucket.com/albums/ad220/cloudstrifex22/mugen0-1.gif 6th July 2015 333
Jefe Apache : apache chief for mugen, too beta. edit of he-man if anyone can make it better or make samurai, el dorado, black vulcan. 9th July 2015 368
Cyan : Cyan From Final Fantasy VI 10th July 2015 107
Glaugan : Guglia the pet of zero from kof 10th July 2015 455
Dark Dizzy : Dark dizzy from megaman x-5 11th July 2015 274
ID : A MK WARRIOR WITH A MAD FACE 14th July 2015 118
The dead : A SKELETON CHAR FROM MKM ITS NOT MEAT 16th July 2015 192
Karl Kenobe : a char mvc type Voici Karl mon premier persos que j'ai commencé il y a presque 3ans!!! 16th July 2015 210
Karl Moresco : Char from Mulambo, now called Som3 19th July 2015 86
Pingu : The penguin from Mulambo Emanuele Pepi known as mulambo created cool chars: pingu, weke, zeke, karl moresco. 19th July 2015 608
Zeke : Mulambo char zeke the evil brother of the fire warrior weke 19th July 2015 230
Weke : the power of fire 19th July 2015 217
Kimera : Fusion Eyedol-motaro 19th July 2015 614
Dewi : Dewi, a type chameleon from mk 19th July 2015 282
Jago : Jago KI from the first game 19th July 2015 682
Spinal Ki1 : Spinal from ki1 19th July 2015 811
Rainy Turtloid : A beta from megaman x-6 i give the sprites too, if you can edit to better. an edit of armored armadillo of Cyberspider 20th July 2015 271
Metal shark Player : Too beta!!! i add sprites if any can get better!!! 20th July 2015 149
Ground Scaravich : Edit of boomer kuwanger 20th July 2015 109
Neon Tiger : The beta of Neon Tiger, an edit of slashman... i will make all chars from megaman x-2 and x-3 if its posible!!! 23rd July 2015 133
dr. doppler : A SIGMA W STYLED DOPPLER 24th July 2015 141
Overdrive ostrich : turboman edit!!! 24th July 2015 123
bubble crab : a beta of bubble crab 24th July 2015 122
wire sponge : wire sponge with scorpion voice 24th July 2015 92
tunnel rhino : groundman edit 24th July 2015 90
Galaxyman : a galaxyman type mm9 24th July 2015 123
Mvc Sheepman : its from megaman 10 24th July 2015 337
Crystal snail : its a edit of boomer kuwanger. 25th July 2015 92
Web spider : bospider edit 25th July 2015 177
Wheel gator : more chars from megaman 25th July 2015 166
Gravity Beetle : Gravity Beetle 25th July 2015 167
Flame stag : in ff gives "out of memory" but in mugen works perfectly 25th July 2015 156
Crush Crawfish : Crush Crawfish 25th July 2015 189
Magna centipede : Magna centipede 25th July 2015 133
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