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    Hey, thanks for the website! Might just upload some stuff in the future (minus the music).
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    Sorry for being late but happy birthday.
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    Happy 20th!!
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    What happened?
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    That archive appears to have a lot of obsolete files, you could just clean up the package. Thank you.
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    Very nice. Thanks my friend
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    It's down for me too.
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    Can't use tablets but I can overreact, sorry
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    It's fixed now, thanks
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I'm not really interested in anything anymore.
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Potato from 2007
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Member's Files

File Date Downloads
Lilith Aensland by ohgaki AI patch : Not the strongest Lilith ever but top 3 so one of them. Automatic AI 24th August 2018 526
KoF 2003 - Sky Noah : Edit of Misamu's Sky Noah Stage -Added animated clouds in the background. -Added Super Jump. -Added new music: Melty Blood - End of 1000 Years (because it fits perfect). -Added new smoother animation for the blinking red lights. -Added a new delta. ... 15th September 2018 141
Mount Eternal : Didn't see this. Probably because it's packaged with the Alex Kidd character already but here it is anyway. Also there's no Sega stages section what. Also also do do do do, do do do do, do do do do do do do doooo. Do do do do, do do do do, do do do do do ... 15th April 2018 36
Orochimaru : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fkXDjxDQNp8 9th September 2019 678
Carnival : A stage I didn't even bother uploading here. I used the stage creator because I was desperate to get a Samba de Amigo stage. There's tons of other types of these stages I have stocked up so if you're for whatever reason interested in them I'll upload them ... 14th April 2019 28
Roulette : Um... alright. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hUST6C2sj20 8th December 2019 27
Amaterasu Edit : Incorporated 087-B's palette fix. As well as added his palettes. Made 7th palette referencing the actual game. It doesn't seem like much but hey it happens. Deleted wav files lol -- Updated 13th January 2020-08:35 -- Palette fix soon. Many moves ... 13th January 2020 118
Hyper Zone : From Kirby Dream Land 3 20th May 2018 222
Shinobi : Mostly regarded as having the most cheap AI (on a normal character) or even being broken in general. It's AI however is changeable within it's def file. Not much information is given on the internet of this character but it seems to be a Hanzo edit. (tryi ... 23rd April 2017 639
Green Donald : The name was too long to fit in the title. His full name is "Hyper Supreme Dark Killer Sadist Neo Geo Aurum Period Donald SSJ2000." His name is so long it breaks the game a little. In this edit it's Ronald McDonald except he's green and has blue hair. Tha ... 23rd April 2017 69
Adom : I have know idea what the flower this is. It's... a fat guy... and... original at least. Very creative I must say. (I shall inform that he is mildly loud so) 23rd April 2017 97
x-mas : We can always enjoy some Christmas cheer in late April. 23rd April 2017 27
Arle (Aruru) : Made for people who actually speak English to find. It's Arle Nadja from her Puyo Puyo iteration. Includes both English and Japanese voice. Below average AI (might be hard for normal standards) but fun to watch. 23rd April 2017 580
Amitie (Amity) : Made for people who actually speak English to find. It's Amitie from Puyo Puyo. Includes both English and Japanese voice. Below average AI (might be hard for normal standards) but fun to watch. Rider's hands morphed into jets and went WHOOOOOOOSHSRG! 23rd April 2017 580
Wrestlemania XIX : While I'm not a "Wrestlemania" fan, it somehow manages to be epicish I guess. 23rd April 2017 207
Hinanai Tenshi : I don't think this is on here yet. It is of Japanese origins so I can't read whatever is in notepad as it appears in garbled text. It is an Hisoutensoku iteration of Tenshi. :angel: She throws rocks and stuff and it hurts people. You should try it. I apol ... 23rd April 2017 154
Shaggy : Shaggy is back and this time he's here to kick ass! This Shaggy doesn't play around like the old one! He can even beat Goku! Trust me! Directly from the MUGEN wiki = Shaggy can apply pressure lots of pressure! His normals are fast, and can lead to strong ... 23rd April 2017 1,606
Tylor the Hedgehog : An original character. Better than Shadow, and I'd love to see this character in the real Sonic over that other edgehog. 28th April 2017 183
Mega Man X : Didn't see this. Don't kill me if this file already exists. 3rd May 2017 128
Kaguya Houraisan : 3rd June 2017 229
Unknown : I find it ironic that all the cheap edits of this character were uploaded but not the very original. 3rd June 2017 262
Neo Sonic : Honestly surprised this wasn't uploaded yet given how awkward this character is. 20th October 2017 454
Gregorius NMKY : Finland is weird 13th November 2017 55
Ken : I swear this guy was on here otherwise I wouldn't have him but I searched and nope. I guess I'm uploading him then. 5th January 2018 408
Charlie Nash : Once again a character I swear I got from here but checked and nope 5th January 2018 145
Genji : I converted Genji to be compatible to 1.0 because lots of people don't know how to do so and the ones who uploaded the 1.1 version are too lazy or something so yeah enjoy guys 6th January 2018 1,624
Luigi : dont know if the author is some joke or the actual name but heres Luigi by... "Pizzasauce" 14th January 2018 581
Ice Kingdom Destroyed : Adventure Time stage 14th July 2018 49
Cyborg T-8P : For whatever reason this guy isn't on here yet 25th January 2018 274
Super Mario 64 HD : https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/63abc9a244860ff23d08b0a65fc7775dc4acbf2fcacf28387d02cc255b9dc1c7/detection https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W_wthR4sEVM an early version during summer 2017 or so made with unity web player 28th January 2018 138
Super Smash Flash 2 v0.6 : https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/3e0e1d8e515dd86e1e5f156852026c04f247e888f00f214722d594c9bca05675/detection Nostalgia for old smash flash 2 fans. Remember when you could just keep spamming the same button as Sonic. What good times https://www.youtube.c ... 29th January 2018 62
Super Smash Flash 2 v0.8b : https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/03a850587bfda58c4e98d7bbc132610212099f7566283e5ff77d484272051dec/detection The highest version this site allowed me to upload :love: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WQN2gYSsGZQ 29th January 2018 109
Pulseman : Incomplete but apparently has been for awhile 25th February 2018 101
Gilius Thunderhead : It's Gilius Thunderhead yaaaay 27th February 2018 277
Big Core : from gradius by konami 27th February 2018 82
King Fossil : King Fossil from Darius 27th February 2018 63
International Karateka : No one liked this guy enough to upload him 9th March 2018 63
Sika : not an anime expert at all so you could imagine just how confused I am 25th March 2018 38
Chloe : up to you people to determine if this is child art 25th March 2018 43
Wreck Site : It's a wreck site. Here we wreck many things in a way. 20th April 2018 20
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