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    Oh that haha
    It's fine, I'd rather keep quiet about it anyway. I think everyone is too occupied with the weekend event to care.
    I appreciate it either way, it's the feelings that count.
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    Hm. what do you mean?
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    Thank you my friend. I must say that lately it has been difficult for me to do much beyond my duties as a staff, but my dedication toward this community will never change. I hope we can chat again like we did in the early days.
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    I do, thank you. Beware, though. Even if I'm only a 3 years old archangel, I can bite. Grr...
  5. My interest in Mugen is sorta fading. I actually thought about uploading a Killer Instinct Gold AI Patch pack. I'll probably do it Sunday.
  6. Um Cool.. have u ever tried uploading files recently..??
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    All good, nice to meet you again !
    Btw, the last time I wanted to show you this 🏆, when you was talking about using the award button as a like button.
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    Thank you!
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    Thanks my friend :)
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    I remember months ago in my lurker days getting help from you in the request section. Thank you for everything you've done Um cool!
  11. Happy Birthday!!!
  12. @Manuz @xWagnerPlaguesx @kater15 @Uyulala
    Aww thank you all! You are all too kind!
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    Happy birthday. Have a good one!
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I'm not really interested in anything anymore.
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Potato from 2007
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Member's Files

File Date Downloads
Ninja's Garden - Kenji : Kenji stage 12th August 2018 50
Elephant Festival - Dhalsim : Dhalsim stage 12th August 2018 75
Orbital Satellite - Devilotte : Devilotte stage Sorry you guys are being flooded with mvc style stages not as bad as other floods though. especially electrifying ones 12th August 2018 90
Albert Wesker : Wesker has evolvedish since my last upload. Don't know all the little details since it has been over a year but here are the ones I do know. -Palettes by yolomate -Minor sound updates -Probably an AI was added. It's super annoying, but it was funny fo ... 13th August 2018 2,713
Moon Base : Power Rangers Final Boss 29th September 2018 51
Swedish Guy Eating Fried Chicken : It's an edit of Guy Eating Fried Chicken. Many people have been wondering what it'd be like if he was Swedish. This edit will show you that alternate reality. 15th August 2018 41
Muffy's Challenge : https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/495e158d7efcd48a3eb2bc5ca70a123cbc2ccd4aa18ebd71ad19a4f0a28784b1/detection Super cute game about platforming and a bunny rabbit eating carrots. Welcome to Sunville where every year takes place the famous carrots hun ... 30th August 2018 25
Tenshi (1.0) : HD Tenshi for 1.0 30th August 2018 271
Morgue : Believe it or not found during a Lich King search. 6th September 2018 1,189
jetman_villain : Pretty much in the name. It's the Jetman Villain, whatever that means. 6th September 2018 45
Tesla : Was gonna keep it unuploaded but then I saw that every other password protected character was uploaded so here is Tesla I guess. 6th September 2018 47
Escape Hatch : Resident Evil?!?!?! Comes with a 1.1 version too Also comes with some very modern, slightly bass boosted music ew https://youtu.be/u1M7EoRX2wM 6th September 2018 53
Kora's Background : I got bored or something I don't even know. I gave up on getting a 100 score in a survival and just started making this basic stage. It has color loss lol. It comes with the theme and everything too. 5th September 2018 13
MPAA : In case you wanted to fight on the MPAA rating system screen while zoomed in by 600%. 3rd September 2018 14
AKUERUTARUHA : What a wonderful phrase! It means no worriiiiiiiies 5th September 2018 21
Osiedle Sloneczne : Franko: The Crazy Revenge (DOS) - Osiedle Sloneczne 4th September 2018 5
Aleja Niepodleglosci : Franko: The Crazy Revenge (DOS) - Aleja Niepodleglosci Kup teraz 4th September 2018 10
Drzetowo : Franko: The Crazy Revenge (DOS) - Drzetowo Kup teraz 4th September 2018 10
Waterfall : It's a Waterfall! 5th September 2018 280
Suika Zone : 10th September 2018 19
Shiratori ningyo gekijo : From some Japanese show 10th September 2018 8
Sensei and Ninomiya-kun : Ugh, school 10th September 2018 17
Tao-Reimu : Um...? 10th September 2018 17
Lucky_Star Dance scene : 10th September 2018 18
Ryuougakuen koumon : "defファイルとsffファイルをstagesフォルダに入れて登録するだけです。" 10th September 2018 16
kasukabe Station : trains 10th September 2018 21
Hosi no Kirby 3 - LEVEL5 BOSS : Ah! Kuirbyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy:wub::love: 10th September 2018 82
jinja : jinjas have souls! 10th September 2018 25
Lucky channel (Akira pop) : 10th September 2018 48
Hosi no Kirby - SAND CANYON : Has two def files. I guess for different mugen versions? :no_clue: 10th September 2018 35
Hosi no Kirby 3 - LEVEL1 BOSS : :love::love::love::love::love::love::love::love::love::love: 10th September 2018 97
kitakoukou koumon : I think this is from that one anime with the brown haired girl in... ugh, school 10th September 2018 43
kitakoukou heisakuukan : 10th September 2018 22
VS Kamadouma : 10th September 2018 18
Kitakoukou Nakaniwa-Break : 10th September 2018 12
Yakisoba-kissa Donguri : say donguri ten times fast. Either that or I'm just not used to speaking Japanese 10th September 2018 34
kitaguchi-Eki-Mae Park : 10th September 2018 22
Kitakoukou Nakaniwa : 10th September 2018 23
Kitakoukou Okujo : 11th September 2018 33
Suzumiya-Haruhi Syoutengai : Back to my Atusi offline file uploads 11th September 2018 51