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    Sorry for being late but happy birthday.
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    Happy 20th!!
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    What happened?
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    That archive appears to have a lot of obsolete files, you could just clean up the package. Thank you.
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    Very nice. Thanks my friend
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    It's down for me too.
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    Can't use tablets but I can overreact, sorry
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    It's fixed now, thanks
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    Unfortunately there is no way in these stages there are codings that are only compatible with 1.1 and removing these codes, these stages in 1.0 will look like a Frankstein.
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    Eventually yes, but at best that's a long term goal so maybe next year :P
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Member's Files

File Date Downloads
Jonathan Blade : Blade is a cop... that hunts vampires 14th April 2018 290
Turbo Arle : A lazy edit I made while I was bored. All of her moves can cancel into each other now. 15th April 2018 55
Turbo Amitie : I figured "why not make turbo Amitie" and did so in quite literally under a minute just to show you how lazy of an edit this is. Her puyo attack is a lot more effective than turbo arle's 15th April 2018 50
Raining Ruins : He says it's Golden Axe inspired but it's original so yeah 16th April 2018 91
Corner of the Big Bridge : Dont know/think if this is on here yet 20th April 2018 63
Experimental Test Site : It's an experimental test site. Here we test many things in an experimental way. 20th April 2018 43
Mama's Kitchen : I hope you like Cooking Mama :cookie: :chef: The worst thing ever to see is when someone else uploads a stage you assumed was already on here so I looked around at what I have and this is something I have that isn't on here. Was it worth it? 2nd May 2018 29
Rockman Zero : Searched Zero, author icho. Nothing for some reason. Mwahahahaha 3rd May 2018 531
Kurosawa : From a 3D Sega fighter called Last Bronx. The image preview is now totally fixed I guess 4th May 2018 89
Puyo Puyo AI patches! : Stronger AI patch by yuka for Arle! I copy and pasted the Arle AI patch to Amitie's file and it worked fine! (since it was for Arle Amitie thinks she can do whatever she wants so just saying) 5th May 2018 67
Arlong : Anime 7th May 2018 348
The Game and CD Shelf : In case you wanted to relive your childhood of playing with toys on the shelf or something 9th May 2018 21
Serena : :pepsi::pepsi::pepsi: Always drink ~ Coca-cola~ This girl is Serena Corsair. She was in Guardian Heroes advance as "Cerena." I think her name is supposed to be Selena though, como la flor. Well looking on the Guardian Heroes wiki there's only jack abou ... 10th May 2018 97
Excel City : I'm seriously doubting this wasn't uploaded but I checked 3 times like always so here's the city named after a Microsoft application 15th May 2018 48
Great Bay : It's a big bay and it's great 15th May 2018 108
Docking Bay 17 : "This is an original stage by me. I think this was my second one. It has a Star Wars thing going on. It's got some animated ships and stuff. Feel free to check it out." 9th July 2018 76
Chuck E. Cheese's : The Master of Static Screens makes a stage that will make America smile with Chuck E Cheese ♪ 26th June 2018 50
The Gamer Studio : *yawwwwwwwwwwn* Hmm what stage should I make...? I don't feel like doing this right now um... oh! For those who once again want to relive their childhood of playing with toys on the bed or something or want to hear the Punch out theme get cut out randoml ... 26th June 2018 13
Pocket Full of Lint : Was thinking "Hey I should upload a song." But I didn't know what to upload so I chose this because someone will like it. I'd say this goes with a Wendy's stage or any other meme stage you want. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sx8g_K-2geg 1st July 2018 18
Amy Rose by NFS AI Patch : I used an auto AI patcher to see some possible moves to exploit in AI patching this chick because I'm really bored. She has a very average AI and it looks like someone actually made it instead of a windows command script. Comes with character completely ... 2nd July 2018 187
Alien Attack : atomic doggy dog's first stage, according to him. From a Sega game called "Alien Storm" 9th July 2018 32
Smash Bros. Table : Apparently atomicdog2020's stuff is offline or something so I'll upload as much as I can of his. Starting off we have the Smash bros. table, a very odd and obscure looking stage I've never really seen until I hit random stage on my Mugen. Thus starts my s ... 9th July 2018 267
Kongo Jungle N64 : Jimmy Neutron 9th July 2018 294
Pac Family Home : The home of the Pac family I guess 9th July 2018 54
Kirby's Dream Land : Kirby's wonderful dreamland 9th July 2018 299
Saffron City : The best N64 stage next to Sector Z and maybe Dreamland 9th July 2018 271
Hyrule Castle SSB N64 : The castle of Hyrule, self explanatory. 9th July 2018 379
Blob -Stage : A rather quite repulsive stage that reminds me of https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gXiYpfR-cRE 12th July 2018 43
Konaclones : It's Konata Izumis and they're pretty much a sprite swap of Rox Howard Clones 12th July 2018 137
The End : The End https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XeS7otRgXHY to your headphones 12th July 2018 211
The Aether : What is the Aether?!?!?!?!? It's nostalgia that's what it is. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gBA_i-18XHg 12th July 2018 272
Feed the Beast Training Arena : This Tylor guy sure likes Minecraft. I hope you do too. I have no idea where this is from probably his original Minecraft creation or something 12th July 2018 48
SCP 173's Containment Center : SCP stuff are horror game right 12th July 2018 121
Bahamut : I'm absolutely speechless :no_clue: 12th July 2018 47
Raiden : Raiden is human now apparently 12th July 2018 260
SCP-173 : Probably the lowest effort character Tylor made. It's a one shot 12th July 2018 259
MickeyMania-Mad Doc : A Mickey Mania stage 12th July 2018 45
Casa Paradiso : From Dan vs. Doesn't look like a good show 12th July 2018 16
Roger Craig Smith Sound patch : My first sound patch file, but only because it's offline I think. Goes with SeanAltly's Sonic. 12th July 2018 47
Arabasta Desert : A nice looking stage. I mean as nice as a desert can get I guess. Very GBA 12th July 2018 225
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