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    Hey, thanks for the website! Might just upload some stuff in the future (minus the music).
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    Sorry for being late but happy birthday.
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    Happy 20th!!
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    What happened?
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    That archive appears to have a lot of obsolete files, you could just clean up the package. Thank you.
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    Very nice. Thanks my friend
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    It's down for me too.
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    Can't use tablets but I can overreact, sorry
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    It's fixed now, thanks
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Member's Files

File Date Downloads
Super SOS Taisen : 11th September 2018 55
hidamarisou garden(Snow) : From... Hidamari I guess 11th September 2018 11
Nakayama Zoo : 11th September 2018 13
hidamarisou mae : Two def files for versions 11th September 2018 3
yamabuki-koukou mae : Two def files for different versions 11th September 2018 16
sayonara Dear Friend : Melty Blood stage (just based off of the text in the def file) I believe the author may be this "Konbu" guy but I'm not 100% sure. More like 75%. Como estas? Tres bien und du? Ich mag mixing palabras de varias limbi. さような&#1 ... 11th September 2018 37
SSV - Sailing Ship : "Based on R.o.q.u.e.'s "Sailing Ship" stage, and Black_Dahlia_Isis's "Black Dahlia Cruiser" stage." -New "ship is moving" animation. -Replaced the silly background circling with a smooth up and down animation. -Edit some sprites. -Changed camera bou ... 15th September 2018 82
KoF XI - Temple : -Animated. -Super Jump. -Music included. -Made with love <3 "(As far as I know) It's the first complete Hi Res Version of the stage, with the moving dog and falling leaves. Everything freshly coded for your pleasure. Enjoy :smile:" gif preview ... 15th September 2018 248
Pao Pao Alley : I named it Shady Corner because I didn't know where this was from. I found this image online and thought hey this would be a pretty cool stage. Well it's already a stage but here's this version I guess. Made with auto stage maker. gif preview: https:/ ... 15th September 2018 288
Space Station : It's a space station! 18th September 2018 43
Altar of Dreams : AKA Mystic Ruins 18th September 2018 403
Cable MvC2 (1.0) : Converted to 1.0 Includes ikuiku AI patch 18th September 2018 480
Hagane : From an SNES game called Hagane 29th September 2018 17
Power Rangers : From some SNES Power Rangers game fighting edition. 29th September 2018 89
Ryu (AI Patched) : Anooooother pots AI patch by ShinSmoke Once again didn't test but it's probably as strong as ShinSmoke's AI patch for Shin Gouki. 31st October 2018 371
Sakura (AI Patched) : Another pots AI patch by ShinSmoke! I honestly didn't test this one but I'm assuming it's as strong as Shin Akuma. Try it and see for yourself! 31st October 2018 323
G-daichan : Some general retexture spriteswap whatever And can we please have something to separate Touhou characters from all the edits 15th October 2018 53
Sunset Pathway : From Karate Blazers 18th October 2018 25
Bubsy The Bobcat : NESMario123's works are now pretty obscure. On my search for his self made character I came across this thing. I've honestly not tested his characters but generally lots of people have a negative reactions to his works. 21st October 2018 122
Glass Joe : Hmmmm? 21st October 2018 247
Irotgamer : :no_clue: 21st October 2018 29
Lorenzo : how to play lorenzo free download on the nes famicom free download rom hack hd free download laurence the lazy boi :3 21st October 2018 34
Zero : I've never been so baffled about which section to put a Mugen character in ever. But I came to the conclusion that Code Geass is anime so it goes in anime. Remember that Shadow the Hedgehog flash game? Have fun. 21st October 2018 139
Inside the Bunker : From that one movie/meme where Hitler reacts to something like Chuck Norris coming to take him down. Or specifically "Bunker Kombat" 23rd October 2018 66
Berlin Street : Wunderbar 23rd October 2018 22
Simon's Cat - The Kitchen : Simon's Cat 23rd October 2018 12
Living Books : Hottest song in the country! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yZgzjXEAYQU 23rd October 2018 12
Thneed Factory : Dr. Seuss multiverse 23rd October 2018 21
Would You? Could You? On A Train? : Dr. Seuss Multiverse 23rd October 2018 14
Netyzh AI Patches Pack : My first AI patch pack! This is from my favorite AI patcher, Netyzh or "NET" who also made the auto AI generator! AI patches include: (I'm doing this a second time because of the cloud thing .-.) Choi by Hh (probably offline) Devo by Shio Ikumi by 5 ... 23rd October 2018 259
Shin Gouki/Akuma (AI Patched) : It's an AI patch by ShinSmoke! Pretty Mid Tier AI in my opinion. Can beat YU-TOHARU's Hatsune Miku. When fighting The_None's Thanos, he struggles. 31st October 2018 611
Fei : Descriptions are cool but I don't have one for this character except I do. It's Fei and he kicks ass! He also is from Xenogears. 2nd November 2018 96
Marth (Ultimate) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mVpoaqeOqyI 8th December 2019 323
Marth (Sm4sh) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mVpoaqeOqyI 8th December 2019 62
CheckerMan v1.40 : Use this character to check sprites, cns, and other stuff. Use taunt to open the menu and it'll show you commands to check the enemy. 18th November 2018 30
Time Shift : 20th November 2018 229
Night : AKA made by woaivo1 20th November 2018 213
Tatsumaki JUS : anime https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ChdHkI145V4 20th November 2018 930
QK2Key AI Patches Pack : Hellbenter by GoukaSoshina_SerikaBase kumao by Y Kazuya Akatsuki by QK2Key Luna Himeki by chikuchikugonzalez AI Test for kumao which was on QK2Key's skydrive 21st November 2018 55
Sayaka by Nep Heart AI Patch : About as strong as a sekt AI patch 21st November 2018 90