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  • 18+ Mugen Sharing

    Here we can link or view chars made by others- this is to speed up the process of making mugen a dirty game.

    Category: MUGEN Groups
    Last Activity: Today 14:55

    793 member(s)
  • MUGEN Kids

    For all Young And Ambitious Members Who Use Mugen!

    Category: MUGEN Groups
    Last Activity: Today 14:55

    1 member(s)
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    This group doesn't have any discussions yet.
  • Fighting Games Fan Club

    This is the group where people could make animations, play tons of fighting games like The King of Fighters, JoJo. Street Fighters, Art of Fighters, Fatal Fury. and etc. Please for a loving of God, DON'T BE TOXIC, and NO BULLYING. Honorable mentions, you can play with others on NetPlay. Have Fun!

    Category: Game Fan Clubs
    Last Activity: Today 08:12

    This is a private group.
  • Adult [18+] Content

    This group was created to provide a space where Adult [18+] Content can be discussed and shared in a manner that complies with the Site rules.

    To reduce the risk of being banned, please use the following guidelines:

    1. This group will be moderated in English. Non-English posts will be deleted.
    2. Use medically/anatomically correct language; no vulgar slang.
    2.A. To err on the side of the most laws,
    depictions of female or "female-like" breasts will be considered [18+].
    3. Only legally adult [18+] subjects; no children.
    3.A. To err on the side of the law, this also means no "Loli" or "child-like" content.
    3.B. No digitizations of real people;
    consent of real people can not be documented properly or proven in this type of forum.
    4. Only legally consensual acts; no rape.
    5. No Explicit Images; use censors.

    These guidelines do not guarantee that you will not be banned.

    Category: MUGEN Groups
    Last Activity: Yesterday 10:49

    This is a private group.
  • Character Finder

    I've literally been on this site for about two hours and with the community event going on, I can't really browse anything. So I came up with the bright idea to see if people who have already downloaded some cool characters would like to share what they've managed to find, or what to stay away from, or whatever else character related.

    Category: MUGEN Groups
    Last Activity: Yesterday 07:46

    21 member(s)
  • sal


    Category: Uncategorized
    Last Activity: 24th May 2020 01:03

    17 member(s)
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  • Street Fighter

    If you like Street Fighter, join this group. :)

    Category: Game Fan Clubs
    Last Activity: 23rd May 2020 15:29

    55 member(s)
  • The ZEGA ZONIC Club

    Who wants to join me in my own personal domain?
    Humans, Gears & Furries are allowed!

    Category: MUGEN Groups
    Last Activity: 22nd May 2020 22:42

    27 member(s)
    Latest Discussion:
    Links to some of my Threads.
  • for lurkers join me

    The fact that you have people like me making low effort posts shows that whatever you're trying to do here isn't working.

    apologizing as a default should be a good example of how the community persieves mods/admins here as trigger-happy.

    I got no warnings btw. I was rank-locked or whatever just because I'm telling the hard truth. The event will never result in people actually participating.

    I want to offer solutions but no one is willing to listen.

    My impression right now is that admins/mods don't like people disturbing the status quo. They like the rank system because it empowers them and they won't allow anyone saying anything negative cuz they can't find a good argument against anything I'm saying

    I'd like a good conversation and to see if I can understand the point behind this event.

    All I ask for is logic.


    Category: MUGEN Groups
    Last Activity: 22nd May 2020 20:22

    323 member(s)