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    Damn I hope you can get it continued. It's not going to be a just a reskin of Aruru or Amity, right? But I'm sure a lot of us would be happy to see something new enter the realm of Mugen, for the first time. Hopefully we get a Sig too, if someone can gather the sprites.
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    Everything Sega-related I could find on this page is already here. Sorry to disappoint, it's not really my field of specialty ._.
    Wish we had more Puyo Puyo characters Mugen-ized.
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    It's a fanart of Nanoha Takamachi from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha wearing a Mouth Mask (a current fashion trend of sorts in East Asia) that I found on Danbooru. I dunno if she's sick or not in that fanart.....but I hope she's okay and Fate-chan and Vivio aren't worried about it in the slightest though....
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    Thanks Um cool

    Complained enough yesterday
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    Happy Easter, Um cool!/Feliz Páscoa, Um cool!
    And also to your family too!/E Até pra sua Família também!
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    Yo, Um cool! Happy Easter to you and your whole family.
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    Happy Easter, Um cool!
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    "Felices Pascuas", but is enough ^^
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    Happy Easter!

    glad påsk!
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    Hi! :D
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    Speaking of French music, try to look for classic pieces, revisited in a more modern way, like this one
    A music group you might like, I hope, tries to find the Noir Désir.
  13. ah..... ok..
  14. Hahaha... I can make one for u if you like..
    My avatar but with white Hair..����
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Murasame Castle Hillside : AKA Stone Soldiers If I'm right it's from some Nintendo game Re packaged by me because the mp3 file wasn't named correctly and it's just a minor inconvenience. 12th July 2018 75
One Piece Rougetown : Here you see a bunch of angry looking men who I don't know in the background. They all look like complete asses. When the browser checked after you add a file: ARETGEBEWH5ufviseopjfo290eiofnv 12th July 2018 109
Bahava-Agra : AKA Uchouten. Tenshi's stage :angel: 12th July 2018 51
Youkai Mountain : Self explanatory 12th July 2018 49
Laharls Throne Room : Another typically offline author, Laharl. Starting out with a Disgaea stage. Made due to a lack of Disgaea stages 12th July 2018 41
Overlord's Castle : Another Disgaea stage with actual punctuation 12th July 2018 36
Rob Lucci : Offline Anime 12th July 2018 635
Sakuya Izayoi : Found during my Tenshi gu search. I checked and yes it's different from the other Sakuya (I believe.) 1.1 only 15th July 2018 133
Dangerous Creatures : Windows 98??? 14th July 2018 35
The Firehouse Station : From a Gremlins video game. Mickey Mania stuff was in this section so I guess I put this here as well? 14th July 2018 29
Bethlehem's Christmas Night : A new era is born... Might be 1.1 only but I'm not sure 14th July 2018 16
Hogan's Alley : :guns::gunfight::raygun: 14th July 2018 43
Youmu : Has second def file for Sekt AI patch 15th July 2018 108
Tenshi : HD Tenshi.... that I found during my Tenshi gu search aiofhapjihodfp[kopojihvgucteyyui:beer: 15th July 2018 225
Patchouli Knowledge : A lot of Gu's stuff isn't uploaded so Imma start doing that. 15th July 2018 150
Marisa Kirisame : Witch girl 15th July 2018 156
Yukari Yakumo : 15th July 2018 168
Haruka : From 寄生JOKER 16th July 2018 181
Boggly Woods : Misspelled as "Boggy Woods" in-game... unless "Boggy Woods" was misspelled as "Boggly Woods" four times... hmmmmmmmmm 16th July 2018 34
Vivi : Some stage that wasn't meant to be a stage apparently. He was bored 29th September 2018 7
Pai's stage : amaie was. Hey let us have a coke please :pepsi: This comes with chuchoryu's Pai EZ upload is all I'm saying 24th July 2018 17
Sarah VF2 : Stage that went with chuchoryu's Sarah Once again an EZ upload :pepsi: 24th July 2018 13
Card Box : Classic character that isn't uploaded yet for god knows why. It's a cardboard box 28th July 2018 84
This char is LOL cheap Arcadboy : This char is LMAO he is LOL very cheap he is this boy ROFL. Arcadboy. Anyways this is a Category P of cheap characters. Parodies include Super Mario 64, SSJ3 Broly, Sue Sakamoto, and various others. Anyone who is familiar with Arcadboy should know that i ... 6th August 2018 45
Puyo VS 2 : https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/f526c8dc11d3efe70a8a2202715dd3c4843099dbcded42f82e7b52d37ee3da3b/detection "Hello, I'm the creator of Puyo Puyo VS (PPVS). I created PPVS because I wanted people to play Puyo Puyo the way it's intended to be: together. ... 9th August 2018 62
Area of Quarries - Taskmaster : Taskmaster stage nothing in search so here 12th August 2018 70
Frost Base - Roll : Roll stage Swiss rolls... mmm 12th August 2018 82
Gondola Tourism - Rose : Rose stage 12th August 2018 43
Blackbird Secret Base - Cyclops : Blackbird made by loganir Cyclops stage 12th August 2018 79
Daily Bugle Rampart - Spiderman : Spider-man stage. That's right "Spider dash man" not "spiderman" it's two words why are you all so lazy spelling spiderman like "spiderman" 12th August 2018 111
Old Russian Factory - Zangief : Zangief stage of course it's a factory 12th August 2018 64
Jamaican Rhythm Beach - Deejay : Deejay stage 12th August 2018 95
Wild Glaciers - Iceman : Iceman stage 12th August 2018 58
Mystical Forest - Lou : Lou stage whoever that is 12th August 2018 83
Enchanted Woodland - B.B.Hood : B.B.Hood stage/Bulleta stage 12th August 2018 36
Rainforest Shrine - Adon : Adon stage who was that again? 12th August 2018 52
Sasquatch - Snow Mountains - Canada : Sasquatch stage Reminds me of that one tv show where they try to find bigfoot with their weird calls 12th August 2018 72
Relic Totem Path - Urien : Urien stage 12th August 2018 62
Robotic Platform - Tron Bonne : Tron Bonne stage 12th August 2018 106
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