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K' by MDK
Ryu by Mr. Ansatsuken
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Training Stage Hexagon
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==Mugen Showcase Thread== (Screenshots and Videos) 16th August 2016 15:38
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23rd December 2019
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Caren Ortensia : Created by Shiroto Last Update 2014/07/20 Ver. 0.600 391 frames A character from Fate/hollow ataraxia; the sprites were ripped from Battle Moon Wars Can not walk or jump 9th September 2014 220
Illusionary Heaven : A stage made out of boredom, didn't do much on it since I was just making & developing this stage with random stuff. Since my last stage was all about Darkness, dark colors & stuff like that, I made this stage to have bright colors, & I really mean bright ... 17th August 2016 153
Antares City - Ruins : ;======================================================= Antares City -Ruins- by V-Nix ;======================================================= Not much to say though, there are 2 def files one with the stage Intro called VP_AntaresIntro, & one wit ... 17th August 2016 66
Mesopotamian Shrine : ============================================= - Mesopotamian Shrine - by v-Nix ============================================= This stage was inspired by Gilgamesh, after watching Fate/Zero. But the basic concept was taken from an artwork depic ... 17th August 2016 83
< > Headquarters : ;======================================================= < > Head Quarters by V-Nix ;======================================================= Same as last time.. Not much to say, there are 2 def files one with the stage Intro called VP_< >_HQIntro, ... 17th August 2016 79
Ryu - Fighting is Magic : - From Author's readme: Ryu based on My Little Pony: Fighting is Magic. About the style: Despite having very few buttons to use, FIM allows a suprising variety of combos and juggles. On top of that, the characters have a magic meter, which is used f ... 17th August 2016 178
Guardas do Santuario : Basically a strength training-esque mini-game using Saint Seiya sanctuary soldiers. 17th August 2016 251
Goku Z Sword : Its actually Gohan with the Z Sword, but the standing sprites have been changed to look more like Goku. 17th August 2016 195
R Bear : A different version of R Bear, very incomplete 17th August 2016 125
PlantillaDBZ : The name might be different but it is a Son Gohan character, I recommend it for collectors only. 18th August 2016 220
Fabrizzio : A sprite swap of Fabrizzio by smoke using Jin Saotome sprites. A lot of bad animations here and there, char preferably for collectors. 18th August 2016 87
Benimaru Nikaido : A Benimaru character where Daimon & Kyo are always in the background reacting to his every action 13th April 2017 309
Satori Komeiji : Something I found on 4shared a few months back, seems like its the version by Hetyo with a stance edit 13th April 2017 315
Darna : I found this on a 2shared link along with Pacquiao, only has stance sprites sadly. Only for collection purposes 13th April 2017 337
Pacquiao : He was in the same folder as Darna, only has a standing animation and for collection purposes only 13th April 2017 505
Aioria : Leo Aioria from Saint Seiya I thought it was the same version as the one Ive downloaded before but it had a different stance 13th April 2017 1,126
Gouki : An SVC styled Gouki with his SF IV stance thrown into the mix 13th April 2017 498
Meilyne Cujo : A version of Meyline Cujo where a few sprites have been altered, for collection purposes only 13th April 2017 84
Strider : A version of Falchion22's Strider with a few edits by an Unknown Author 13th April 2017 153
Jonouchi : Jonouchi or Joey from Yugioh, very alpha state n only for collection purposes 13th April 2017 231
340cm : An NBC Chonrei edit 13th April 2017 206
Crazy-Leona : An Orochi Leona with a debug flood to go against other debug flood characters 13th April 2017 373
Valter : An old chibi Naruto edit from 2008 13th April 2017 84
Papugg : Papugg from One Piece, its gameplay is typical of a chibi char 13th April 2017 86
PenWater_233 : A joke character I found on baidu last year 13th April 2017 44
Ultimate Alty : An edit of the regular Alty with a lot of added FXs 13th April 2017 224
Jose : Jose from Fairy Tail, still a trial version 13th April 2017 184
Shinra : An edit of Youmu Konpaku 13th April 2017 83
Sagger : A weird Sagat edit I found back in 2012 13th April 2017 97
Hekate : The sprites come from Disgaea, the char only has few animations though 13th April 2017 103
Varcolac : A cheap edit of Ika Musume by drowin 13th April 2017 107
Epsilon : Epsilon Eagle from the game Alien Soldier a side scrolling run & gun video game. 13th April 2017 235