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    Thunderstruck is also in my head often, mostly because everybody on Earth seems to have it in the car
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    I'll have a video up eventually. Life is pretty rough so please give me some time to do so.
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    My Patch for Joe Swanson is a good example. This was when I was first using it. The Variable to start the infinite is 56. It's in with the commands.
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    This might be difficult to explain...All you need to do is add a variable that isn't use as the combo variable. Use Varset and let it start at 1 when the opponent is close. For the AI, all the moves that aren't part of the infinite must set to 0 so it won't mess up the infinite. Any moves part of the infinite must be set to 1 or whatever its set to. Need me to give you a good example or even make a video on this?
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    wasn't meant to be a comparsion between music of several countries of course, was just a compliment to sweden,
    being the home of a special band (to me). soundtrack of my life. nice sunday to you.
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    The easiest way I know is to use a variable to say when to start it and to stop it from using any other moves. Since you already got some of it coded, I assume you only need how to technically start it, yes? Maybe also how to keep her jumping too?
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    Yeah, I know how to code infinites. I can give that a shot.
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    oh you swedish guys, they are so awesome with their music and lyrics, blend :) But anyways, will check your artists. always found some nice things here from
    members postings :D
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    as you are from sweden, do you know a band from your country called "statemachine" ? it is one of my most beloved bands ever with songs like "i'm love", "a crying statue", "happy endings!?" or "Heal".
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    es tag ? danke :) Thanks for your friendship, cuz that is ...Um cool :D
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    @Um cool. yeah M_ugen F_ighter G_uild have wall of text on how to make mugen stages :D just practise and learn ur trails and errror that only advice I can give you
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    Just finnished to fix it, now looks just like i wanted
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    Same Pokemon family but quite. It's a Jumpluff from the Spaceworld 1997 Pokemon Gold demo. The demo which had Round Pichu and Sleepy Mewoth. This beta Jumpluff sprite was actually a commissioned image I got from a DA user called mewthatsme. Here's the sprite in full: https://s22.postimg.cc/yldvx73tt/Bet...eowthatsme.png
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    It was just a joke, a very bad one it seems :-P

    Trying to make space in my messages, but there are too many

    For a while yes
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Maki : 23rd November 2018 160
kanzaki yoh : Not exactly sure where this is from or if it even is from anything. 1st December 2018 86
kanzaki yoh : Has an entirely new cns file. 1st December 2018 89
Hakurei Shrine : TH135BG01 Two def for mugen versions. 4th December 2018 142
Human Village : TH135BG02 4th December 2018 92
The Palaquin Ship : TH135BG03 Two defs for different mugen versions. 4th December 2018 85
Divine Spirit Mausoleum : TH135BG06 4th December 2018 69
Youkai Tanuki Forest(dusk) : TH135BG09 Two defs for different versions 4th December 2018 68
Youkai Tanuki Forest(night) : TH135BG10 Two different defs 4th December 2018 29
The Palaquin Ship(night) : TH145BG04 Two defs 4th December 2018 43
Human Village(night) : TH135BG11 4th December 2018 35
Hakurei Shrine(dusk) : TH145BG01 Two defs 4th December 2018 33
Kourindou : TH145BG02 4th December 2018 45
Hakurei Shrine(night) : TH145BG03 Two defs 4th December 2018 55
Homura by Nep Heart AI Patch : About as strong as a Sekt AI patch 4th December 2018 128
Sagat 3.6 : https://mugenarchive.com/forums/showthread.php?39364-Sfv-supreme-sagat-3-6&p=115915#post115915 M206: Hello everyone, I open a new 3d to keep the things clearer. Finally After a YEAR of work here you are the new version of my sagat!! Adedd a lot ... 15th December 2018 385
Dig Dug : Honestly surprised barely any of aMAX's stuff is on here. 16th December 2018 43
25m : From the original Donkey Kong game 16th December 2018 198
Gyromite : Wow. Did you know R.O.B. originates from Gyromite and not smash bros!?!?!?! 16th December 2018 84
Hectic Highway : 16th December 2018 102
JonTron's Wall : What's he doing always around this very specific wall waving at us? Why is it so dark? Are we in an alley way? This is kinda creepy. 16th December 2018 75
Q*Bert Pyramid : 16th December 2018 63
Wolf Link : We have too many Links in smash bros already. 16th December 2018 648
Maxa : Et ez me! I am Ice Climba! 16th December 2018 34
JonTron : 16th December 2018 108
Gorilla Grodd : What's wrong, guys? It's Gorilla Grodd! 18th December 2018 33
Sakura : Sorry, guys. No Naruto character here. It's just a horse that's the crush of the main character of where I'm pulling these characters from. All it does is flail around its little arms and neighs. It has a jump cancel attack. 20th December 2018 21
Leo : The Main character. He doesn't speak at all and goes "yaow where yaow where." He has Ryu's moves and he sounds like someone who butchers street fighter moves. 20th December 2018 11
Diddy Kong by Andy AI patch : Top 5 most overpowered villains in history. AI patch from me. You're welcome or sorry 28th December 2018 42
Leo's Torture Chamber : Why Leo has a torture chamber is beyond my thought. The music is Geese's theme though so it's awesome. 28th December 2018 16
Applejack : Trying to find obscure characters/authors but this is all I can find. It's Applejack but the author voices her so she sounds... a little off. 27th December 2018 19
Apple Bloom : If you thought this guy's Applejack was weird wait until you play this character. It totally baffles me that this is even a thing right now. 27th December 2018 24
Ant Eater : That god damn dash attack. 28th December 2018 25
Evil Leo : He's broken! S tier god! 28th December 2018 9
Leon : Yoweryerken! A tier. Spammy character too. Also if you put most of Andy's creations against his Diddy Kong there's a special intro that tells you the lore of characters. Like Leon is Leo's childhood friend. 28th December 2018 32
Rhino : grunt 28th December 2018 29
Tempest : Say hello to my little friend... 28th December 2018 31
Trixie : It is I, the great and powerful Triohujbxie! You won't escape... La de da de doo de daaaaaaa Die! Die! Die! Die! Die! 28th December 2018 27
Zozo : The creator themselves??? https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCw-5vaNyBdwX-mWBysHFZVA 28th December 2018 20
Zoo : Rhino's stage from Stuffed Animal Martial Arts 2. This guy's stages are honestly not that good but he has good music selections. 30th December 2018 11